Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Brewster’s Roost Guide

In a surprising twist of fate, the Animal Crossing: New Horizons version 2.0.0 update is available two days early! One of its highlight is the return of Brewster’s Roost, which opens on the second floor of the museum after it’s been fully constructed. Obtaining the Roost is super easy – fortunately, you don’t have to have your museum’s exhibits completed – but we’ve got the instructions jotted down here anyway just in case.

Tracking Down Brewster

So, first, it goes without saying that you must have actually built the museum. Once that’s done, you’ll eventually see Blathers lost in thought. He tells you about his old friend, Brewster, and asks that you track him down so he can open a cafe in the museum. You’ll also receive the Brewster’s Photo item! You can display that in your house or around your island, if you like.

To track down Brewster, you’ll need to make your way to your island’s dock. There, you’ll find Kapp’n, and in exchange for 1,000 Nook Miles he’ll take you to a remote island. There, you’ll find Brewster, and you’ll be able to invite him home to open a cafe. Remember how we said the 2.0.0 update released two days early? This is for good reason! It’s most likely because, from this point on, it takes Brewster two days to set up shop in the museum. Indeed, after finding him via the Kapp’n tour, the museum will close for renovations the next day. On the day after that, the Roost will be open for business!

Functions of the Roost

Unfortunately, you can’t work at the Roost like you could in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. But you can still get coffee! You can sit at the counter to drink some, or you can choose to get some to go. Regardless of the option you choose, coffee is cheap and you’re able to purchase several cups in a row. If you’ve invited some friends over to your island, you can order coffee for everybody and sit down at the tables together. A minor touch, sure, but a welcome one nonetheless.

There’s also an amiibo Call Center now! As its name implies, you can use Animal Crossing series amiibo (but not Super Smash Bros. Villager) to call characters over to the Roost. Sometimes they’ll even bring friends! These interactions all have unique dialogue, so be sure to invite a whole bunch of animals over to the Roost when you have a moment.

Overall, the Roost came out really nice! Its design looks great, and it’s got enough functionality to add a decent amount of content to the game. If you’re really in a rush to build the Roost, you can time travel, but of course that’s completely up to you. When the Roost is all done and ready, be sure to invite some friends over! If you’re looking for some friends to play with, you’re welcome to join our Discord server too!

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