Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Lucas amiibo Guide (Competitive)

Lucas is the perfect example of a Figure Player who has become well-optimized over the years. At first, off-stage play was his jam. He’d be taught to use aerials to utterly crush opponents trying to recover. And while that’s still one viable strategy, most Lucas amiibo these days choose to stay on-stage instead. In terms of their optimal playstyles, you might even say that Ness and Lucas are rather similar. If you’d like to learn even more about Lucas’s strengths and weaknesses, please check his wiki page. Otherwise, let’s jump right into today’s training!

Please note that this particular training guide targets the amiibo-versus-amiibo format. If you’d like to learn how to train a Raid Boss Lucas amiibo (amiibo-versus-human), feel free to check out our corresponding guide instead. Thanks to gamer (Discord tag: gamer,#2283) for contributing Lucas’s training information!


There aren’t too many competitive tournaments out there that allow Spirits, but we’ve got some setups here to use for Lucas in case you find one to enter. If you need a run-down on how Spirits work in this game, you should refer to our full Spirits guide before continuing.

If you’re entering a tourney that doesn’t follow our Spirits ban list, then your best setup for Lucas is going to be Armor Knight and Trade-Off Ability ↑. If the tournament does abide by our ban list, you should use PSI Attack ↑, Hyper Smash Attacks, and Electric Attack ↑. For stats, balance the FP’s point total between attack and defense. Make sure its Spirit-type is Neutral as opposed to Attack-, Shield-, or Grab-type.



There’s no need for Lucas to run during training. This means you’ll need to walk as your primary method of transportation. Figure Players “think” more clearly when trained to walk instead of run. If you teach it to dash, it’ll sometimes run right into attacks and get hit. Walking makes it easier for your FP to block and dodge incoming opponents. Don’t go off-stage, either; as we’ll soon discuss, when your FP is trying to recover, your best bet is to stay at the ledge and harass it with PK Thunder. As a reminder, don’t worry if you’re not good at recovering as Lucas. It won’t mess up the FP’s recovery (though keep in mind its recovery won’t be “finalized” until around Level 43). You’ll want to mirror match your Lucas amiibo all the way to Level 50. Here are all the moves you should be using during training, in descending order of priority:

  • Up smash: This is by far Lucas’s strongest move. It’s got full invincibility from frame 1 to frame 7, and strikes opponents twice. Ultimate’s AI often parries the first hit of a move only to take damage from its second hit, and that’s how enemies will often react to Lucas’s up smash. When your FP is above you, attack it with an up smash.
  • Down smash: This move strikes opponents multiple times, too! It’s useful when used at the edge, or for damaging shields.
  • PK Fire: One of Lucas’s best zoning tools, as it allows him to create space and deal good chunks of damage. Use this when you’re at mid-range.
  • Forward tilt: It’s a quick get-off-me move, as it’s quite strong and launches foes at a favorable angle. Use forward tilt occasionally in neutral.
  • Down tilt: It’s an amazing combo starter! It opens up the potential for many hard-coded combos. Down tilt can link into a forward tilt, dash attack, forward smash, or PSI Magnet.
  • PK Thunder: Another one of Lucas’s best moves. Chase opponents with the projectile, but only when you’re at the edge. Don’t use this move on-stage, and don’t use PK Thunder 2 to attack. Only use it on the ledge.
  • Dash attack: It’s a really good move, because its sourspot usually sets up into a forward air, which can then set up a PK Thunder-edgeguarding opportunity. Its sweetspot can KO quite early at the edge, so use dash attacks somewhat often. This means you should only run when you’re about to use a dash attack.
  • Neutral aerial: Use it to land, and it can set up into a down tilt combo. Only use neutral aerial to land, and never for any other purpose.
  • Forward aerial: This is a good move in general, as it’s got a decent hitbox, decent damage, and decent knockback. For the most part, you’re going to want to use this move while rising. But it’s also a solid landing option, as it enables PK Thunder edgeguard opportunities.
  • Back aerial: A good landing option, but use it sparingly.
  • Up tilt: Outclassed by up smash – at least in competitive amiibo training – but can still be sprinkled in. When used correctly, up tilt can make or break a Lucas FP’s tournament sets. It’s very fast, and can lead into an up smash.
  • Forward smash: The only time you should be using forward smash is after a down tilt. Otherwise, don’t use this move.

There are several moves that you’ll want to avoid during training: neutral attack, grab aerial, PK Freeze, up aerial, and down aerial. That’s a lot! Jab is outclassed by every other option, the AI can easily spam grab aerials, and up and down air are outclassed as well. The AI can’t use PK Freeze correctly, so avoid it at all costs. Once your Lucas amiibo is fully trained, it’s time to send him to a tournament! If you want to learn how, please check our Powersaves guide or mobile backup guide (depending on which devices you have available).


Hey, thanks very much for reading to the end! Thanks again to gamer for contributing Lucas’s training information. Their Lucas has won over fifteen tournaments, which is an incredible amount, even for a high-tier character! If you have any questions during training, you’re always welcome to join our Discord server and ask. Until next time — happy training!

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