Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Terry amiibo Guide

Dedicated amiibo trainers who have worked with Ken might be concerned for Terry — and understandably so. After all, Ken is a fellow fighting game-type character introduced in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and his AI is notorious for its incredible incompetency regarding its own moveset. Luckily, this doesn’t apply to Terry; following in the footsteps of Joker, Mr. Bogard’s AI has been blessed with an impressive knowledge of its entire kit. Terry has great potential, as he’s a heavyweight fighter with powerful combos and strong single-hit attacks. Before we continue, we’ve got even more information on Terry available over at his wiki page. Otherwise, let’s jump right into today’s training!


If Terry is the first amiibo you plan on seriously training, you’ve chosen a somewhat difficult fighter to start with. We can make that work, though! First, you might want to quickly read over our in-depth Spirits guide before you move on. We say this in all of our character-specific posts, but be careful when giving your FP a Spirit team. They’re known to shuffle training values, and in some cases, your FP might start taunting uncontrollably! In short, if you want to give your FP a Spirit setup, do so when it’s at Level 1.

Since Terry is a heavyweight fighter, he benefits from the three-slot Super Armor Spirit effect. As its name implies, the Super Armor bonus grants its user full super armor. Said armor can be broken if the user has sustained enough damage, though. Another option is Armor Knight alongside Trade-Off Ability ↑, and this setup gives the user huge buffs in attack, defense, and speed (but no super armor).

If you’re looking to enter a Spirits tournament that follows our official ban list, you won’t be able to use Super Armor or Armor Knight: they’re banned! As a quick note, neither Power Geyser nor Buster Wolf is boosted by the Fire & Explosion Attack ↑ bonus effect despite their fiery properties. So don’t use that bonus, because it won’t do anything! Some bonuses you could use include Physical Attack ↑, Fist Attack ↑, Foot Attack ↑, Move Speed ↑, or Trade-Off Ability ↑ (on its own, without Armor Knight). Trade-Off Ability ↑ starts its user at 30% damage in exchange for a variety of stat boosts, and that damage penalty actually brings Terry closer to being able to use his Super Special Moves. For stats, any spread is fine! Somewhere around 2100 attack and 2100 defense is most optimal. Then make sure your FP’s Spirit-type is Neutral so that it doesn’t lose any Spirit-type matchups.

Competitive Training

When training Terry, your best movement option is walking. Don’t jump, dash, or roll — just be patient and stay grounded. While training Terry, never go off-stage. His up special doesn’t grant much distance and leaves him vulnerable to incoming meteor smashes. Shield and parry as often as you can, and don’t worry about GO moves — they’re hard-coded and the AI will learn to use them on its own by the time it reaches Level 43. Here are all the moves you should be worrying about using, then:

  • Neutral attack: Regardless of whether he’s being controlled by a human or an AI, Terry’s jab is his bread-and-butter. At low-to-mid percentages, you can use two jabs to combo into a down special (Power Dunk). Alternatively, you can use two jabs to combo into a forward tilt and then into Power Dunk. Every once in a while, you can swap out Power Dunk in favor of Burning Knuckle.
  • Burning Knuckle: In addition to being powerful when used after a jab, Burning Knuckle can be used on its own! AI opponents don’t react very well to moving hitboxes, and it just so happens that Terry has a really good one. Remember, only use Burning Knuckle. Crack Shoot (his back special) should be avoided.
  • Power Wave: It’s kind of like the Ice Climbers’ Ice Shot. When you’re a considerable distance away from your FP, attack it with a Power Wave or two to rack on extra damage. Don’t camp with it though, as you do want your FP to eventually move in and start using combos.
  • Forward smash: If Terry’s Super Special Moves aren’t active, then this is a reliable finisher you can use instead. It does have a moment of start-up lag, so keep that in mind when using the attack.
  • Down smash: Perhaps best used at the ledge, particularly when Terry’s Super Special Moves aren’t active. It launches enemies at a lower angle than forward smash.
  • Up smash: Here’s your anti-air move. When your FP is above you and trying to land, smack it with an up smash or two to either deal damage or KO outright.

You’re welcome to mix in some landing neutral air too, if you like! Two moves to avoid: Crack Shoot and Rising Tackle (outside of recovery). As mentioned earlier, most Terry amiibo will automatically learn to use their Super Special Moves after they’ve taken 100% damage or more. If you find that yours is past Level 43 and isn’t using them, you can fix this! Enter a three-stock match with your handicap at 100% and start attacking the FP with Buster Wolf and Power Geyser. Assuming you’re facing right, you can use Buster Wolf by pressing ↓ → ↓ → on the control stick and then the attack button. This means you’ll have to tilt the control stick down, right, down, and then right again, and then press A. For Power Geyser (facing right), press ↓ ← → on the control stick and then the A button.

Raid Boss Training

An optimal Raid Boss Terry amiibo is actually quite similar to how you’d play Terry in competitive matches (human-versus-human games, that is). Compared to the training strategy listed above, Raid Boss Terry FPs should rely less on smash attacks and even more heavily on combos. Since you’re training your FP to fight human opponents, you’re free to dash and jump around as often as you’d like. You should still keep Terry on-stage, though, as his recovery is highly exploitable. Especially by humans! Here are all the moves you should attack with:

  • Neutral attack: Use two jabs to combo into a Power Dunk. It’s a great damage-racker, and it can even KO at later percentages! You can also opt to combo the two jabs into Burning Knuckle or Crack Shoot instead. 
  • Down tilt: This move can combo into two jabs to create one of the combos listed above. Alternatively, you can choose to link a down tilt into a down smash or Crack Shoot. Down tilt is a versatile attack, so use it fairly often during training!
  • Neutral aerial: A quick hand chop. Use it to land, and you can combo it into a jab to set up for a Power Dunk combo. You can also use neutral air out of a short hop for some quick damage.
  • Forward aerial: Same deal as above. Use it to land!
  • Back aerial: Same deal as neutral and forward air. You can use back air to land as well!
  • Grab & throws: Every so often, grab your FP and throw it towards the nearest ledge to rack up damage.

Other moves, including forward tilt, forward smash, dash attack, up air, Power Wave, Burning Knuckle, and Rising Tackle can be sprinkled in as well, though none of these are essential to Terry’s success. Don’t use up tilt or down air, as they serve no purpose for a Raid Boss. Try your best to avoid using or being hit by Crack Shoot, as Terry’s AI can occasionally go overboard with spamming it. We discussed this last section, but just in case you didn’t read it, here’s a quick recap: Terry’s AI automatically learns to use its Super Special Moves by the time it reaches Level 43. This means you don’t have to use them during training if you don’t want to. If you find that your FP is at max level and is not using them, feel free to set yourself at high handicap and jump into a match where you use nothing but Power Geyser and Buster Wolf.


Thank you so much for reading! Terry is certainly the most complex of the March 2021 amiibo, so training a strong one is no simple feat. Once you’ve finished raising yours, you can submit it to a tournament! Our Discord server posts new tourneys on a regular basis, so be sure to join so you can access all the latest amiibo competitions! Most of our tours require file submissions, and we have guides available on how you can do that. For more info, feel free to check out our Powersaves guide or mobile phone backup guide, depending on which devices you have. And if you like what you read here today, please consider donating to support the site’s upkeep! Until next time — happy training!

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