How to train a Min Min amiibo in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

 Min Min was the first fighter to be introduced as part of Fighter’s Pass 2 in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. While unpopular among many fans of the series, her corresponding Figure Player is very well suited to the competitive metagame! If you’d like to learn more about Min Min’s strengths, weaknesses, and metagame history, feel free to check out her wiki page. Otherwise, let’s jump right into today’s training!

Min Min amiibo guide


If you’re looking to equip your FP with a Spirit team, this is the place for it! We’ve collected a list of setups that work best for Min Min. That being said, if you’re planning on training your FP without Spirits, you can skip this section and move on to either the competitive or Raid Boss section. If you’re new to how spirits work in this game, you should give our full Spirits guide a quick read before we begin, then come back to read about Min Min’s best setups:

  • Banned bonuses: If you aren’t concerned with entering tournaments, then Min Min’s best Spirit setup is Great Autoheal, as she greatly benefits from being able to heal off extra damage while she keeps her opponent at bay. If you don’t want to use Great Autoheal, Super Armor or a combination of Armor Knight and Floaty Jumps are also viable options!
  • Tournament-legal bonuses: Min Min’s favorite bonuses are Physical Attack ↑ and Fist Attack ↑, which both increase the strength of each of her ARMS. In the third slot, you can either go with Floaty Jumps to aid her recovery or opt for an empty slot and bank the extra stat points instead. Alternatively, you could use a setup including Giant and Physical Attack ↑.
  • Raid Boss bonuses: If you’re intending to train a Min Min FP to serve as a Raid Boss, the most important spirit effect for her will be Floaty Jumps. Human players are more than capable of exploiting her mediocre recovery, and this will mostly prevent that! For her other skills, you’ll want to make use of Physical Attack ↑ and then Fist Attack ↑ or Air Defense ↑ depending on your preference!

As with most characters, specific stats aren’t as important. For Min Min, we recommend either using balanced stats (2100 / 2100) or an increase in attack (2400 / 1800). As long as you’re approximately within this range, you’ll do fine! Make sure that your FP’s Spirit-type is Neutral before you begin training — that way it won’t lose Spirit-type matchups later on.

Competitive Training

Min Min’s optimal training strategy will not be that surprising to those familiar with how most FPs play, but that’s fine! Remember to try your best to only walk during training, and avoid dashing and running when possible. Doing this will help your FP avoid running directly into incoming attacks, which is vital in surviving long tournament matches. With that in mind, here’s a list of which moves to use with Min Min:

  • By far Min Min’s biggest strength is the range on her forward smash and forward tilt. These two will be your primary moves during training, with forward smash taking priority. It’s worth mentioning, it doesn’t matter which arm you use when using these moves. Even if you only use the right or left arm, she will still use both at later levels. This means that for our purposes, Min Min doesn’t have a side special or neutral special, as they are lumped together with forward smash and forward tilt!
  • When your FP is above you, use a barrage of up smashes to juggle her. This move can also be used when you are right next to your FP, alongside down smash and rapid jab. You can perform a rapid jab by quickly tapping the A button as opposed to holding it down, which would perform a forward tilt.
  • Occasionally you should try and grab your FP. After Min Min throws an opponent, her left arm enters a powered-up state, and this is very helpful for her! When you grab your FP it’s recommended to either throw her up to begin juggling or just throw her offstage. Be careful not to overuse grab, however, as it is very slow and punishable if she misses.
  • When you’re launched into the air, you can either use a down air or an up air to secure a safe landing. That being said, this isn’t as important, as Min Min’s AI will almost always land with a neutral air regardless of what you teach her. Whatever you choose to do, do not use neutral air ever while training. Min Min’s FP gets out of hand with this move, so if at any point you use a neutral air or get hit by a neutral air, it’s recommended to restart the match. 

Every move not specifically mentioned in this section is generally not recommended, however there are a few that specifically need to be mentioned. As stated above, neutral air needs to be avoided at all costs, as the FP will overuse this move on a moment’s notice. Furthermore, it is vital to never go offstage while training. Min Min cannot tell which arm she has on her right arm, and if she edgeguards while she has Megawatt, she is very likely to self-destruct from the ending lag of a forward/back air. You should instead stay on-stage and harass your FP with forward smashes as they try to recover.

Judging from the nature of Min Min’s moveset, you can probably guess her game plan: keep a distance for as long as possible using her long-ranged ARMS. If an opponent manages to close that distance, Min Min can still hold her own with fast melee attacks like rapid jab and up smash. Her incredible range alone invalidates well over half the cast, so this game plan works in her favor (to say the least).

Raid Boss Training

Surprisingly (or not surprisingly) Min Min’s optimal Raid Boss strategy is very similar to her competitive training! That being said, there are some important differences you’ll want to keep in mind. Remember, since you’re training a Raid Boss you’re free to dash around and jump as needed. With that out of the way, let’s get into how best to train a Raid Boss Min Min!

  • Forward tilt and forward smash are Min Min’s go-to attacking moves. For a Raid Boss, you’ll want to prioritize forward tilt slightly above forward smash, as forward smash leaves her more room to be punished by a human opponent. These moves are especially helpful at ledge, able to secure early KOs by attacking opponents while they are recovering. As with her competitive training, it doesn’t matter which arm you use when using these moves, even if you only use one or the other she will use both, so keep that in mind.
  • When your FP is above you, you can use up smash to juggle her. This move can also be used as an out of shield option alongside down smash to great effect!
  • Occasionally you’ll want to use forward air, back air, or up air while in the air to secure a safe landing. Be careful not to overuse her aerials however, as a grounded Min Min is much stronger and her FP has difficulties landing, so it’s best to minimize the amount of time spent airborne.
  • While close to the opponent you can use a down tilt or a rapid jab as a quick get-off-me tool. Do not use too much down tilt though, her AI will get out of hand with it if used too often. Dash attack can also be mixed in every so often to great effect!

When training a Raid Boss Min Min, there are quite a few moves you’ll want to steer clear of while training. Min Min’s AI overuses her neutral air at a moment’s notice, so absolutely do not ever use or get hit by a neutral air while training. Additionally, it’s important to stay onstage and never pursue your opponent offstage, as she can sometimes self-destruct if she uses a Megawatt forward smash while offstage. Lastly, you can occasionally make use of grabs while training, but use them very sparingly. Min Min’s grab has a lot of ending lag and human players will quickly pick up on her habits and punish her if she overuses grab, so for a Raid Boss it is not recommended. As one final note, check out our general training guide for even more tips and tricks!


Thank you so much for taking the time to read! Min Min is an incredibly powerful top-tier character with a lot of unique strengths. By following this guide, you’ll be able to find success with her too! If you have any questions about any part of the training process, feel free to drop by our Discord community. If you like what you read today, check out our donation box while you’re here. Until next time — happy training!

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