How to catch Tornadus in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus are all available in Pokémon Legends: Arceus! All you have to do is beat the game, watch the end credits, and then enter the Galaxy Hall. You’ll receive Request #94: Incarnate Forces of Hisui, which allows you to catch all three (and eventually four) of the Legendary genies. This time, we’re focusing on Tornadus, who can be found roaming the Alabaster Icelands.

Tornadus Location

Once you’ve accepted Request #94, Tornadus appears in the Bonechill Wastes area of the Alabaster Icelands — but only during a blizzard. This isn’t well-communicated in-game, but you’ll have to sleep at camp over and over again until the appropriate weather appears. When resting at camp, be sure to rest until a different time. If it’s nighttime, rest until morning, and vice versa; this will ensure that the weather changes.

Once the proper weather has appeared, you’ll find Tornadus in the overworld! It will create a shield of wind around itself that you’ll need to break through before you can initiate a battle. Toss a mud ball or Poké Ball at the shield and it will temporarily disappear, allowing you to send in one of your Pokémon. Tornadus is fast, so it will be difficult to catch it while it’s zipping around. It might be best to wait until the moment after it attacks to throw something at it! Be sure to bring a Pokémon with Hypnosis or Thunder Wave to make capture easier once you’re able to battle it.

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