What makes a good Figure Player in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

This is one of the questions I have to answer most often. That, and “how do I get a certain personality”. Please, just read the guide. That being said, it’s difficult to describe what makes a good amiibo in just a few sentences. So today we’re going to answer that question in a few paragraphs! Of course, said answer depends on the character you’re training, but I’ll try my best to give as generalized an answer as possible. Let’s get started, then!


Consistency. This is perhaps the most important trait a Figure Player can have. If you’re training an amiibo and are planning to enter it into tournaments, it needs to be consistent. If you’ve read some of our character guides, you may have been disappointed by some of our recommend training strategies. And that’s completely understandable! I mean, Shulk’s guide recommends teaching forward smash and down smash and nothing else. Crazy, right?

Keep in mind that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s AI can’t adapt. It’s known to struggle against super armor, command grabs, multi-hit attacks, and projectiles. That’s a lot. We can’t teach amiibo to better deal with these things, either, because the game’s base AI is flawed. So instead, we have to teach our amiibo to rely on moves that AI opponents can’t handle! This is why Incineroar and Bowser are so good. The AI can’t dodge Alolan Whip in time, and tries to challenge the super armor on Bowser’s attacks. And it never learns, which is a real shame.

To summarize, make sure your FP is relying on a few specific moves. Depending on the character, that might be just one move or a whole bunch of them. Consistency is going to be your key to winning tournament matches, so make sure your FP is consistent in which attacks it uses to rack up damage and KO. And of course, you can always read our character guides for our move suggestions!


Balance. That’s a word seldom used in the context of amiibo training. A good FP utilizes a playstyle smack dab in the middle of offense and defense. You want your FP to move in and attack where possible, but it also needs to know to perfect shield and dodge every once in a while. If you teach your FP to be too aggressive, it’s going to get hit too often and die earlier. If you teach it to be too defensive, it’ll fall to multi-hit moves and roll reads. During training, attack as often as you can and be sure to mix in just a little bit of blocking and dodging.

Many amiibo trainers complain that their FP rolls too much, so be sure not to go overboard on that. If your amiibo is spamming rolls, you can check out our advice on this post. Unfortunately, said advice only adds up to “stop rolling”. But if you want to hear a further explanation, feel free to check it out!


Edgeguarding. Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply to every character. Some fighters either have poor recoveries or their AI is poor at recovering, so they’ll need to stay on-stage. But if the character you’re training has a solid recovery and good aerials, it’s safe to say they should be going off-stage to try and gimp their opponents! Not to mention the fact that off-stage shenanigans can be fun to watch.

Again, our character guides will tell you if any given fighter should be going off-stage or not. If the character you’re training shouldn’t go off-stage, then the best you can do is wait at the edge and fire a bunch of projectiles. Or, if the character doesn’t even have projectiles, just stand there. Fun!

Tournament Testing

Consistency, balance, and edgeguarding. Let’s assume your FP has all of those traits. How can you tell if it’s good?  One excellent resource you might not know about is Amiibots. It’s a 24/7 amiibo training stream that anybody can submit to. It randomly pulls two submitted amiibo and automatically pits them against each other. Once you’ve submitted an amiibo, you can check its win rate and see how it’s doing. You may need an Amiibo Powersaves to submit your amiibo file, though, and we’ve got a guide on how to do that right here. Our Discord server also hosts regular tournaments that are free for anybody to join! You’re more than welcome to hop in and start competing right from the get-go. And if you want to just test your FP in a Battle Arena, you can ask in our arenas channel!

Exion has plenty of resources available for new trainers. In addition to the aforementioned guides and Discord server, we have a huge amiibo Wiki packed with information for you to read up on! If you have any specific questions about amiibo training that weren’t answered here, you can join our community and ask. Thanks so much for reading — until next time!

If you would like to read more amiibo training guides, please follow this link.


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