Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Thanksgiving Event Guide

Turkey Day (also known as Thanksgiving in the real world) takes place on the last Thursday of November. In 2021, that’s November 25! From 9 a.m. until 12 a.m., Franklin the chef appears on your island to celebrate the holiday. He’s cooking a big meal, and you’ll have to help him gather ingredients. Head over to the Resident Services plaza and get ready to start cooking!

Obtain Ingredients

Ideally, you’ll have a few pumpkins grown prior to Turkey Day. This is because Franklin will ask you for ingredients to use for his meal! Pumpkins are the only ingredients that might give you some trouble if you haven’t prepared them beforehand. Other ingredients Franklin will ask for include fish from the sea, mushrooms you can obtain on your island, and sea creatures you’ll have to dive for.

The meals Franklin cooks sometimes require a secret ingredient. Clam Chowder requires a scallop from the sea, Gratin requires a Dungeness crab (also from the sea), Fish meunière requires a Barred knifejaw through fishing, and Pumpkin pie requires two different-colored pumpkins.

Fortunately, most of these ingredients are easy to obtain, with the exception of the Dungeness crab. Your best shot is catching other fish used as ingredients and then talking to villagers on your island who are in their homes. You’ll find them cooking, and there’s a chance they’ll trade you a Dungeness crab in exchange for the fish you caught. The real thing is a bit tricky to catch, so keep that in mind! You can also obtain things like mushrooms through this method if you’re in the southern hemisphere.

In exchange for the completion of these recipes, you’ll receive exclusive non-craftable Turkey Day furniture! These include the Turkey Day wall, the Turkey Day flooring, the Turkey Day rug, and the Cornucopia. Again, you can’t craft these — so make sure you don’t throw them away on accident.

Furniture List

If you manage to cook all four meals complete with their secret ingredients, Franklin will zap a whole bunch of Turkey Day DIY recipes to your Nook Phone. Sorted in alphabetical order, here are the items you’ll be able to craft: the Turkey Day casserole, the Turkey Day chair, some Turkey Day decorations, the Turkey Day garden stand, the Turkey Day hearth, the Turkey Day table, the Turkey Day table setting, and the Turkey Day wheat decor.

Here’s a quick review of everything you have to do, then: obtain each of the ingredients Franklin asks to help him cook dishes. If you’re missing an ingredient, trade with a villager. Complete all four of Franklin’s dishes, and you’ll receive all of the Turkey Day DIY recipes at once. Remember that you can’t time travel to Turkey Day if the current date is too far off — it’s tied to a real-world timer. If you have any questions, you’re welcome to join our Discord community! Good luck, and happy Turkey Day!

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