Training the strongest Richter amiibo in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Today we’re going to be discussing Richter! One of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s most unique newcomers (and absolutely, incontestably cooler than Simon). His optimal training strategy is going to seem kind of strange, though, because we’re not really going to be focusing on projectiles! As with most of our Echo Fighter character guides, the Richter and Simon guides are going to be just about the same. No point in rewriting them if they’re pretty much the same character, right? So feel free to read either guide!

Thanks to Adam2qaz for contributing Richter’s training information! You can check out their Twitter account here.


Let’s get right into it: Richter’s biggest strength is his range. Seriously, his whip goes really far, and this trait allows him to outrange or outprioritize almost the entirety of the cast! At a distance, Richter is a force to be reckoned with. In addition to boasting an excellent attack range, Richter also benefits from generally high attack power. When tipped, his smash attacks are powerful and can KO at medium percentages. They can also extend over the edge to catch high recoveries, which is a definite plus!

However, Richter does suffer from a multitude of tricky flaws that hold him back. His overall range is really good, but his hitboxes are thin. For example, though his forward and up smash attacks extend quite far, the actual whip is thin and can only deal the most damage possible at the tip. Not to mention many of his attacks are painfully slow, leaving him vulnerable if they miss. If Richter’s opponent can get up close and personal, he’s going to have a tough time repelling them due to his low attack and movement speed. Adding to these troubles is his poor recovery; despite having stage tether aerials, Richter is not only susceptible to gimps, he’s also susceptible to not being able to recover even when no enemy is trying to gimp him. Which is a shame! It’s also important to note that Richter’s optimal playstyle doesn’t include a focus on his Axe or Cross moves. The only projectile Richter should be using is Holy Water, but we’ll get into that in just a bit.

Overall, Richter’s tournament results have been… decent at best, though he does enjoy higher representation in comparison to Simon. He tends to struggle against fighters with strong off-stage options or fast close-up attacks. So even though he can outrange the whole cast, he starts having trouble when they get close and often can’t swat them away in time. If you’d like to learn more about Richter and his place in our metagame, check out his wiki page!


Super Armor and Slow Super Armor have potential on Richter, as he’d greatly appreciate being able to fire off his strong, long-ranged attacks without being interrupted. Otherwise, Armor Knight is a safe option that can be paired with Move Speed ↑ or Trade-Off Ability ↑ to great effect. It’s probably best not to use Autoheal or Great Autoheal, as Richter’s AI can’t camp very well (despite its range and projectiles).

Now, the five bonuses mentioned above (Super Armor, Slow Super Armor, Armor Knight, Autoheal, and Great Autoheal) are often banned from Spirits tournaments. If a tournament you want enter keeps those bonuses banned, no worries! We’ve got more options. Weapon Attack ↑ increases the power of Richter’s entire moveset (bar projectiles), while Hyper Smash Attacks boosts the strength of his smash attacks on top of that. Using Move Speed ↑ and Floaty Jumps in tandem with each other helps increase Richter’s movement speed and recovery potential, so keep those two in mind as well.

Richter should probably only run a balanced setup (2100 / 2100), but could definitely lean more into attack. His recovery isn’t so good, which means there’s a higher emphasis that he close out stocks early. So feel free to give him some additional attack investment! Otherwise, balanced works fine.


It’s time to start training! If you’d like, you can equip yourself with a Spirit team to make this process easier. FPs can’t tell if you’re using Spirits or not, so don’t worry: they won’t notice you’re “cheating”. In terms of the actual training, play as Simon or Richter on Ω-form stages. Timed or stock matches are fine! Here’s a list of the best moves to use as you fight your FP.

  • Forward tilt: Well, this is a surprise! Forward smash usually tops off the list, but this time, it’s forward tilt. Richter’s forward tilt blends power, speed, and range and emerges as his most reliable grounded move. Use this one a lot!
  • Forward smash: That being said, Richter still needs kill power, and that’s where forward smash comes in. Sprinkle this move in too, and try to attack with the tip of the whip if possible.
  • Up smash: If your FP jumps and is trying to land, smack it with an up smash. Again, the tip of the whip is strongest!
  • Down special: Holy Water is the only projectile we’re going to focus on with Richter. Use it to ledge-trap, and then attack your FP with a forward tilt or forward smash while it’s trapped in the flames. This can be used as a neutral option too, it’s just best at the edge!
  • Neutral aerial: Richter should honestly never be in the air, but if you’re launched upwards, you can land with a neutral air. Richter’s other aerials have wonky hitboxes that can’t easily swat enemies away, so neutral air is the closest option.
  • Grab & throws: Grab your FP and throw it towards the nearest edge with forward or back throw. You can also use an up throw and follow up with an up smash.

Not many high-priority moves here, but there you go! There’s a few more moves to talk about here that you can consider low-priority. Use them very infrequently (but still use them). Here they are:

  • Side special: We’re not going to focus on Cross, but it can be used very rarely to combo into an up smash. Don’t spam Cross, and don’t use it multiple times in a row. Just every once in a while!
  • Down tilt: You can use this one sometimes too. Again, don’t spam it, because Richter can definitely get in the habit of overusing down tilt. It’s a decent get-off-me option in a pinch, but is mostly outclassed by forward tilt.

There’s a few moves you shouldn’t use, too: Axe, aerials, and especially down air. Richter should stay grounded, as he’s easily overwhelmed in the air. Definitely don’t use down air because the AI can sometimes self-destruct with it. Yes, that means no down air to Uppercut combos. Sorry! Otherwise, feel free to experiment a bit with Richter’s moves.


Apologies about our Simon and Richter guides being just about identical! Hey, we at least have one different screenshot and a few different lines, so that counts for something, right? At any rate, thank you very much for reading! If you have any questions, you’re welcome to join our Discord server and ask away! You can also have a look at our general amiibo training guide for more… general amiibo training information. Thanks again to Adam2qaz for contributing Simon and Richter’s training information, too! Check out their Twitter account right here and give them a follow if you want!

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