Training the strongest Raid Boss amiibo in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

As you (probably) very well know, we’ve got a complete archive of training guides for every single character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. These guides are aimed at training your amiibo to fight other amiibo, though. What about those of you who want to raise powerful Figure Players to fight human opponents? Well, we’ve got you covered, too! Today we’re going to talk about tips and tricks you can employ to train a powerful Raid Boss amiibo. And if you don’t know already, the term “Raid Boss” describes an FP with Spirits that is trained to battle human players. It was originated by YouTuber Choctopus, so be sure to check out their channel if you get a moment! Otherwise, let’s get started with the guide!


Ultimate’s AI can’t tell if its opponent is spamming a move, and it can’t adapt mid-match. So our character guides will often tell you to teach your FP to spam specific moves, because their AI opponents won’t pick up on the fact that they’re spamming: they’ll just get hit over and over again. That’s not going to fly for Raid Boss amiibo, who are trained to fight humans. Human players can adapt, which is a key difference. As a result, an optimal Raid Boss amiibo uses much more of its moveset. Some Figure Players (trained for competitive amiibo tournaments) prefer to walk instead of run, but that doesn’t apply to Raid Bosses. They should be running as fast as possible to keep up with human players!

There are a few similarities between Raid Bosses and competitively-trained amiibo, though. Neither type wants to be too jumpy, as Ultimate’s AI can get spammy with its aerials. If you’re training a specific character as a Raid Boss, we have specific resources to help you out. The amiibo Wiki’s character summaries each have a section on Raid Boss training (specific moves to use and such), while you can use our amiibo training guides to determine which moves to avoid. Ideally, you’re going to want to refer to this post, the amiibo Wiki, and our amiibo guides all together to train the perfect Raid Boss! And there’s always our Discord server if you have any questions.


Competitive amiibo tend to use the same few Spirits, but Raid Bosses have slightly different ideal setups. For example, Hyper Smash Attacks – which we recommend in most of our character guides – isn’t as strong on a Raid Boss because human players are generally less likely to be hit by a smash attack. Now, your best options on Raid Bosses are just about always going to be Super Armor and Great Autoheal. Move Speed ↑ is another good one. It’s especially helpful on fighters like Incineroar and Ganondorf, whose overall mobility is quite slow. It helps them keep up with human players that might be using faster characters.

A Raid Boss’s optimal stat spread is pretty much the same as the ones we mention in our character guides. Balanced (2100 / 2100) is usually the way to go. But you can also lean more into attack – as far as you want to, really – so that your Raid Boss deals more damage and can KO its enemy faster. You could also forgo a bonus slot or two to have additional stat points, but that’s not necessarily. The option is open if you want, though!


If you’re new to amiibo training and this is the first guide you’ve ever read, we recommend reading our general amiibo training guide first. That guide does target amiibo-versus-amiibo, but its principles are the same. It talks about what you can and can’t teach an amiibo, but to quickly review here: don’t charge smash attacks, don’t roll too much, and don’t air dodge too much. We do recommend you have a look at the general guide, if you have an extra moment.

Compared to a competitively-trained amiibo, Raid Bosses should focus on their faster moves. This means they should be using more tilts than smash attacks. Certain characters need to stay on-stage, though; either because their recovery is poor or because the AI is really predictable. When it comes to Raid Bosses, recovery is more important than ever.


As mentioned before, you should also check out the amiibo Wiki, which includes detailed summaries for each character, including a section specifically for Raid Boss training. And then refer to our character guides for more fighter-specific tips. This post is essentially one big redirect to our other resources, but a necessary one at that. If you have any other questions – either about amiibo training, Raid Bosses, or about the way the site is organized – feel free to join our Discord community to ask. Thanks so much for reading, and good luck with your training!

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