Animal Crossing: New Horizons – May Day 2021 Guide

From April 29 to May 7 is the May Day event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons! In this event, players have the opportunity to meet Rover – a character introduced at the beginning of past games in the series – and to obtain an exclusive item. You won’t be getting that item without effort, of course, as you’ll have to find your way through a surprisingly complex island maze. It’s more fun to figure out the solution yourself, but if you’re stuck and need some additional guidance, we’ve got you covered!

Maze Solution

All you have to do to access the May Day maze is visit Dodo Airlines between April 29 and May 7. Orville will have a May Day ticket with your name on it, so just say the word and you’ll be whisked off to this unique island! Keep in mind that you can’t take any of your items in with you — if you’re wearing a wand outfit, it will disappear. Once you’ve arrived at the island, here are all the steps you should take to find Rover (and to pick up some Bells along the way, if you choose):

  1. Use the shovel to dig up the bush. Pick up the fruit and eat it.
  2. Dig up the tree that’s in your way and put it in your pocket.
  3. Collect the items on the ground! There are two pieces of wood and two pieces of fruit to the right.
  4. Head left, dig up another bush, and jump over a water tile. There’s a piece of softwood to grab, as well as a DIY Recipe for a Ladder. There’s a simple DIY workbench nearby, but we don’t have enough materials to craft anything.
  5. Eat a piece of fruit and destroy the nearby rock using the shovel. Jump over another water pit and grab two more pieces of softwood.
  6. Eat another piece of fruit and then uproot the nearby tree. Head south over the water tiles and pick up two additional pieces of fruit.
  7. Jump over the water pits to get back to the maze’s entrance, and then head all the way to the right. Eat a piece of fruit and then destroy this rock.
  8. Pick up another piece of fruit off the ground and eat it. Dig up the tree and grab the two pieces of hardwood right in front of you.
  9. Eat another piece of fruit and head north over the water tile. Then dig up that tree.
  10. Weave through this area of the maze, picking up a piece of fruit and two pieces of wood as you go. Jump over the southmost water tile in this area and pick up a piece of softwood.
  11. Head back to the left and make your way to the simple DIY workbench we found earlier. Eat a piece of fruit, destroy the rock, and pick up two more pieces of hardwood. Craft a ladder at the workbench!
  12. From the location of the workbench, head south over the water tile and use your new ladder to scale the cliff. Pick up a worn axe on the ledge, and then climb back down.
  13. Make your way back to the right side of the island — specifically, to the top-right of the maze where you can see Rover sitting on the cliff. Take the middle path to the left and use the worn axe to chop down the tree.
  14. Climb this cliff and pick up the two pieces of fruit found on it. Dig up the bush and climb down the cliff using the space you just created.
  15. Just north of the simple DIY workbench are two trees. Eat your fruit and dig them both up. Then climb the cliff,  pick up three new pieces of fruit, and climb down on the east side.
  16. Dig up the bush, make your way around this area of the maze, and then dig up the tree to the north. Then you can climb up the ladder and talk to Rover!

After talking to Rover for some time, he tells you he’s going to send you a letter. It’ll arrive in your mailbox the very next day, and will contain the Rover’s photo item — which you can’t obtain anywhere else! If you’d like, you can climb down and scan the perimeter of the maze for bell vouchers. These can be sold at Nook’s Cranny, so feel free to use the rest of your fruit meter to destroy the remaining rocks. If you’re not interested in money, you can leave the island instead. Remember, once you leave, you can’t come back!

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