New tournament: Exion Open

Entries have now been closed! Thanks to everybody who participated. We’ll be hosting more tournaments in the future.

It’s been a long time since Exion has hosted an official tournament, but it’s finally time to change that! I’m going to be hosting the first-ever Exion Open tournament, and it’s open to everybody who visits our site or has joined our Discord server. We’re going to keep this announcement post simple, so here’s everything you need to know:

  • Rules. Matches will be best two out of three. They’ll be two-stock games with a seven minute timer. All games will be played on Ω-form stages.
  • Entries. As is standard by now, Bowser and Incineroar aren’t allowed. Each trainer is allowed to submit two Figure Players each (more info on how you can do that in just a bit). However, only one of your submitted amiibo can be A rank or above on our tier list. The other FP must be in a lower-ranked tier.
  • Spirits. They aren’t allowed! If your FPs have Spirits, no worries — send me the .bin files and tell me that they need their Spirits removed, and I’ll be happy to do so prior to the tournament date. I will be hosting a Spirits tour in the future, so you can look forward to that!

Entries are due by 11:59 P.M. EST on December 26, 2020. To enter, you’ll have to join our Discord server and attach your two .bin files and send them to me via a direct message (Ethan_#7308). Be sure to name your .bin files as such: Trainer Name – Character Name.bin. So if I’m submitting Ness, my file would be named Ethan – Ness.

If you need help creating your amiibo’s .bin files, check out our amiibo Powersaves guide. You can also join our Discord server for help, but you have to do that anyway to be able to enter. As always, be sure to refer to our amiibo character guides to brush up your FP’s skills before tournament day! The tournament will be streamed soon after, so I’ll be posting more information on our Discord server after I’ve collected all the entries. There’s also a $10 eShop card for the winner! I can’t offer much more than that, because at the end of the day I am a college student. Either way, I hope to see all of your FPs on tournament day. Thanks in advance for entering!

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