Exion’s next official tournament starts on October 15th!

It’s been a while since Exion has hosted an official server-wide tournament, but it’s finally time! This new tour series is called The AMIIBO GOD Tournament, and every month or so we’re going to try to publish an interesting tournament for Exion readers to enter. There’s a prize inside, so if you want to read all of the rules and start competing, feel free to continue! Otherwise, you can skip ahead to the submission link right here.

Tournament Rules

For the first-ever AMIIBO GOD tournament, we’re keeping the rules fairly simple. In terms of the characters you can enter, you’ll need to reference our official tier list — which is conveniently posted below. You can’t enter Incineroar or Terry, but you’re more than welcome to submit any other fighter! This time around, we’re going vanilla — which means your Figure Player can’t use any Spirits. If you need help removing Spirits from a fully-trained FP, please join our Discord server!

The actual matches will be three stocks and seven minutes long. The stage each game is played on will randomly rotate between the following stages (with hazards off): Final Destination, Battlefield, Pokémon Stadium 2, Small Battlefield, and Northern Cave. Each tournament set will be a best-of-three — the first FP to reach two wins advances, and the loser is forced to drop into the fittingly-named loser’s bracket. In other words, this bracket is double elimination! By the way, each trainer can only enter one amiibo. Choose wisely!

The winner of the tournament will receive a specialized AMIIBO GOD title for their FP in our Discord community. There’s also a $10 eShop prize for the winner! Furthermore, the winner’s specific FP can’t enter any future AMIIBO GOD tournaments — this is done to encourage trainers to raise more characters and to prevent the exact same FP from hogging the AMIIBO GOD title over and over again.

Entries are due by October 14th, so be sure to submit your FP by then. In the meantime, if you’d like to train up a new fighter specifically for this tournament, you’re more than welcome to! You can access our full list of training guides here. Good luck, and happy training! If you missed it earlier, the submission link is right here. The matches will be streamed exclusively within our Discord server, so make sure you’re there!

If you would like to read more amiibo training guides, please follow this link.


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