Training the strongest Sonic amiibo in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

If you’re new to amiibo training, and you’re looking at the Sonic guide… then we’ve got good news for you. He’s not seen as a toxic character at all — at least, not in the context of amiibo training! Sonic’s actually kind of overlooked, but some would argue that’s a label he’s deserved for a long time. Regardless, it’s good to see Sonic amiibo in tournaments. If you want to add yours to that statistic, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s get started!


Sonic’s strengths are about as cut-and-dry as they get. He’s fast. That’s the general gist of it. His movement speed is off the charts – at least on the ground – and his aerial movement speed is just okay. Sonic’s moveset is similarly fast, and he’s got a few great finishers too. Forward smash is infamous for its wide range, and as you might expect, it’s one of Sonic’s best moves in the amiibo metagame! He’s got solid off-stage options and an above-average recovery, too.

Now, most of the top-tiers are ranked as such because they have really strong traits. Bowser’s got super armor, King K. Rool’s got super armor, and…oh. Yeah, most of the top-tiers have super armor. Sonic doesn’t have much of that! His tools are solid, but they’re not really good enough to deal with the best in the game. A well-trained Sonic can still defeat a top-tier character, sure, but it’s not very likely. In terms of character-specific flaws, Sonic doesn’t have too much in the way of anti-airs. Up smash is strong, and up tilt certainly works, but they lack range and don’t have any kind of super armor (respectively). His recovery is also exploitable; though it grants a good amount of vertical distance, it doesn’t grant much horizontal distance.

Overall, Sonic’s tournament results and representation have been lackluster. For such a popular character, he’s really not seen very much in competitive amiibo. We have no idea how this is even possible, but we do know this: Sonic isn’t frowned upon here! Train one up all you want, and enter it into as many tournaments as you want. We’d love to see it!


If you somehow manage to train a Sonic amiibo that runs away and camps, first – congratulations, that’s really difficult – and second, you can give it Autoheal or Great Autoheal! Otherwise, Armor Knight is your best bet. You can pair it with Move Speed ↑ or Trade-Off Ability ↑. Yes, Sonic’s move speed is already fast, but keep in mind that Armor Knight’s speed penalty reduces air speed, too. Which Sonic very much needs.

If you want a really crazy Sonic, you can try equipping it with Move Speed ↑ without Armor Knight. You can also try out Hyper Smash Attacks, Physical Attack ↑, Strong Throw, Foot Attack ↑, and Landing Lag ↓. You could also use Additional Midair Jump or Instadrop, though the playstyles associated there aren’t as consistent.

As usual, we’re going with the tried-and-true (emphasis on true) stat spread of 2100 attack and 2100 defense. Sonic needs the attack and the defense, so sticking to a balanced build is the safest option.


If your amiibo is Level 1 right now, we’re going to mirror match it all the way to Level 50. If your Sonic amiibo is already Level 50, you don’t have to reset it! Play a few matches using the moves listed here. If your Level 50 amiibo is too strong, try equipping a powerful Spirit team of your own to level the playing field a bit. Here’s all the moves you should use during training!

  • Forward smash: Deceptively high range and lots of power to boot. This move is the focus of Sonic’s kit! Use it often.
  • Up smash: Also deceptively powerful. This move should be used almost as much as forward smash.
  • Up tilt: Up smash isn’t the best anti-air option, so sprinkle in some up tilts too. Use up tilts and up smashes when your FP is trying to land!
  • Grab & throws: Sonic can’t apply much shield pressure, so grabs work out really well! Toss the opponent towards the nearest edge with forward or back throw, or use an up throw to get them into the air. Throws are hardcoded though, so as long as your Sonic amiibo knows to grab at all, it’ll handle the throws itself.
  • Forward aerial: Insanely good for edgeguarding and general air combat. Go off-stage and hit opponents with forward airs. You can use them to land too!
  • Back aerial: A very potent kick which – when paired with Sonic’s immense speed – can make for a quick and surprising KO!
  • Dash attack: It travels pretty far and can catch opposing FPs off their guards. Use this decently often as a burst option!

The moves above are high-priority. Use them very often! There’s just two more moves to discuss, and they’re really niche options that shouldn’t be used very much. Here’s everything you need to know!

  • Neutral aerial: It’s not that great of a move, as it kind of lacks power. But it’s a niche landing option to consider using sometimes!
  • Up aerial: Extra air pressure with the potential to KO. Not a bad choice, but not essential to Sonic’s kit. Especially since Sonic mostly prefers to stay on the ground due to his lackluster landing options. Forward air landings can only take him so far!

You might notice we didn’t talk about special moves at all. That’s about to change! The best-trained Sonic FPs avoid using special moves, but they aren’t necessarily bad. They’re just not really necessary! Sonic can accomplish all he needs to with the moves we talked about earlier, so don’t use the B button unless you really want to.


If you still have questions after reading that guide, no worries: we have more resources! Our general amiibo training guide goes over the basics. And the basics apply to every character, so that’s really helpful! If you haven’t done so already, you can join our mostly-friendly Discord community to ask any questions you might have! We advertise the general guide and Discord on every guide because we can’t predict which character new trainers are going to work with. Hope you don’t mind reading about them again! Either way, thanks very much for checking out this guide!

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4 thoughts on “Training the strongest Sonic amiibo in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate”

  1. I Make a Raid Boss Sonic with 1k on Attack 3k Defense AutoHeal and Trade-Off Ability ↑… it was brutal

  2. Hey I have a problem with my sonic amiibo. I spammed special attacks but it rarley every uses them. It indeads like to go for ariels, which I can see being a proble for when he has to fight swordies. Anyone know a way I can fix this?

    1. Fight against him with sword characters – eg use Ike’s forward smash to punish any air attacks – he’ll learn that air attacks dont work against these characters.

      1. NOOOO!!!
        Amiibo don’t learn matchups!!!!
        You must keep mirror matching Sonic and punish him when he goes for certain options. Slow-down mode in Special Smash is often recommended by other trainers too.
        If all hope is lost, just reset and retrain.

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