Pokémon Sword & Shield – Watt & Money Farming Guide

With the release of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl just around the corner, Sword & Shield’s time in the spotlight will soon be coming to a close. Despite this, there are several good reasons to return to the Galar region thanks to the DLC. It’s been just over a full year since the Crown Tundra released, and with it came Dynamax Adventures! Trainers who have done a lot of these will probably have tons of spare Dynite Ore. Luckily for them, we’ve got this brand-new guide to assist in spending it to earn near-infinite amounts of Watts and Pokédollars!

Obtaining Dynite Ore

The first thing you’ll need for this to work is a good amount of Dynite Ore. For those unaware, Dynite Ore is the currency unique to the Crown Tundra DLC, and is the equivalent to Armorite Ore on the Isle of Armor. You can earn Dynite Ore by completing Max Raid Battles or Dynamax Adventures. You can then exchange the ore you acquire by visiting the Max Lair and speaking to the lady farthest to the right who is standing next to a Sableye. She’ll offer a variety of rare items in exchange for Dynite Ore, ranging from EXP Candy, Vitamins, and the ever-elusive Ability Patch.

Before we get too ahead of ourselves though — how does one get a lot of Dynite Ore? Players who have used Dynamax Adventures to hunt for Shiny Pokémon will have a lot on their person already, but for players who don’t, you’ll want to try Endless Dynamax Adventures. This is the infinite version of the existing Dynamax Adventure game mode, and while you cannot keep any Pokémon you capture, the amount of Dynite Ore you obtain increases drastically the further in you go. A team of players can easily earn over 100 Dynite Ore in a single run with good luck, making this the most efficient method of getting what you need. You’re welcome to do regular Dynamax Adventures instead if you prefer to keep the Pokémon you catch! Just be aware that on average you’ll only be able to get around 10 ore per Adventure — and that’s assuming you’re playing with others.

Farming Watts

Once you have a good amount of Dynite Ore, you’ll want to spend it on as much Armorite Ore as you can. Feel free to save some for EXP Candy and other items you may need, but do not spend your Dynite on vitamins. The Isle of Armor allows you to buy them for much cheaper without wasting your valuable Dynite Ore. It’s worth noting, if you already have a lot of Armorite Ore, then farming Dynite Ore isn’t really necessary, as the main purpose it has in this is just an easy way to get a lot of Armorite Ore.

With Armorite Ore in hand, you’ll want to fly over to the Training Lowlands area of the Isle of Armor. Standing to the right of the entrance to the Warm-Up Tunnel is an NPC called Digging Pa. He will ask you to bring him 7 pieces of Armorite Ore, and in exchange he will dig up Watts for you. Unlike Digging Ma, who can be found elsewhere on the Isle of Armor, Digging Pa’s shovel will never break. This means you can just mash the A button until he eventually wears out and stops. The amount of Watts he will dig up is random, but you’re very likely to gain anywhere from 10k to upwards of 200k Watts per 7 Armorite Ore! This is the easiest and most efficient way to gain Watts in the game, and with enough Armorite you’ll never have to worry about needing Watts ever again!

Farming Pokédollars

Once you have a near-endless supply of Watts, it is now possible to farm as much in-game money as you could ever need! There are two ways of doing this, depending on personal preference. The most efficient method by far is to track down a Watt Trader in the Wild Area who is selling Luxury Balls. There are seven Watt Traders across the Wild Area, and each day they will have a new inventory of items to sell. One of the items they can sell is Luxury Balls for 100 Watts each. If you have at least 99,900 Watts from the last section, you’ll want to purchase a full 999 Luxury Balls. You can then sell these Luxury Balls at any Pokémart for 500 Pokédollars a piece, earning you almost 500,000 Pokédollars! This is repeatable as many times as needed, but do be aware that you cannot hold more than 999 of one type of Pokéball, so you’ll have to sell them before you can buy more. 

In the event that none of the Watt Traders in the Wild Area are selling Luxury Balls, rather than waiting a full day you can use a handy technique to skip forward in time until they have what you need. Be aware, simply setting your system clock forward by a day isn’t enough. The first thing you will need to do is connect to the internet and go to the VS option in the menu. Then, play any ranked battle, single or double battle. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, this is just to set up the trick. Once the battle is finished, make sure you stay connected to the internet, return to the home menu, and set the date one day forward in the system settings. The inventory of every Watt Trader will update! Do be aware, this only works if you go forward a day, not backward. Using this trick you can guarantee that you can find Luxury Balls with enough luck. 

You may recall that we mentioned that there were two ways of farming Pokédollars using Watts. While the Luxury Ball method is by far the most efficient, another method lives in the form of the Digging Duo. The Digging Duo is a pair of NPCs in the Wild Area who in exchange for 500 Watts will dig up treasures for the player. They can be found in Bridge Field near the Pokémon Nursery. The leftmost NPC has better chances of finding rare items, but gets tired faster and often is only able to dig up a few items per session. The rightmost NPC is the opposite, he has lower chances of finding rare items, but can dig for much longer. The leftmost NPC is the one we recommend you use, but either can work.

Similar to Digging Pa, the optimal strategy here is to just mash A until you’re satisfied or run out of Watts. Doing this for long enough will give you a slew of valuable items you can sell for Pokédollars such as Rare Bones, Evolution Stones, Comet Shards, etc. As an added bonus he is capable of finding Bottle Caps, Wishing Pieces, and Fossils, which are very handy to have for competitive players. Obviously this is much slower than the Luxury Ball method, however it comes with unique bonuses in the form of items, and so for some players this may be perfect!

Pokémon Sword and Shield feature a wide variety of in-game currencies, and that’s to be expected! With the wide variety of quality of life features these games introduced as well as two waves of DLC, it makes sense that there’s a lot of different ways of keeping the player engaged and rewarding them for playing. Hopefully this guide was able to provide insight on some of the most efficient ways to afford what you need without having to spend days grinding. If you’d like to read any of our other Pokémon guides, including our comprehensive Dynamax Adventure guide to help with earning Dynite Ore, you can find them all via the link below. If you have any questions, you’re welcome to join our Discord server too! Good luck!

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