How to download and use amiibo bin files, explained

If you’re an amiibo collector, one thing’s for sure: amiibo are expensive, and downloading amiibo bin files is a great way to circumvent the hefty price tags of Nintendo’s highly-valuable line of figurines. Depending on the character you want, its corresponding amiibo could cost a hundred dollars or more! Though we can’t directly give out bin files, we can better help you if you join our Discord community. We host events and such too there – including Animal Crossing visits, Smash arenas, and the like – so feel free to drop by! In the meantime, we’ll take the rest of this post to explain what bin files are, how they work, and how you can use them to emulate any amiibo figure.

amiibo Bin Files, Explained

Now then, for those of you who don’t know, a .bin file is what’s stored within each amiibo figure’s base. They’re stored in the cards, too! When a Nintendo Switch system’s NFC reader comes into contact with an amiibo, it reads the contents of the file and then makes that character appear in-game. Using mobile apps like TagMo, players can write these files to blank NFC cards purchased online and use them as if they were genuine figurines!

If you have no idea what we’re talking about, you can check out our full TagMo guide right here. You can use TagMo to back up your existing amiibo figures. Though the actual figurines are nice, they’re really clunky. Using a Power Tag (explained here) and an amiibo’s bin file is much easier on your storage drawers or cabinets.

Also, there’s a ton you can do with bin files! Aside from looking a lot less fancy, blank NFC cards with custom .bin files work exactly the same as the real figure! This means you can assign your owner to it, change its nickname, and write data back to it. Thanks to .bin files, we’re even able to host amiibo tournaments for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! If that sounds fun to you, our aforementioned Discord server can help get you started. Additionally, we host tournaments there all the time, and some of them even have small cash prizes. You can ask any questions you may have there, too!

If you already have some bin files and would like to know how to use them, we’ve got you covered! Check out our amiibo Powersaves guide or our TagMo guide, depending on the devices you have available. We also have an NFC Tools guide, but that only lets you convert Figure Players trained in Smash Ultimate so that you can send them in to online tournaments.

If you would like to read more guides, please follow this link.

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