All announcements from the February 2022 Nintendo Direct

The brand-new February 2022 Nintendo Direct has concluded, and with it came a treasure trove of exciting Nintendo Switch announcements! Please be warned — this is a recap post, so if you click into it, you’re going to be spoiled. If you’d rather watch the full video presentation yourself, you can do so right here. It’s definitely more exciting that way! If you’d rather read the run-down instead, we’ve got a numerical list of announcements written up for you below. Let’s get right into them!

Nintendo Direct Announcements

Here’s the full list of announcements! They’re sorted by the time they’re mentioned in the Nintendo Direct broadcast. Please note that we may have omitted some tiny details here, so if you’d like all of the new information, please refer to that video link above. Without further ado, then, let’s get right into the numbered list:

  1. A new entry in the Fire Emblem Warriors series, Three Hopes, has been announced! It releases on June 24, 2022.
  2. No Man’s Sky is coming to Nintendo Switch this Summer!
  3. A new entry in the Super Mario Strikers series has finally been revealed! It’s called Mario Strikers Battle League, and it’s coming out on June 10!
  4. More news on Splatoon 3! The Salmon Run game mode is back and better than ever. New bosses, enemies, and more! The game is launching Summer 2022.
  5. Chrono Cross is being remastered, and it’s coming to Nintendo Switch! The soundtrack has been upgraded, too. It launches on April 7.
  6. News for Kirby and the Forgotten Land! He can eat a car, a cone, a light bulb, and more with the new Mouthful Mode. You can upgrade Copy Abilities via a shop using in-game currency.
  7. Portal: Companion Collection has been announced! It contains Portal and Portal 2, with local and online multiplayer. It’s coming out this year.
  8. Nintendo Switch Sports has been revealed, and it’s a sequel of sorts to Wii Sports! It includes tennis, bowling, chambara, and much more. There’s online play and matchmaking, too! It releases on April 29. Golf will be added in fall.
  9. The Cuphead
  10. There’s a new update coming to Metroid Dread, and it adds the new Dread Mode difficulty. If you get hit just one time, it’s game over. Rookie Mode is added, too! There’s going to be another update in April that adds a Boss Rush mode.
  11. EarthBound and EarthBound Beginnings are finally coming to Nintendo Switch Online later today! …No Mother 3, though.
  12. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC is coming! Courses from Mario Kart Tour and more are making their way over in six whole waves of courses. The first wave comes on March 18, 2022.
  13. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is coming, and it looks to have all-new characters. It’s releasing in September 2022.

Pretty exciting, right? There were a lot of interesting and exciting announcements today, and we can’t wait to see what’s yet to come. Once again, you can watch the full video presentation via this link. If you’re dying to discuss the new announcements, you’re always welcome to join our Discord community and discuss them there! We host Nintendo Direct watch parties there too, if that sounds interesting to you. In the meantime, feel free to browse some of our other content below!

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