Training the strongest Mii Gunner amiibo in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

When Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was first released, it didn’t take long for Mii Gunner to establish herself as a brand-new top-tier fighter. How surprising! She was pretty much forgotten in Super Smash Bros. 4, so to see a previously underutilized character do so well was great. Her claim to fame is Gunner Missile, though certain builds are centered around forward smash instead. This training guide is essentially two-in-one, because today we’re going over how to train two styles of Mii Gunner!

Thanks to MiDe for contributing Mi Gunner’s training information! Feel free to check out their YouTube channel by following this link.


Mii Gunner is one of the most one-dimensional Figure Players out there. You train her to shoot missiles, and that’s about it. Gunner Missiles deal a lot of damage, travel fast, go really far, and have kill potential. What more could you ask for in a move?! Not to mention the fact that Ultimate’s AI is often powerless to deal with projectile spam. And if you don’t want to go that route, you can just spam forward smash and the FP will take that and run with it. Sounds easy, right? That’s because it is!

You may have heard that Incineroar is generally banned from online tournaments. And that’s true! But Mii Gunner is unique because she’s one of the only characters that can actually contend against Incineroar. She doesn’t always win, but her matchup against it isn’t horrible. Which is nice! It’s also important to note that some characters do well against missile Mii Gunners but not against forward smash Mii Gunners, and vice versa. This fighter has a ton of versatility in the move it chooses to spam.

Mii Gunner’s tournament results and representation have been top-notch! She’s easy to train and you can turn the FP into any Mii you want. You can even dress it up with headwear and outfits! Half of you are probably going to use the Sans costume, but that’s okay. As a quick note, keep in mind that you can’t change a Mii Gunner amiibo’s Mii without resetting it. That’s a bummer, so be sure to choose carefully before you start training!


Funny reference, right? Not really, but some of you are probably running a similar theme with your Mii Gunner amiibo. If you’d like to equip your FP with a set of Spirits, I recommend doing so sooner rather than later! Each Spirit actually changes an FP’s personality and move priority values, which waters down any training already stored on the figurine. You can still give it a Spirit team at Level 50, but you’ll have to do a few brush-up matchups afterwards to refresh its skills!

Later on in the guide, we’re going to talk about two distinct ways you can train your Mii Gunner. Essentially, both methods are centered around a different move: Gunner Missile or forward smash. If you’d like to train your Mii Gunner amiibo to use Gunner Missile, use Great Autoheal as your sole bonus effect, as it occupies all three slots. If you’d prefer to train it around forward smash, use Armor Knight and Trade-Off Ability ↑.

Do keep in mind, though, that Armor Knight and Great Autoheal are banned from most tournaments. In fact, Mii Gunner is pretty much the reason Great Autoheal was banned in the first place! Depending on the type of Mii Gunner you want to train, you can use Hyper Smash Attacks, Side Special ↑, Fire & Explosion Attack ↑, Move Speed ↑, or Shooting Attack. If you’re training a missile Gunner, you can go max defense (0 / 4200); otherwise, go balanced (2100 / 2100).

Custom Moves

Mii Gunner’s optimal custom moves are definitely set in stone now. She’s one of the most optimized Figure Players out there right now. That being said, you can feel free to experiment with yours. Changing its custom moves during training won’t mess it up!

Neutral special

  • Charge Shot: Definitely not the optimal move here. Ultimate’s AI is finicky with charged moves, so if you give your Mii Gunner Charge Shot, it’ll charge it but then take ages to fire it. Steer clear of this one.
  • Laser Blaze: It deals decent damage and covers a wide area, but leaves the Gunner vulnerable up close. This isn’t the optimal choice either.
  • Grenade Launch: Now this is your optimal choice. Grenade Launch is a great edgeguard, and it doesn’t even require Mii Gunner to go off-stage! Go with this one.

Side special

  • Flame Pillar: Gunner Missile is your optimal choice, but it’s sometimes banned in very specific tournament rulesets. If you’re trying to enter your Mii Gunner amiibo into a tournament that bans Gunner Missile, go with Flame Pillar instead.
  • Stealth Burst: It’s kind of like Zelda’s Din’s Fire. But it’s not very useful on Mii Gunner, so try to avoid this one if you can.
  • Gunner Missile: This is arguably Mii Gunner’s best move, and certainly its best special move. If you’re entering a tour that does not ban Gunner Missile, you pretty much have to use it! It’s that good.

Up special

  • Lunar Launch: It grants a good amount of distance, and can attack opponents, too. It’s okay as a recovery move but is generally outclassed by Arm Rocket.
  • Cannon Jump Kick: Even stronger than Lunar Launch, but grants less distance and is still outclassed by Arm Rocket.
  • Arm Rocket: Deals no damage, but has a highly controllable flight angle that keeps Mii Gunner safe. Arm Rocket is your best choice for an up special, so be sure to choose it!

Down special

  • Echo Reflector: You might think this would be handy. And you’d be thinking correctly! It’s just not quite as good as Bomb Drop. And the FP will start using Echo Reflector as an attack if it hits you too often, so keep that in mind.
  • Bomb Drop: Drops a tiny bomb that explodes after a few seconds. They’re great for returning to the stage and even work for edgeguarding. The AI can get spammy, though. Choose Bomb Drop, but don’t use it too often.
  • Absorbing Vortex: It’s in the same category as Echo Reflector: good, but not as good as Bomb Drop. Though the health restoration from Absorbing Vortex is pretty nice.


As mentioned earlier, we’ve essentially got two guides today. One for a Gunner Missile-focused FP, and one for a forward smash-focused FP. Mii Gunner is the only character whose training is segmented into two distinct versions, so it’s up to you to pick which version suits your needs. Regardless of the method you go with, you’re going to have to mirror match your FP until it reaches Level 50. Try to use the same custom moves, too!

Gunner Missile training

If you’re looking to train your Mii Gunner amiibo to use missiles, then here’s what you do: spam Gunner Missile. Specifically, the smash input version of it (the non-homing one). Use it over, and over, and over again. Never approach your FP. Just keep shooting missiles, only moving forward to ensure your Gunner Missiles can still hit your amiibo. If your FP comes up close, you can hit it with a forward tilt, forward smash, or up smash (if it’s trying to land). For the most part, though, you’re going to want to run away to keep as much distance as possible.

And if you’re knocked into the air for some reason, try to get back to the stage as soon as possible. You can use Bomb Drop to clear a landing, but don’t use it too often, as the AI can get spammy. When your FP is off-stage, you can run up to the ledge and charge Grenade Launch. No need to go off-stage! Just Grenade Launch is fine. Then, if your FP successfully recovers, run away and start firing missiles again. This “training method” (if you can really call it that) works best if your Mii Gunner has the Great Autoheal Spirit equipped.

Forward smash training

If you’d prefer to center your Mii Gunner amiibo around forward smash instead, there’s no need to use missiles! For this method, you’re going to want to walk. No running! Walk up to your amiibo and hit it with a bunch of forward smashes. You can also work in some forward tilts and down tilts, but be sure to focus on forward smash first and foremost. It’s a multi-hit with a ton of range and a decent amount of power, which makes it a great option!

Once again, no need to go off-stage. In terms of moves to avoid, try to stay away from any moves we didn’t specifically mention here (in both Gunner Missile and forward smash Mii Gunners). Mii Gunner has been entered so many times that we have a pretty good idea of what moves give her the best results. Feel free to experiment anyway, but your best bet is to just use one of these two methods all the way to Level 50. And then, when your amiibo reaches Level 50, you can do brush-up matches using these training methods whenever you want to refine its skills. Don’t go mixing these methods, either! One or the other.


Thanks so much for reading! Apologies — Mii Gunner’s training strategy is perhaps mind-numbingly simple, but that’s the beauty of amiibo training, right? You’d think they’re these complex networks of artificial intelligence, but nope, pick a move to spam and that works well enough. Thanks again to MiDe for contributing the forward smash portion of the guide. You can check out their YouTube channel here. And if you have any questions, you can join our Discord server to ask them! Until next time, happy training!

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