Leaked base stats and Abilities in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Data from Pokémon Legends: Arceus has become widespread over the last few days. Most notable has been the complete datamining of every new Pokémon and form in the game! If you’d like to see a full list of them, you can find one here. This post focuses more on the competitive side of things; while battling between players isn’t possible in this game, it’s very possible that the new Pokémon appear in a future title where it is possible. So we’ve gathered their base stats and Abilities for future reference! With all of that being said, let’s get right into the list.

Please note that the materials presented here have been sourced from the Smogon Forums and are compiled here for convenience. None of the material here was originally posted by or sourced from Exion.

Competitive Info List

This information won’t mean much to those of you who don’t get into the competitive side of Pokémon. If you’re just looking for pictures of each of the leaked Hisuian forms, please refer to this post instead! As a reminder, there are no Abilities in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. However, they’re still coded in — they just don’t function. The same thing happened with Meltan and Melmetal in Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee!. Base stats are also calculated much differently in this game, so keep that in mind as well. Here’s competitive information on each new Pokémon, then:

  • Decidueye-H is a Grass / Fighting-type, and has a stat spread of 88 / 112 / 80 / 95 / 95 / 60. Which means it’s ten points slower than its Alolan counterpart. It also shares the same Abilities; Overgrow and Long Reach.
  • Typhlosion-H is a Fire / Ghost-type, and has a spread of 73 / 84 / 78 / 119 / 85 / 95. Compared to its Johtonian form, Hisuian Typhlosion loses a tiny bit of health and speed in exchange for more special attack. Its Abilities: Blaze and Flash Fire.
  • Samurott-H is a Water / Dark-type, and it has a stat spread of 90 / 108 / 80 / 100 / 65 / 85. Its Abilities are the same as its Unovan counterpart; Torrent and Shell Armor. Compared to its normal form, Hisuian Samurott loses a tiny bit of health, defense, and special defense. In exchange, it gains slightly increased attack and speed.
  • Arcanine-H is a Fire / Rock-type, and its abilities are Intimidate, Flash Fire, and Justified. Which means it has the exact same Abilities as its Kantonian counterpart. Its stat spread is 95 / 115 / 80 / 95 / 80 / 90. Slightly increased health and attack, but slightly less special attack and speed.
  • Electrode-H is a Grass / Electric-type, and its Abilities are Soundproof, Static, and Aftermath. Once again, exactly the same as its original form. The base stats are 60 / 50 / 70 / 80 / 80 / 150.
  • Overqwil is Hisuian Qwilfish’s evolved form, and it’s a Dark / Poison-type. It’s a fair bit stronger than Qwilfish, too! Its base stats are 85 / 115 / 95 / 65 / 65 / 85. Decently fast for what it is, not to mention a rather high attack stat. Its Abilities are Poison Point, Swift Swim, and Intimidate. Exactly the same as normal Qwilfish’s Abilities.
  • Sneasler’s Abilities are unique! It has Pressure and Poison Touch. Its stat spread is 80 / 130 / 60 / 40 / 80 / 120, making it slightly slower and more frail than Weavile. In exchange, it’s very slightly stronger. It’s also a Poison / Fighting-type.
  • Ursaluna is Ursaring’s evolved form, and its base stats are 130 / 140 / 105 / 45 / 80 / 50. It’s an absolute beast on the physical side, and would likely do really well on Trick Room teams. Its Abilities are Guts, Bulletproof, and Unnerve. Base 140 attack with Guts in Trick Room… perhaps that’ll be possible with this Pokémon someday.
  • Lilligant-H is a Grass/Fighting-type Pokémon, and its stat spread is 70 / 105 / 75 / 50 / 75 / 105. Compared to its Unovan form, Hisuian Lilligant is a physical attacker. It’s also much faster! Its Abilities are Chlorophyll, Hustle, and Leaf Guard.
  • Basculegion’s stats are different depending on its gender. If it’s male, its spread will be 120 / 112 / 65 / 80 / 75 / 78. If it’s female, it will be 120 / 92 / 65 / 100 / 75 / 78. This means the males are physical attackers, while the females are special attackers. Its Abilities: Rattled, Adaptability, and Mold Breaker. Basculegion is a Water / Ghost-type.
  • Zoroark-H’s Ability is still Illusion, which allows it to disguise itself as a Pokémon in the player’s party. As mentioned before, that’s not possible in Pokémon Legends: Arceus since Abilities are inactive. Maybe in a future game! Its stat spread is 55 / 100 / 60 / 125 / 60 / 110, and it’s a Normal / Ghost-type.
  • Braviary-H is a Psychic / Flying-type Pokémon. Its stat spread is 110 / 83 / 70 / 112 / 70 / 65. Its Abilities: Keen Eye, Sheer Force, and Defiant. Unfortunately, Defiant isn’t going to help it very much, given its newfound role as a special attacker!
  • Avalugg-H‘s stat spread is 95 / 127 / 184 / 34 / 36 / 38. Between its low special defense and Ice / Rock-typing, this thing is hopelessly frail on the special side. Its Abilities are Strong Jaw, Ice Body, and Sturdy. It’s definitely going to need to use Sturdy to  have a shot at surviving anything.
  • Goodra-H is a Steel / Dragon-type, and its stat spread is 80 / 100 / 100 / 110 / 150 / 60. It’s a true tank now! Its Abilities are Sap Sipper, Overcoat, and Gooey. Of all the Pokémon listed here, Hisuian Goodra’s typing, stats, and Abilities seem to be the most competent listed so far.
  • Wyrdeer is a Normal / Psychic-type, and its stat spread is 103 / 105 / 72 / 105 / 75 / 65. Its Abilities are Intimidate, Frisk, and Sap Sipper — not bad! It’s actually a bit more powerful than you’d expect, although it’s now twenty points slower than Stantler.
  • Kleavor is a Bug / Rock-type Pokémon. Compared to Scizor, its defenses are lower but its attack and speed have increased. Its spread is 70 / 135 / 95 / 45 / 70 / 85. Its Abilities are Swarm, Sheer Force, and Steadfast. This means it no longer has Technician, which is kind of a shame.
  • Enamorus-Incarnate is a Fairy / Flying-type Pokémon, and its stat spread is 74 / 115 / 70 / 135 / 80 / 106. Its Abilities are Healer and Contrary, which means the former is going to be completely useless in Singles. Contrary, however… let’s hope the developers don’t go crazy and give this Pokémon Fleur Cannon.
  • Enamorus-Therian is much bulkier (and therefore, much slower) than its Incarnate form. Its stat spread is 74 / 115 / 110 / 135 / 100 / 46, and its only Ability is Overcoat. This means it’s immune to damage from sandstorm and hail, and that it can’t be affected by moves like Spore or Sleep Powder.
  • Dialga-Origin and Palkia-Origin for the most part, have identical stats and Abilities to their base forms. Dialga switches its special defense and attack stats (100 / 100 / 120 /150 / 120 / 90) and Palkia switches its attack and speed (90 / 100 / 100 / 150 / 120 / 120). Why did they make these forms if they weren’t going to change their stats or Abilities much? No idea.

That’s just about everything we have so far, then! Again, remember that base stats work differently from normal in this game, and that Abilities are hidden. It’s possible that any of the Abilities here are placeholders; if these Pokémon appear in future titles that do have Abilities, they may be changed. We say that because a fair few of the Hisui forms have the same Ability spreads as their base forms, though there are a few exceptions.

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