Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Raid Boss Tier List (October 2021)

Raid Bosses haven’t always been a thing — the term first popped up circa 2020 after being coined by the popular YouTuber Choctopus. Since then, the phrase “Raid Boss” has come to refer to Figure Players who are trained specifically to take on human opponents. And as you might expect, some characters do this job better than others — that’s what we’re here to discuss today! If you’re looking for our competitive amiibo tier list (which ranks how FPs perform against other FPs), you can find that right here. That list is managed by Exion staff, but this one is managed wholly by fammydamammy.

Tier List

This list is different from our competitive tier list in many ways. For one, it’s almost entirely subjective — if we were to collect data on how each Raid Boss performs against other Raid Bosses, then we’d just wind up with a second competitive tier list. Instead, we’re trying to rank how often each character can defeat a human opponent — and that boils down to opinion, for the most part. As such, you’ll want to take this list with a grain of salt (moreso than our competitive list, which is created via tournament data collection):

This list is absolutely subject to change, though it likely won’t receive as many updates as our competitive list — this is because the Raid Boss list is, as mentioned before, mostly rooted in opinion. Please note that a good chunk of the fighters placed toward the bottom of the list are ranked as such due to easily-exploitable recoveries. This means you’ll have to teach them to remain on-stage at all costs.

If you found this page from an internet search, welcome! We’ve been hard at work creating amiibo training content for over five years, and we have Raid Boss guides available for every single character. If you have a Raid Boss you’d like to test, you can do so over at our Discord server! We also appreciate any help supporting the site’s upkeep, be it through Patreon or the donation box. Thank you so much!

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