Happy 11th anniversary, Exion!

We’re just a little bit late this time around, but as of February 24, 2022, Exion is officially eleven years old! Indeed, the original incarnation of the site began on this day in 2011. That means it’s been around since I was twelve, which – in other words – equates to about half of my entire lifetime. That’s crazy! Of course, we haven’t been making amiibo training content that entire time — that began in August 2015. Still, it’s great to see another successful year for Exion!

Last year was undeniably our most successful year yet. Site views were higher than they’ve ever been, our Discord community more than doubled its member count, and we created tons of new content! To celebrate, I’m hosting a limited-time art raffle over on Twitter, so be sure to give it a look when you get a moment. In the meantime, we’ll keep making high-quality content here just as we always have. Thanks so much for your support! You can find the full version of the commemorative art right here.

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