Training the strongest Terry amiibo in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Dedicated amiibo trainers who have worked with Ken might be concerned for Terry — and understandably so. After all, Ken’s AI is notorious for its incredible lack of understanding regarding its own moveset. Luckily, the same doesn’t apply to Terry; following in the footsteps of Joker, Mr. Bogard’s AI has been blessed with an impressive knowledge of its entire kit. Terry has a lot of potential, as he’s a heavyweight with powerful combos and strong single-hit attacks. In case you haven’t heard, we were able to datamine Terry’s amiibo file a few weeks back, and today we’re ready to go in-depth on the best training strategies you can use on day one!

Thanks to Abbie for contributing Terry’s training information! Feel free to check out their Twitter account by following this link.


Terry is absolutely the best “fighting game-type” Figure Player in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. He completely blows Ryu and Ken out of the water and it isn’t even close. Most combo characters don’t translate to strong FPs, but this isn’t true for Terry. He’s got a lot going for him, and perhaps his biggest asset is his damage output. His AI has a ton of hard-coded combo strings – and yes, most of them actually do work on AI-controlled opponents – and these strings deal respectable damage when fully connected. Terry also has access to more viable kill moves than your average FP; he can use his smash attacks, his special moves (bar Power Wave and Crack Shoot), and his Super Special Moves. Speaking of which, Terry’s Super Special Moves work heavily in his favor. These moves – Power Geyser and Buster Wolf – can only be used when Terry has taken 100% damage or more, and they’re immensely powerful. They’re also hard-coded, which means the AI will use them whether you taught it to or not. If you’re worried about having to learn Terry’s inputs, you should probably learn them anyway (we’ll be including instructions below), but in a worst-case scenario the FP will still use its Super Special Moves. Rounding out Terry’s strengths is his high weight class, which increases his durability and lets him survive for longer compared to other fighters.

Despite his good weight tier, Terry often finds himself KO’d before he reaches 100%. Many opponents’ forward smashes are capable of KOing him before he hits 100% damage, and this means he won’t be able to use his powerful Super Special Moves until the next stock (assuming he’s able to live past 100%). Worse still is that Terry’s recovery is rather poor; his up special doesn’t travel very far and renders him vulnerable to gimps. As such, staying on-stage is very important to allowing him to live past 100%. Unfortunately, Terry doesn’t have much in the way of grounded edge-guarding options. Power Wave doesn’t travel off-stage when used at the edge, so he’s forced to stand there and wait unless Power Geyser is available. Another problem Terry faces is that he has to work harder to rack up damage compared to a normal heavyweight like Bowser. Whereas Bowser can use one smash attack and deal a lot of damage, Terry has to use a few consecutive attacks. His combos often do work, but there’s still a chance that the opponent will be able to escape. One last quirk with Terry is that his AI seems to like using Crack Shoot (his unique backwards special move), even when it isn’t specifically taught to. If the FP walks up to you and Crack Shoot becomes in-range, chances are it will try to hit you with it. This appears to be hard-coded, so if you’re looking to train Terry, beware of high Crack Shoot usage!

Overall, though, Terry has a lot going for him. At this point, his FP is very unoptimized, so there’s much research yet to conduct. This character has a large amount of potential, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Terry win a tournament at some point in the near future. In the meantime, I hope the rest of this guide helps you give your amiibo a solid foundation that you can build on later!


If you’re new to amiibo training, you might want to quickly read our full Spirits guide before continuing. We say this in all of our character guides, but be careful when giving your amiibo Spirits! They’re known to shuffle training values, and in some cases your FP might start taunting uncontrollably (Spirits like the Meloetta Support Spirit can do this). In short, if you’d like to give your FP a Spirit team, do so when it’s Level 1. If you would rather leave it vanilla (no Spirits), that’s fine too! Feel free to skip this section. Otherwise…

Since Terry is a heavyweight fighter, he would benefit from the three-slot Super Armor Spirit effect. As its name implies, the Super Armor bonus grants its user full super armor. Said armor can be broken if the user has sustained enough damage, though. Still, it would help Terry remain on-stage and increase his overall longevity by quite a bit. Armor Knight alongside Trade-Off Ability ↑ is another good choice; this setup gives the user huge buffs in attack, defense, and speed (but no super armor).

If you’re looking to enter a Spirits tournament that follows our official ban list, you won’t be able to use Super Armor or Armor Knight. They’re banned! As a quick note, neither Power Geyser nor Buster Wolf are boosted by Fire & Explosion Attack ↑ despite their fire effects. So don’t use that bonus, because it won’t do anything! Bonuses you could use, though, include Physical Attack ↑, Fist Attack ↑, Move Speed ↑, or Trade-Off Ability ↑ (on its own, without Armor Knight). Trade-Off Ability ↑ starts its user off at 30% damage in exchange for a variety of stat boosts, and that damage penalty actually brings Terry closer to being able to use his Super Special Moves. You could try running Hyper Smash Attacks, Side Special ↑, Down Special ↑, or Additional Midair Jump too, but I’d advise sticking with our initial recommendations. For stats, any spread is fine! Somewhere around 2100 attack and 2100 defense is most optimal, though.


It’s time to train your Terry amiibo! In other words, it’s time for the tough part. You have to mirror match your Terry amiibo until it reaches Level 50. Other characters can’t use his Super Special Moves, so you’ll be at a big disadvantage if you play as a non-Terry fighter. While Terry’s inputs are hard-coded into his AI, I recommend trying to use them anyway. For the sake of convenience, you can use the default B-pressed versions of Terry’s normal special moves during training. The AI will learn to use the inputs on its own! As for Super Special Moves, remember that you need to have taken 100% damage to be able to use them. Assuming you’re facing right, you can use Power Geyser by pressing ↓ ← → on the control stick and then the A button. So to review, when facing right, smash the control stick down, then to the left, and then to the right, and immediately press A. For Buster Wolf – once again assuming you’re facing right – press ↓ → ↓ → on the control stick and then the attack button. This means you’ll have to tilt the control stick down, right, down, and then right again, and then press A. You have to use these inputs very quickly, too. If you have to lab this out in training mode for a few minutes, feel free to do so. Super Special Moves are very satisfying to pull off for the first time.

Now it’s time to discuss moves you should be teaching your FP. At low percentages, you can use two jabs to combo into a down special (Power Dunk). This combo is hard-coded into Terry’s AI and deals a lot of damage when fully connected, so be sure to use it against your FP as it levels up. Down tilt is another solid combo starter; it can link into two jabs and then Power Dunk, which is the combo we just mentioned! If you start off with a down tilt, the final down special is more likely to successfully connect. Down tilt can also combo into a down smash or Crack Shoot, and you’ll see the AI use these quite often (especially the latter). Dash attack is a good burst option that can be used to catch rolls. If you find yourself knocked into the air, you can use a landing neutral air into a jab to set up for a Power Dunk combo. That being said, you’ll want to stay grounded for as long as possible. The AI doesn’t use too many neutral air cancels, so don’t prioritize them very heavily.

When your FP is knocked off-stage, don’t follow it. It’s too risky! Terry’s recovery doesn’t carry him far enough, in certain instances, so you’ll want to wait at the ledge, as lame as that might sound (and it is). You can try using down tilt, down smash, and Power Geyser, if it’s available, but we’ll talk more about Super Special Moves in just a moment.

If the FP is at high percentages but you are not, you’ll have to KO it without using Super Special Moves. The aforementioned jab-jab-Power Dunk combo can KO, so give that one a shot whenever you can. Terry’s best smash attack might just be his up smash; it’s quite strong and very good at catching botched landing. It’s also fairly quick and can even be used out of shield. Forward smash is fine too, but it’s got noticeable ending lag. Down smash can be used at the edge every once in a while too.

When your Super Special Moves activate, you should keep using all of the moves above, except now you should mix in some Power Geyser and Buster Wolf attacks. When your FP is far away, chase it with a Buster Wolf regardless of its current damage. Jab can combo into Buster Wolf too, and the AI is capable of learning that! Power Geyser is best used at the ledge. If your FP is launched upwards, you can try to position yourself such that a Power Geyser will hit as it tries to land. You might be wondering how you’ll teach your FP to use Super Special Moves; after all, a Level 1 amiibo almost never attacks, so how would you get to 100%? If you want, you can set your handicap to 100% at the start of the match! If you’re afraid you’re going to be easily KOed, you could use a Spirit team with high defense. Just make sure that Spirit team doesn’t have any Autoheal effects, as they’ll eventually bring you under 100% and you won’t be able to use Super Special Moves anymore.

So let’s review. Jab into Power Dunk is a great damage-racker, smash attacks can be used sometimes, and Super Special Moves are great when they’re available. Now let’s talk about some other moves, such as ones you shouldn’t be using. Forward tilt can cancel into special moves, but the AI doesn’t like to do this. Feel free to use standalone forward tilts, but try to prioritize jab combos and dash attack instead. Don’t use too many aerials and don’t go off-stage. Terry’s up special is okay out of shield, but it leaves him vulnerable if missed, so you might want to avoid using it (though the AI is hard-coded to use it anyway sometimes). Up tilt combos into an up air, but using up tilt actually activates a hard-coded combo that doesn’t work. Terry’s AI will try to use down tilt to up tilt to Crack Shoot, which opponents are almost always able to escape early. If you’re going to use up tilt, do so sparingly. You can also use some grabs. It doesn’t matter which throw you use, just throw towards the ledge. This’ll also activate some of the AI’s hard-coded combos.


Thanks so much for reading all the way to the end! Terry may wind up being one of the most complicated FPs to train, so if any part of this guide was confusing, feel free to join our Discord server and you can ask for further assistance, which we’ll be happy to provide for you anytime! Remember to bookmark this page for when the Terry amiibo releases for real. In the meantime, feel free to check out the general amiibo training guide if you need more help! Thanks again to Abbie for contributing Terry’s training information!

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