Min Min amiibo certification updated, release date incoming

February 2022’s Nintendo Direct came and went without a single mention of amiibo. This was a bit of a surprise — as we know, Nintendo still has to release amiibo figures for every character from Fighters Pass 2. Min Min is confirmed for release, though at the time of writing there’s no release date just yet. That being said, Nintendo updated their Children’s Product Certificates yesterday – which confirms that amiibo are indeed for kids – but it also confirms that the Min Min amiibo has received its initial run of manufacturing.

According to the CPSIA, the Min Min amiibo received just one month of production during December 2021. It’s been updated alongside entries for Kirby series Kirby, Kirby series Meta Knight, Smash series King Dedede, and Smash series Byleth. It’s very likely that all four of these reprinted amiibo (plus Min Min herself) release on March 25, 2022 alongside Kirby and the Forgotten Land. If that’s the case, then it’s rather strange that the recent Nintendo Direct made no mention of it. We’ll be sure to update you when we receive more information!

Of course, we do have a preliminary training guide available for Min Min, and you can find that right here! Most of you can’t make use of this just yet, but feel free to bookmark it for later. You can also read up early to get a feel for what to expect when training this character. If you’re looking for Min Min amiibo pre-orders, join our Discord community to be notified when they go live.

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