amiibo Tier List Update: December 8, 2021

Here we have the final update to the official Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tier list — that is, the last one this year! We’ve got a ton of changes to go over here, as this one of the largest updates we’ve had in quite a while. New characters were ranked, too! If you’d like to see the full tier list, you can do so right here. Let’s get right into the changes, then!

  • Incineroar moved up to its own SS tier. Terry, Byleth, King K. Rool, Mii Gunner, and Bowser (in that order) now make up the S tier.
  • Hero moved up to A+ tier.
  • Captain Falcon moved up to A+ tier.
  • Banjo & Kazooie moved up to A tier.
  • Cloud moved up to B+ tier.
  • Yoshi moved up to B+ tier.
  • Meta Knight moved down to C tier.
  • Ken moved down to a revised D tier.
  • Min Min added to A+ tier.
  • Steve added to B tier.

It’s true that Sephiroth, Pyra / Mythra, and Kazuya’s amiibo files are present in the game, but we aren’t quite ready to rank these characters yet. We’re working on guides for them (as well as Steve), but these aren’t quite ready yet either. To get the latest information on our amiibo training content, feel free to drop by our Discord community. Thank you!

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