How to make Infinite Money in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

There are a lot of things to buy in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. Poké Balls, healing items, and clothes are just a few examples. For those going for maximum game completion, you’ll have to upgrade your item storage via a character named Bagin located in Galaxy Hall. This becomes incredibly expensive, and so you’ll no doubt find yourself in need of some extra cash. We’ve got all the best methods here, so let’s get started!

Method #1: Miss Fortunes

The first and most effective method involves the three bandit sisters, the Miss Fortunes. After fighting them throughout the story several times, they’ll start to randomly appear around the field and challenge you to battle. Upon defeating them, they’ll drop four or five Nuggets. These golden trinkets sell for $10,000 Poké Dollars a pop, making this by far the most efficient method here. Your goal is to enter the Obsidian Fieldlands, find and defeat the Miss Fortunes, return to Jubilife Village, and then repeat the process.

Take a look at the map above. Start from the camp in the top-left corner, and then use Wyrdeer to make your way to the skull icons. Any of the three Miss Fortunes have a chance of spawning along this path, though you’ll seldom see all three in one go. If there’s a mass outbreak in the Obsidian Fieldlands, you can add that to your path as well. Sometimes you won’t find any Miss Fortunes along your path, and if that’s the case you’ll need to return to Jubilife Village empty-handed.

Once you’ve received a sizable number of nuggets, sell them at any shop! For each Miss Fortune you defeat, you’ll make either 40,000 or 50,000 Poké Dollars. There’s also potential to find more than one of them, which could double or even triple your profits for one trip! Special thanks to Blaines for discovering this method.

Method #2: Space-Time Distortions

Method #1, listed above, is absolutely the best way to farm money in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. From here on out, the methods listed here are going to be less effective — but if you’re doing other things out in the field, you can work these methods into your routine for a bit of extra cash. One of these things is the space-time distortion, which happens by chance while you’re wandering about. Once one forms, it’ll spawn tons of shards — red, blue, and green ones. By purchasing the Star Piece recipe from the craftworks shop, you can use 3 of each of these shards to craft a Star Piece. These sell for $25,000 Poké Dollars each. It sounds more effective than Method #1, but it takes much more time on average to craft a Star Piece.

Space-time distortions can also spawn special Pokémon you can’t obtain anywhere else. These include evolutions of Eevee, the Starter Pokémon you didn’t choose, and the Porygon line. Which means if you decide to farm space-time distortions, there’s a chance that you’ll obtain a Pokémon you might need for your Pokédex as well. Not too bad of a deal, but do keep in mind that this method takes much longer.

Method #3: EXP Candies

The third and final method listed here is farming EXP Candies from Alpha Pokémon. There are several repeatable Alpha Pokémon that respawn after you leave for Jubilife Village and return to the area. These include the Alpha Blissey on Obsidian Falls and the Alpha Roserade near Brava Arena. Defeat or catch these Pokémon and you’ll be rewarded with an EXP Candy you can sell at the shop. This method is still rather slow, as the individual candies don’t sell for very much.

Overall, we recommend using Method #1 for the absolute fastest money grinding. You’ll need a lot of it, too — over 6 million Poké Dollars to purchase all of the clothes and bag upgrades. To reduce the monotony, we also recommend doing something else in the background like watching TV or a YouTube video. While you’re here, feel free to join our Discord community for the latest Pokémon Legends: Arceus content and guides. Good luck farming money, and we hope this helped!

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