How to redeem Platinum Points for new Nintendo Switch icons

Remember that red tab on the Nintendo Switch home menu that nobody uses? As of yesterday, it’s finally got a use! If you have a Nintendo account and a Nintendo Switch Online subscription linked to your Switch, you can use Platinum Points to earn new profile icons, banners, and backgrounds to use on your friend list. It’s quite easy, but we’ve got all the details here for you just in case.

How to redeem Platinum Points

As mentioned before, you can access this interface via the little red button on the Nintendo Switch home menu. Even though you need to have a Nintendo account to access these profile pictures, you can only redeem and earn them on the Switch console itself. Keep that in mind! You’ll also need to have already earned Platinum Points via the My Nintendo website. That’s simple enough — complete some of the tasks listed there. These icons are pretty cheap.

Each month, a different assortment of icons will become available. This month, it’s Super Mario Odyssey and Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Icons from the Animal Crossing series will change each month too, focusing on villagers whose birthdays fall during that month. If Barold is your favorite villager, now might be your only chance to redeem his profile picture! Though we have no idea who in the world likes Barold in the slightest.

There’s one catch, though. Animal Crossing profile elements can’t mix and match with Super Mario Odyssey ones, and vice versa. This means you can’t pair an Animal Crossing character with a Super Mario Odyssey background, for example. That’s kind of a slog, because that could have made for some interesting compositions! Even so, this is certainly a neat idea, and we encourage all of you to check out the avatar store when you get a moment.

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