The Final “Mr. Sakurai Presents” Announcements – October 5, 2021

Today was the date of the last-ever “Mr. Sakurai Presents”, and in it, the last-ever DLC fighter for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was revealed. This isn’t going to be a long post at all, but we also won’t be directly spoiling the nature of the reveals — so to those of you browsing the home page, don’t worry! Only click this article if you’re okay with being spoiled. The full video presentation can be found here if you’d like to watch it on your own time.

Let’s get right to it: the final fighter is Sora, and he’ll be released on October 18. He wields his keyblade in battle and has increased air mobility but low weight. We also received information on Mii costumes, and these will become available alongside the fighter’s full release. There aren’t many this time around — the Mii Fighter costumes include an Octoling Wig, a Judd Hat, and a Doom Slayer outfit for Mii Gunner.

And, finally, we received word on the next wave of amiibo figures. The Steve amiibo is (finally) releasing in Spring 2022, and we’re also getting an Alex amiibo alongside it! The Sephiroth, Pyra, Mythra, and Kazuya amiibo figures are confirmed for release, too, but we don’t have a definite release date yet. That’s okay, though — the point is that we’re getting the amiibo at all!

We’ve been writing amiibo training guides for over five years now, and it looks like our work is just about done — at least for now. If you would like to train one of your existing Figure Players using one of our guides, feel free to! You can find the full list right here. Happy training!

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