Training the strongest Rosalina & Luma amiibo in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Here we’ve got one of the most technical characters in the game, Rosalina & Luma! If you have a Rosalina & Luma amiibo, first – congratulations, because they’re really expensive right now – and second, if you aren’t a Rosalina main, you’ve probably been putting off training her Figure Player. Understandably so, too, because training a Rosalina & Luma amiibo raises a lot of technical questions. Does it know Luma exists? Can it learn complicated setups? We’re going to answer all of those questions and more (wow!) in today’s guide!


Rosalina is a contender for “least represented amiibo”. If you don’t know already, her gimmick is that she teams up with a Luma to fight. She can send this Luma away and control its attack patterns, or opt to keep it close to her. Luma has its own health, and when it takes a certain amount of damage, it disappears for a few seconds and then eventually respawns with a different color. New players are rightfully intimidated by Rosalina because she’s a tough character to play as! Pair that with the Rosalina amiibo’s high price tag (at the time of writing) and you’ve got a fighter that doesn’t see much action in this format. Luckily, Rosalina & Luma’s Figure Player has a key advantage: its usage of Luma is hard-coded. As in, you never have to worry about teaching your Rosalina how to attack with Luma from afar. At Level 50, it’s going to know how to do that on its own. So all you have to do is focus on the right moves, and the AI will fill in the rest. Phew!

Just to make this really clear: you don’t have to worry about fiddling with Luma’s spacing. Keep it close to you and the AI will take care of the rest. That’s a relief, right? Hopefully that makes the admittedly-tall task of training a Rosalina amiibo seem just a bit less intimidating. Now let’s talk about Rosalina’s strengths and weaknesses. She’s got a great off-stage game, a solid recovery, powerful smash attacks, and respectable damage-rackers. In terms of weaknesses, she’s tall and light and lacks range without Luma.

Rosalina & Luma used to be top-tier in Super Smash Bros. 4, but that’s not really the case now. In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, she suffers from really poor tournament representation. As we’ve said here already, the fact that Rosalina is complex and expensive to buy adds up to a near-nonexistent competitive presence. That’s a shame! She still has a lot of potential, especially with her hard-coded Luma shenanigans. Before we start talking about her optimal training, let’s go over some Spirits you could use (if you want).


Rosalina & Luma benefit from a variety of Spirits! For whatever reason, Spirits shuffle an FP’s training data with pre-set values. So if you train an amiibo and then give it Spirits, your training is going to be swapped around. So if you can, let your Rosalina amiibo inherit its Spirits at Level 1 so that your training overwrites those value shuffles. Otherwise, be prepared to play a few brush-up matches using the information in our training section!

Armor Knight. That’s going to be Rosalina’s best Spirit setup. Its massive defensive boost helps patch up Rosalina’s light weight, which allows her to survive for longer (and thus get more off-stage KOs!). Armor Knight only takes up two slots, though, so occupy that third slot with Move Speed ↑ or Trade-Off Ability ↑ for best effect.

Of course, most of our online Spirits tournaments keep Armor Knight banned, so if you want to enter one you’ll have to explore some other options. Or not, because we’ve already explored them for you! You can try Move Speed ↑, Air Attack ↑, Hyper Smash Attacks, Toss & Meteor, Air Defense ↑, or even Instadrop. For stats, a simple balanced setup (2100 / 2100) works fine here. Don’t worry if you can’t hit exactly 2100. Just get within that range!


It’s time for the moment you’ve been waiting for: training! Now, for this part, you have to play as Rosalina & Luma, even if you aren’t very good with her just yet. Training a Rosalina FP is much easier than learning to play as Rosalina (in human-versus-human competitive, that is), so don’t feel too intimidated! With Rosalina, you’re going to want to walk as your main method of transportation. Slide across the ground, and when you get close to your FP, hit it with an attack (we’ll talk about which attacks in just a moment). And don’t worry about Luma’s current position. Don’t use Luma Shot; just keep Luma close to you. The AI will take care of its Luma spacing once it reaches Level 50.

After you walk up to your FP, you can use a forward tilt or forward smash. Forward smash is doubly effective with Luma active, and has a good amount of strength that can KO enemies at medium percentages (at the edge). Rotate these two moves as your main neutral options. You can also occasionally attack with an up smash, and then while your FP is in midair, you can juggle it with up tilts, up airs, and more up smashes. More situationally, you can use a down tilt, but you’ll want to focus more on forward tilt and forward smash. If you find yourself launched in the air, you can use a down air or back air to land and attack your FP simultaneously.

Of course, you can (and should) use forward smash and up smash to KO. But Rosalina’s easiest KOs are off-stage. You can use forward airs, back airs, and especially down airs to gimp recovering opponents. When your FP goes off-stage, chase it and attack! Go for as many meteor smashes as you can without accidentally self-destructing. At later levels, be sure to let your FP meteor smash you every once in a while so it knows to continue that behavior. You should still kill with forward and up smash on-stage, just prioritize off-stage down airs when possible.

No need for special moves! Luma Shot, Star Bits, and Gravitational Pull aren’t very important here. When Rosalina’s AI is knocked away from its Luma, it will remain aware of its Luma’s position and use that knowledge to attack an opponent if it’s nearby. Luma also doubles as a shield of sorts for Rosalina, as it can take hits from projectiles and such. So keep it with you! The AI isn’t too flexible with using its Luma. It’s going to use it how it’s going to use it, and it won’t learn to space it if you try to teach it different.


Thank you very much for reading to the end. Or scrolling through. Either one’s fine. Rosalina’s tough to train, but if you have any questions, you’re always welcome to join our Discord community and ask! If you want to learn more about amiibo training and its optimal strategies, have a look at our general amiibo training guide. Thanks again for reading — until next time!

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