The amiibo Wiki project is now underway!

We recently wrapped up updates on our amiibo training guides for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. But our work isn’t over yet! We’re working hard to update and expand our amiibo Wiki. While amiibo training guides tell you how to train an amiibo, the amiibo Wiki talks more about the character’s history in the metagame. Each page also includes information on training Raid Boss amiibo, so check out some of our pages sometime! Ness, Lucas, Link, Young Link, and the Ice Climbers’ pages are all freshly updated.

When amiibo Wiki pages are updated, they won’t appear on the front page of the site. When a page is finished though, I do get the update tweeted out. So if you want to know when the latest amiibo Wiki pages are updated or created, feel free to follow me on Twitter! You can also join our Discord server, as we post updates there too. Thanks again for all your support, and we hope you look forward to more cool content in the near future!

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