Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity – Rupee Farming Guide

It goes without saying that rupees are really important in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, especially when you’ve beaten the game and are trying to raise all of your fighters to their max level of 100. Of course, you need rupees to purchase materials and fuse weapons, too. Before we go ahead with the guide, keep in mind that some of the methods we have listed here are best used after you beat the game. No spoilers here, by the way, so if you’re trying to avoid them, you’re all good to keep reading!

Monster Parts

The first of the two methods we have here involves farming a large amount of monster parts and then selling them to the Rito merchant, Segimo. He starts appearing once you beat the Swanked-Up Stable mission, which in turn appears after you beat the game’s second story mission. Segimo buys monster parts such as Bokoblin Horns and Guts for more rupees than other merchants, so that’s why he’s so important for this method.

Your first step is to find a weapon with a Monster-Part Drop Rate boost. If you’ve played a whole bunch of levels and haven’t sold many weapons, chances are one of your characters has one with the correct seal. If you can find a weapon with Sensor-Registered Material Drop Rate, register a Bokoblin part and use that one instead. Either way, with this weapon equipped, go into the game’s very first level (The Battle of Hyrule Field) and kill as many enemies as you possibly can. You should get a ton of monster parts that you’ll then be able to sell to Segimo for a premium.

Segimo is the one that sells ancient parts such as screws and cores. Problem is, he isn’t always active, so if you check each shop and notice he’s not at any of them, you’ll have to beat short missions until he appears. And the next method we have here synergizes very well with this!

Hair-Width Trial: Beginner

Hair-Width Trial: Beginner is a rather easy mission located in the Central Hyrule region (the precise location is in the picture above). In this mission, you have to beat a bunch of Bokoblins without getting hit once. It’s actually a bit easier than it sounds, because if you fail the trial halfway through, the game is generous with its respawns and you won’t necessarily have to try the entire mission over again. This mission gives you nearly 1,000 rupees after each clear, so if Segimo hasn’t shown up you can play Hair-Width Trial: Beginner to refresh the merchant list.

If you’ve progressed far enough in the game to unlock Dubious Food, you should absolutely use that here. It lowers your maximum HP by 20%, but increases the rupees you earn by 100%. And since you lose if you take damage in the Hair-Width Trial missions, that 20% health reduction doesn’t matter! Furthermore, you can use that Monster-Part Drop Rate weapon from earlier to farm even more monster parts from this mission, so that when Segimo does become active, you have even more items to sell!

Between playing The Battle of Hyrule Field and Hair-Width Trial Beginner and selling a bunch of monster parts, you should be able to make a whole bunch of rupees very quickly. You can also sell gemstones, ancient parts, and other items you’ve accumulated over your adventure for even more rupees. Remember to use amiibo on the title screen to receive additional items to sell, too! If you need any additional help, feel free to join our Discord community.

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