The mystery of amiibo personalities has finally been solved

Mostly solved, at least. Thanks to a comprehensive research document published by MiDe, we now have more concrete information regarding amiibo personalities and what values they consist of. The information you’ve no doubt seen on our amiibo personality guide is still correct, but now we know even more! Some highlights are that Figure Players can be taught which taunt to use, which direction to air dodge, and more. If you want to read the full writeup, feel free to do so right here.

This information comes as the amiibo training community is somewhat slowing down. We’ve figured out so much in regard to this metagame; which characters are best, which of their moves should be prioritized, and now the actual makeup of the files that create FPs when recognized by Switch consoles. It’s great to see this knowledge come to light! If you’re looking to train an amiibo of your own, remember to check out our guides, too.

One thought on “The mystery of amiibo personalities has finally been solved”

  1. This is some rather useful data! Thanks for sharing. =)

    The database reveals that there are specific values that handle whether amiibo should go after or use specific items (like chasing the smash ball or collecting Dragoon parts). That’s interesting. I’m re-training some amiibo atm and will try playing with just the specific items mentioned in the database, under the Behavior section.

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