More information on amiibo personality calculation has surfaced

There have been many strides made in understanding amiibo personalities over the past few months. Thanks to MiDe, we finally determined what each byte in Figure Player code controls — you can find a list of those here. Yesterday, we figured out how personalities are calculated! We’ve updated our personality guide with the new information, but the general gist is that they’re determined via a point system. There are eight categories of three personalities each, and (for example) if your FP is extremely defensive it will fall into the defensive category. From there it will be either Cautious, Realistic, or Unflappable based on the intensity of its defensiveness, so to speak.

This information was discovered by Ske, so huge thanks to them! None of this information would be public knowledge without Ske or MiDe, so we greatly appreciate the time they spent researching this information. We’ll be updating our personality wiki entry soon, too, so keep an eye out for that! In the meantime, we’ve been hosting lots of events on our Discord server, so feel free to come join them if you’re interested!

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