Will there ever be a Sora amiibo?

Yes, we probably will get a Sora amiibo. But at the time of writing, we’re in a somewhat strange situation. In October 2021, the final fighter Sora was added to the game. Interestingly enough, Figure Players for Min Min, Steve, and Sephiroth were added in alongside him. There’s already something strange there: the Sephiroth amiibo currently hasn’t been announced but was added alongside Min Min and Steve, who have been announced (but don’t have a formal release date). Could this mean Sephiroth’s amiibo figure will eventually release alongside Min Min and Steve early next year?

Stranger still is last night’s update, which added amiibo files for Pyra, Mythra, and Kazuya. Why did they add Min Min, Steve, and Sephiroth in the Sora update rather than last night’s patch? It’s likely because the developers don’t plan to update Ultimate again until after these amiibo figures are officially released — whenever that winds up being. This means, then, that Sora is the only character in the game whose amiibo file is not currently available outside of modding your Switch. Is that because Sora’s amiibo is a long time away, or is it because Sora won’t be getting an amiibo?

Sora amiibo

Why wouldn’t there be a Sora amiibo?

Fortunately, it’s very likely that Sora will wind up with a Figure Player of his own. Remember the final presentation for Super Smash Bros. 4? The final two fighters – Corrin and Bayonetta – released in February 2016, and their amiibo figures were finally released in July 2017. That’s over a whole year later! Given the clear effect that the pandemic has had on amiibo figure production, it’s likely that Sora’s amiibo will take even longer to come out.

That being said, there could be lots of licensing issues here. We assume the profits would have to be split between at least Nintendo, Square Enix, and Disney. Some amiibo figures don’t even sell a million units, so that might not end up being much of a profit. It’s possible albeit unlikely that Disney didn’t agree to make a Sora amiibo. Either that or they’re working on something crazy like all five Sora alts as individual amiibo. That’d be a surprise, but who knows!

At the time of writing, there are bits of information both for and against the creation of a Sora amiibo. Starting with for — Sora would be the only fighter to lack a Figure Player, and it’s unlikely that the developers would allow that to happen. It’s also important to note that a character’s reveal trailer almost never talks about their corresponding amiibo — it’s always announced at a later date. In terms of against, Sora’s amiibo was never announced and it currently isn’t present in the game files. Of course, those two things could change at any moment. We’ll just have to be patient! In the meantime, feel free to drop by our Discord community to get the latest news!

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2 thoughts on “Will there ever be a Sora amiibo?”

  1. so its a few months later and nothing so far. I know its hard to call at the moment but do you guys think he will get his amiibo?

    1. Still hard to say honestly, we haven’t even gotten details on Steve and the other FP2 characters so they definitely seem to be having trouble making them. I wouldn’t be surprised if they cancelled the rest of the Smash line tbh (though that being said I don’t expect them to)

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