Training the strongest Peach amiibo in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

It’s time to cover another pair of Echo Fighters: Peach and Daisy! These two have been really underrated for almost the entirety of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate metagame. The reason why is understandable, though: they’re tough to train. But that’s exactly what we’re here to talk about today! Quick note, our Peach and Daisy guides are copy-pastes of each other, save for one image and a few sentences. Feel free to use them interchangeably!

Two credits to give here! Thanks to Kangoni and PrinZ! You can check out their works here and here, respectively.


A lot of our character guides have a recurring theme: the Figure Player version of certain fighters needs to play differently than what you might expect. Peach is no exception, as the AI is kind of wonky with its float ability. By FP standards, Peach has a fair amount of strengths working in her favor. Her AI has a few hard-coded combos, solid off-stage options, and respectable kill potential.

Peach has a few notable weaknesses, though. As mentioned before, she’s tough to train. Her AI’s floating capability is completely hard-coded, meaning you can’t always teach it when and where to utilize floats. The AI can also get spammy with its down special and down air, which becomes frustrating because that strategy doesn’t work! Peach also has a tall frame, which makes her susceptible to multi-hit moves. To say “Peach’s FP isn’t up to snuff with human players” doesn’t even begin to describe it, unfortunately.

But as long as you can set your expectations aside for a moment, Peach is actually not too bad! Her tournament results and representation leave something to be desired, especially since Daisy gets more rep for whatever reason. We can’t let that trend continue, so if you have a Peach amiibo and want to train it, try entering it in some of our online tourneys!


Peach isn’t quite heavy enough to make good use of Super Armor. This leaves Armor Knight as her strongest Spirit effect! Use it alongside Move Speed ↑ or Trade-Off Ability ↑ and you’re all set. It’s a simple setup that provides a huge amount of stat boosts. In tournaments that allow Armor Knight, you should definitely be using it!

In terms of other options, Instadrop is one to consider. Peach’s AI can get strange between Instadrop and float, so perhaps it isn’t the most consistent choice. Other than that, you can try out the usual Move Speed ↑, Hyper Smash Attacks, Physical Attack ↑, and Air Attack ↑.

No need to be picky about stats! Try your best to bring your FP to a balanced setup (2100 / 2100). Don’t worry if you can’t get 2100 exactly. As long as your FP’s stats are roughly balanced, you’re good to go. Peach needs the attack and the defense, which is why we’re balancing them instead of leaning into one specific stat.


To train your Peach amiibo, you can play as either Peach or Daisy. You might have an easier time differentiating the two characters if you play as Daisy, so that works too! Play a whole bunch of matches against your FP until it reaches Level 50. Or until you’re satisfied with its behavior; you can then turn its Learning off and level it up against CPUs or other FPs. During the matches you do play against your amiibo, though, here all the moves you should be using.

  • Down tilt: Peach is an unorthodox FP, so it makes sense that her primary move would be unorthodox too! Down tilt can combo into a forward smash, and up smash, a forward air, or a side special — depending on the angle. Peach’s AI can usually pick the right follow-up, though!
  • Forward smash: But Peach still needs kill power, and that’s where forward smash comes in. Use it just as often! At the ledge, you might want to use the tennis racket (downward angle), as it launches with horizontal knockback.
  • Up smash: It’s a decent anti-air with great kill power. Use it when your FP is trying to land near you!
  • Grab & throws: Grabs are essential to Peach’s kit. Back throw can kill, for one! And for two, up throw can combo into up special and down throw can combo into almost anything you want. As long as your FP knows to throw, though, it’ll “improvise” a combo based on the ones it has hard-coded into its AI.
  • Dash attack: This is a great approach option. Peach’s AI likes to float directly into an opponent’s up smash, so approaching with a dash attack works much better.
  • Neutral aerial: Peach’s main landing option. And also a great aerial in general! Use it a bit off-stage, too. To be clear, Peach is very comfortable off-stage, so be sure to chase your FP and gimp it!
  • Forward aerial: And here’s your main gimping tool. Extremely powerful off-stage and can also be used above-stage every once in a while.
  • Back aerial: It usually serves as a combo finisher, but can be used out of a short hop too. If you go off-stage while facing the ledge, you can try gimping with a back air too!

Those are your highest-priority moves, so use them as often as you can during training! There are a few more low-priority moves to talk about too. Use these too, but less often than the ones listed above. Here’s the rest of the attacks you should be using.

  • Up aerial: It’s great for keeping opponents in the air and racking up damage, so use it every now and then on your FP while it’s airborne!
  • Side special: Not particularly necessary, but can be used infrequently as an unexpected burst option!
  • Neutral special: It should only be used to land. Counters aren’t very good in the current metagame, but sprinkling in a few Toads here and there won’t hurt!

As we touched on before, there’s two moves you shouldn’t use: down special and down air. Peach’s AI gets really distracted if it starts using both of these moves. In addition to not using them yourself, try not to get hit by them if your FP does use them. And don’t worry about teaching it to float, that’s hard-coded and the AI doesn’t use it well enough to make it worth teaching.


Thanks so much for reading! If you have any questions during training, feel free to join our Discord community and ask away. Thanks again to Kangoni and PrinZ for contributing Peach and Daisy’s training information! You can check out more of their works here and here, respectively, so be sure to do that if you have an extra moment. Happy training — until next time!

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