The Raid Boss amiibo tier list’s character placements, explained

In case you aren’t already aware, we recently updated our Raid Boss tier list for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Unlike our other tier lists, this one specifically is more subjective because you can’t really rank Raid Bosses using tournament data. To help clear up any potential confusion, we’ve put together a list of every character on the tier list and why they’re ranked in their respective tiers. Do note that this post covers the Raid Boss tier list as it appeared on March 17, 2022 — it’s possible that we update the list in the future.

Keep in mind that the Raid Boss tier list is – for the most part – unordered within tiers. That being said, Kazuya is absolutely the strongest Raid Boss, while Ness is arguably one of the worst. Other than those, though, the characters aren’t ranked in any particular order. We’ll be going over each tier individually, so feel free to scroll down to the section you’re most interested in.

We’ve also got Raid Boss guides for every single character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, so make sure you check those out when you’re done here! At the time of writing, the Fighters Pass 2 characters haven’t been officially released as amiibo figures. That being said, we were able to access all of them early, so that’s how we were able to rank them here. Please note that Sora isn’t on this list because his amiibo file isn’t in the game right now. More info here.

SS Tier

Reserved for the best of the best. These fighters serve as excellent Raid Bosses. If you aren’t interested in competitive tournaments, we’d highly recommend training them as Raid Bosses instead. Kazuya is the best character of this tier — you could train him to Level 50 with learning off and he’d still destroy human players.

  • Kazuya is the strongest Raid Boss out there, bar none. He’s a heavyweight with the best AI in the game, and with the aid of Spirits he can zero-to-death a human opponent off a grab (or any hit, really). Even without Spirits, Kazuya’s FP is truly a force to be reckoned with.
  • Terry deals tons of damage and comes with a set of hard-coded combos. You don’t even have to teach him these! He can’t quite zero-to-death you, per se, but it only takes two or three good hits for him to take a stock. If his damage gets to 100%, it’s over — Power Geyser and Buster Wolf can turn the tide of battle in his favor.
  • Captain Falcon benefits from Spirits — perhaps more so than any other fighter. Physical Attack buffs his entire moveset, which drastically increases his damage output. He’s got combos off of grab, and can do things like side special to forward air. His recovery isn’t super good, but Captain Falcon wreaks havoc on-stage.
  • Bowser is extremely heavy, and does tons of damage. He’s hard to kill, his recovery is decently safe, and he’s got built-in super armor that helps him resist knockback at low percentages. Bowser can finish off opponents in just a few hits, plus his physical figure is rather common. He’s a great Raid Boss to have in your arsenal.
  • Incineroar isn’t as strong as it is in the competitive metagame, but it’s great against human players too. It’s got decent grab combos, built-in tilt combos, and Revenge — which bolsters the power of his consecutive attacks. Its recovery is exploitable, but serviceable most of the time. The Floaty Jumps Spirit effect makes this problem a bit less noticeable.
  • Byleth is pretty smart. He’s got decent combos out of his grabs and neutral air, and his attacks have tons of range. Depending on his opponent, it’s often difficult for characters to get close enough to deal damage. You can still camp out Byleth (just like you can with every FP, to be honest), so keep that in mind if you find yourself up against a Raid Boss Byleth.
  • Falco is insanely strong as a Raid Boss. He’s rather smart, and has strong air combos. He benefits a lot from Instadrop, and often deals over 80% off of an Instadrop combo. If Falco hits you, you’re either taking tons of damage or getting KO’d outright.
  • Mario has fast frame data — that’s about it. He’s got a decent recovery, though he’s easy to knock away with proper timing. Even so, his mix of quick and powerful attacks is often overwhelming to unprepared opponents.
  • Lucario is absolutely crazy with Spirits. Give it some trade-off Spirit effects, and you’re good to go. It starts off at a later percentage and gets an attack power increase. A Raid Boss Lucario at high percentages could even one-hit KO a human player.
  • Pyra / Mythra can fill a variety of roles. They’re a strong Raid Boss because their AI is rather good and their characters are really strong. Mythra’s damage output is noticeably increased with Spirits, while Pyra’s nuclear firepower becomes even stronger.

S Tier

Characters that serve as pretty good Raid Bosses, but aren’t quite as strong as the ones listed above. They still pose a huge threat to human players, but might have some minor exploitable flaws (such as recovery). They may also be slightly more difficult to train.

  • Banjo & Kazooie, as a DLC fighter, have great AI. Despite being more of a heavy hitter than a combo character, he’s got quite a few combos built into his AI. However, his recovery is a bit unreliable. You might find that he always recovers with Wonderwing first and then Shock Spring Jump, and you might be able to gimp him with that knowledge. Still very strong, though!
  • Donkey Kong is heavy, deals tons of damage, and has a few attacks with super armor. His recovery is exploitable, but if that’s a huge problem for you, you could run Additional Midair Jump. He’s not especially smart, but he is especially strong.
  • Fox’s placement might be surprising to you! His AI isn’t too smart, but you can run Physical Attack and Foot Attack to significantly increase his damage output. With those two Spirits equipped, his up air can shatter a full shield. His attacks are also really fast, which makes it difficult to avoid getting hit.
  • Hero is smart and has a solid recovery. He deals a lot of damage, and there are two kinds of Raid Bosses you can train. One relies more on Command Selection, while the other forgoes that move altogether. There are advantages and disadvantages of both types. If the Raid Boss uses Command Selection, he can’t really be camped out — he’ll buff himself from far away. If he doesn’t use Command Selection, he’s more active up close and gets more hits in. Hero also has access to critical hits, which are incredibly strong!
  • Ike. Lots of damage, but is rather slow and has an unreliable recovery. He’s got some flaws, but that damage output is so strong that he can potentially finish off opponents in just a few seconds.
  • Joker is the first DLC character to receive an amiibo figure. He’s one of the smartest FPs there is (besides Kazuya), and can rack up large amounts of damage with his hard-coded up air dragdown combos. His moves are fast, he can power up with his Persona, and he’s difficult to gimp. Solid FP overall.
  • King K. Rool is in the same vein as Bowser, but stupider. He does lots of damage, but often recovers high with his up special. When he uses his down throw, he often charges up a forward smash afterward that won’t hit. He’s still a huge threat, but players aware of these two flaws may be able to exploit them.
  • Luigi is kind of like diet Falco. He uses Instadrop really well and can rack on loads of damage with Instadrop combos. Problem is, he’s got a worse recovery than Falco, and it’s fairly easy to intercept. That Super Jump Punch is hype when the FP lands it at close range, though!
  • Mii Brawler is one of those FPs who benefits a lot from Spirits. He has a high damage output as-is, but can run Physical Attack and Foot Attack to really lay on the hurt. His AI is nothing to write home about, but you can at least run Floaty Jumps to help improve his weak recovery. If you use Suplex, Mii Brawler also gains access to a terrifying command grab.
  • Palutena isn’t the best in competitive amiibo matches, but she’s a pretty good Raid Boss. She’s strong, but not particularly exceptional. Her base character is incredibly strong — especially her aerials, which are very spammable.
  • Robin is in the same category as Fox. He benefits a lot from Spirits, as he can stack Weapon Attack and Electric Attack to buff his Levin Sword to nuclear levels. With those two bonuses, Robin’s Levin Sword up air deals around 60% from one hit. He’s decent at zoning, and can combo out of Arcfire.
  • Snake has an average intelligence, and benefits hugely from Air Defense . This Spirit effect makes the super armor he gets on his up special almost unbreakable. This means his recovery becomes nearly incontestable! He’s decent at using all of his special moves, and can detonate his C4 the moment an opponent approaches it.
  • Wario is kind of like Palutena (not exceptional, but solid) if you gave her a kill confirm that the FP actually uses. Down tilt to dash attack can secure a KO at later percentages. He’s also got Wario Waft, which has a chance of stealing a stock at low percentages. Just don’t use Wario Bike.
  • Wolf is another character that needs Floaty Jumps. If you give it to Wolf, he’s very difficult to gimp. In terms of his base moveset, he’s privileged — his smash attacks, aerials, and tilts are all excellent. He also has Blaster, which can harass opponents trying to camp him out. Wolf can use a down throw to side special combo that sometimes gets him killed, but it occasionally works out well against humans.
  • Yoshi has a solid AI, and can combo out of forward tilt and up tilt. Good recovery, and it’s difficult to contest thanks to its heavy armor. Don’t use forward air, as that often gets him killed off-stage. Mash the rest of your aerials on-stage, though, and you’re probably good to go.

A Tier

Fighters that lean towards good, but have enough problems to make you think twice about training them. They can still demolish human players, but aren’t as viable as the ones listed above.

  • Corrin is average in many ways. His AI is average, his moves are average, and his Spirit benefit is average. Even so, his range and damage output are good enough to make him worth using. He’s a good Raid Boss, but he’s outdone by the ones listed above in many ways.
  • Pit and Dark Pit share a slot here. They’d be placed even higher if it wasn’t for one unfortunate AI flaw: they sometimes use their up specials on-stage after they perfect shield an attack. This means you have to try not to teach them to parry. Their juggling game is next-level, and their damage output works well enough.
  • Diddy Kong falls into the vein of a smart combo character. Normally, his damage output is nothing special — but it’s bolstered by Spirits. His recovery isn’t great, but can also be difficult to contest. You can’t use Banana Peel because the AI learns to spam it, but you can teach him to overwhelm opponents with his fast moveset.
  • King Dedede is another heavyweight fighter, so he’s very hard to kill. Great recovery, and it’s difficult to intercept when he goes for his up special. You can’t teach him to use Gordo Throw, because he often does it right into an incoming attack and gets punished. Other than that, he has a good damage output and his recovery is good enough that he can’t really be cheesed.
  • Link does a lot of damage. He isn’t an outstanding Raid Boss, but he’s not bad either. Teach him to stay away from his Remote Bombs, and you’ll be all set. He’s also got down tilt combos now (they were introduced in the Sora patch), so that helps boost his damage output.
  • Little Mac benefits a lot from Spirits, as Physical Attack and Fist Attack buff his whole moveset. Floaty Jumps helps his recovery, though it still isn’t perfect. He’s vulnerable off-stage, but is truly frightening on-stage. He can kill you in two smash attacks, so be careful!
  • Marth and Lucina share a slot here too. Lucina is more consistent, while Marth has a chance of dealing extra damage with his tipper. Tippers with Spirits are terrifying. As a Raid Boss, Marth is kind of like Lucina if she got critical hits. The AI isn’t too consistent about its spacing, but when a tipper does connect, it’s devastating.
  • Mewtwo has a solid recovery, as it becomes completely intangible for a moment. It’s light and tall, though, which hurts it in the long run. It’s rather strong, though, so it should do well against most opponents. It’s got a kill throw, too!
  • Mii Gunner is one of the few FPs who’s actually good at camping. Her combos are nothing flashy (up throw to up air), but function well nonetheless. Gunner Missiles do well against opponents, and she can use either Charge Shot or Grenade Launch for her neutral special. Bomb Drop works great for landing, and can overwhelm human players.
  • Pac-Man has to be trained in a specific way to function as a Raid Boss. His AI isn’t good with its projectiles at all, but he has excellent frame data on his aerials and a great recovery. His smash attacks are big and strong, which helps him KO early.
  • Piranha Plant has a good AI. Problem is, Piranha Plant isn’t a very good character. It has a good recovery, but precise players can meteor smash it while it’s spinning. Strong up smash and can use Ptooie proficiently. Unfortunately, it’s kind of slow — both in terms of movement speed and attack speed.
  • Roy’s AI is kind of bad. He messes up his side special by failing to use all four hits, and he can get spammy with aerials. His sweetspotted damage output is so good, though! He’s also better than Chrom because his recovery is more difficult to intercept and often doesn’t leave him vulnerable.
  • Ryu didn’t have great AI originally, but was recently buffed to become smarter! His hard-coded combos are pretty good, as he can combo his tilts into his specials. Not super impressive, then, but they deal lots of damage. He can camp opponents with his fireballs and then finish off a weakened foe with a down tilt to up special combo. Ryu always recovers with his side special if he’s launched toward the blast zone. If you figure this out, you’ll have a great chance to attack with a meteor smash to kill him.
  • Sheik has a good AI and solid combo routes. Spirits help mitigate her weak damage output, and her recovery is strong. Sheik’s biggest problem is her light weight, and there’s not too much you can do about that even with Spirits on your side. Her smash attacks are decently strong and fast, so they can be used rather often.
  • Toon Link has a self-destruct problem, but it’s not terribly common. It happens when he tries to tether back to the stage, but misses and then falls too low to be able to recover with his up special. He’s got a solid, fast moveset and decent hard-coded combo routes. His smash attacks only hit once, which makes them more reliable in certain situations.
  • Villager’s recovery carries him far, but it’s punishable. He’s got good hard-coded grab combos, and his up smash is a great anti-air. His aerials are fantastic, and his side special can be used to camp. There’s a catch: he can’t learn to consistently drop his bowling ball off-stage. He was able to in Super Smash Bros. 4, and the developers took that ability away for some reason.
  • Wii Fit Trainer’s AI is just about average. She doesn’t have any spectacular tools, but Deep Breathing does help her a lot if you’re able to teach her to use it. No crazy combos or super-strong moves, but a decent kit all-around. Strange hitboxes, but the AI generally knows how to space them.
  • Zelda is kind of like Pac-Man in that her FP can’t really play her archetype. The AI doesn’t use her specials well at all, particularly her side and down specials. Her aerials are strong, especially off-stage, and she can combo with her up tilt. Her smash attacks are strong, though are rather punishable if missed.

B Tier

Reserved for fighters that make for decent Raid Bosses. They have more weaknesses than the fighters listed above, and so you might want to consider a higher-ranked character for the highest chance of success.

  • Peach and Daisy don’t have incredibly impressive combos, but they do have a few. They can utilize dragdown up airs, and generally deal a lot of damage. They’re tough to edgeguard, as their up specials keep them very safe. They’re light and a bit outclassed with characters ranked above, though.
  • Samus and Dark Samus can’t really camp all that well, which brings their viability down a little bit. They’re quite difficult to properly train, but when brought to their highest potentials, they’re fine. They’re heavyweights, have solid aerials, and a decent recovery. Not many combos, but they deal respectable damage to make up for it.
  • Dr. Mario is surprisingly smart — sometimes. He can slide off-stage with Dr. Tornado at the ledge and die, so keep an eye out for that. He has solid grab combos, extremely powerful smash attacks, and benefits from movement speed Spirits. His recovery is terrible, though, so human players will often be able to gimp him at low percentages.
  • Ganondorf is in the same boat as Dr. Mario: hits hard, but has a poor recovery. His damage output – when bolstered by Spirits – is absolutely fearsome. You can load him up with Spirits that increase his speed, too, which makes him even more difficult to contest.
  • Isabelle is decent. Her juggling game is above average, and her Fishing Rod can take opponents by surprise. She’s got solid grab combos, too. Unfortunately, her recovery is easy to intercept. It leaves her completely defenseless, and if an opponent manages to pop both balloons she’ll be left falling to her death.
  • Kirby received a few AI changes in the Sora patch, and he’s now capable of utilizing some neat combos. He can use down air into down smash to rack on damage, and then his safe and quick smash attacks can finish an opponent off. He’s a bit vulnerable while he’s double jumping back to the stage, which gives enemies a great chance to land a meteor smash.
  • Lucas is the only semi-viable EarthBound series Raid Boss. Compared to Ness, his recovery is much safer. The AI utilizes its tilts and smashes just fine, but his grab game is actually kind of lacking. At high percentages, the AI is bent on using down throw as a kill throw, which doesn’t work. This is a shame, because as a character, Lucas’ grabs are great — the AI just doesn’t make good use of them.
  • Meta Knight is incredibly quick! Fast attacks and impressive moment speed. That’s about it. If you buff him up with Spirits, his quick attack speed will be overwhelming to human opponents. The AI isn’t too great about using combos — the Raid Boss is hard carried by its frame data. It becomes even stronger with a movement speed bonus.
  • Mii Swordfighter would be much higher on this list, but he can’t grab. He’s got a hard-coded down throw to up special combo that gets him killed if he uses it at the ledge. Everything else, though, Mii Swordfighter is pretty good at. It doesn’t combo off of Gale Strike all that well, but can use landing forward air combos and such.
  • Min Min is a good character, but her AI is… not very good. If you know how to avoid her punches and home in for close combat, you’ll be just fine. Her AI likes spamming its neutral air, can kill itself off-stage by using forward or back airs, and thinks all of her arms have the range of her dragon arm (which they don’t). If the Raid Boss is able to keep its distance, it can perform decently enough.
  • Pichu has a much better AI than Pikachu, which is why it’s ranked higher on this list. It can combo off its throws, up tilt, and landing aerials, which helps it rack on a ton of damage. It’ll get most of its kills with off-stage aerials, or maybe a few smash attacks. When it’s launched close to a horizontal blast zone, it will always use an uncharged Skull Bash to come back. Human players may be able to predict that and land a powerful hit.
  • Pokémon Trainer is sort of complicated. Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard all share the same training data, which means all three of them will use the same moves with similar frequencies. Squirtle’s got some built-in combos off of throws, while Charizard has a high damage output. Pokémon Trainer always switches, which means it might switch to Squirtle at high percentages. Yikes.
  • Simon and Richter are sort of like Samus and Dark Samus. It’s very difficult to train these two to camp, but if you’re successful in doing that, they’re really good. When they fire off a Holy Water, they sometimes charge their smash attack punishes for too long and miss. Solid special moves and aerials, and decent tilts. Very exploitable recovery.
  • Rosalina & Luma are a strange case. Rosalina’s AI knows when its opponent is in range of Luma’s attack, even if Luma is far away. This means human players can’t get close to Rosalina or Luma, or else they’ll be taking damage. Solid edgeguarding, but her recovery is a bit inconsistent. A lot of characters in this tier have inconsistent recoveries.
  • Shulk is sort of like a worse Ike in Raid Boss terms. They’re both slow with high range. Shulk’s AI doesn’t use its Monado Arts well, and sometimes tries a Monado Art that is inappropriate for the situation at hand. His range and damage output do him very good, though!

C Tier

Reserved for fighters who struggle with significant issues when trained as Raid Bosses. This could be due to AI, an exploitable recovery, or something of a similar nature. Of course, they can still handily beat human opponents who aren’t prepared; however, players who are experienced in defeating AI opponents will have an easier time here.

  • Bowser Jr. is first up. He doesn’t benefit much from Spirits (relative to other characters), but his AI has some neat combos with his side and up specials. He can rack on tons of damage with up airs, but he can’t really camp. It’s also very easy to hit Bowser Jr. out of his up special while he recovers, and the AI often lets itself fall to its death in this case. Decent overall, but easy to beat off-stage.
  • Chrom is actually quite good — as long as he’s on-stage. His AI and combos are rather basic, but he benefits from Spirits and has strong and fast moves. His recovery is one of the worst in the game, though, and Chrom’s AI likes to recover high and land on the ledge. If you’re playing as a character like Mario, you can simply push Chrom off-stage with F.L.U.D.D. any time he recovers high.
  • Cloud is sort of similar to Chrom — poor recovery. Additionally, he sometimes shoots a Blade Beam toward the ledge while he’s trying to recover. He’ll sometimes fall too low to be able to recover, so you have to run Floaty Jumps to prevent that from happening. On-stage, Cloud is fine. He’s just got some predictable recovery habits that leave him vulnerable.
  • Duck Hunt is stupid. The AI can’t camp with its projectiles, so it’s tough to bring the FP to its highest potential. Their recovery doesn’t have a hitbox, so Duck Hunt is left totally exposed. Not the worst Raid Boss, but could be much, much better.
  • Inkling is also stupid. The AI doesn’t recharge its ink tank enough to be able to rely on its ink attacks, so the FP often struggles to KO damaged opponents. You can’t teach it to use Splat Roller, because it overcharges its smash attack punish on a buried enemy. Its kit isn’t great, and its AI needs some work.
  • Ken is another example of a hardly-functioning character. He’s got several hard-coded combos, but there’s a catch: half of them simply don’t connect. Either because the moves he tries don’t link together, or because he turns around in the wrong direction before using a Shoryuken. When you launch him off-stage, he’ll always recover back with a side special. This gives opponents a great chance to  land a meteor smash, and there’s nothing you can do to teach Ken to mix up his recovery.
  • Mr. Game & Watch is decent. His down smash is solid, but the AI often fails to properly punish a buried opponent. He’s got good aerials, but they’re about all he has. Plenty of other characters have better aerials, which leaves Mr. Game & Watch a bit outclassed. He’s also light, so he dies early.
  • Pikachu is like Pichu, but with a more outdated AI. Sure, Pikachu doesn’t take recoil damage, but its combo routes aren’t as involved, so it winds up dealing less damage. Pikachu would have been much better with an updated AI, but it seems that many of its behaviors were ripped straight from the previous title.
  • Olimar’s AI doesn’t know which color of Pikmin it’s holding. This means you can’t train it to save blue Pikmin for grabs, for example. Sometimes he’ll fight without a purple Pikmin, which lowers his damage output and means he’ll sometimes struggle to KO. His recovery is also quite bad; with three Pikmin equipped, it’s rather slow. The AI also takes detours and hovers around for longer than it should, which often means he’ll be taking an otherwise avoidable meteor smash.
  • Sephiroth is one of the newer FPs! He’s really light, and is knocked around just as easily as Pikachu and Kirby. Between that and his tall frame, he’s easy to hit and eventually KO. His hitboxes are narrow, so small characters can be tough for him. Below-average frame data, and easily overwhelmed by fast opponents.
  • Sonic can’t really be trained to use his special moves, so his optimal strategy greatly differs from a human player. As a result, he doesn’t have anything too impressive. Not bad, by all means, but heavily outclassed by those above.

D Tier

Reserved for the worst Raid Bosses there are. Make no mistake — against humans, these characters can still do some damage. Unfortunately, they may be predictable or exploitable, so players who know to look out for certain AI patterns can end their stocks rather early.

  • Greninja is a neat fighter — in theory. When it recovers, it always does so diagonally to the ledge. Knowing this pattern, you can throw Greninja off-stage, smack it with a tilt, and score a quick KO at low percentages. Otherwise, Greninja is decent; opponents who know to intercept its recovery will have much less trouble dealing with it, however. Here’s an example of what that recovery issue looks like.
  • R.O.B.’s issues are simple: he’s stupid and his recovery is highly interceptable. It has no hitbox, and R.O.B. makes no attempt to fly away from edgeguarders. The AI occasionally freezes after using down tilt, leaving itself vulnerable to attacks for a moment. On the plus side, he can use neat Gyro combos and dragdown up air strings. If you decide to play with Smash Balls on, you will notice that R.O.B. never aims his Final Smash in any direction but straight forward.
  • Mega Man’s AI can only use roughly half of its moveset. He’s designed to zone and camp, but the AI can’t properly do that. Which means you need to train him to fight close up, which he is not designed for. Mega Man’s recovery also has no hitbox, but his main issue is that his AI is not built for the campy moveset he possesses.
  • Bayonetta has combo ability somewhere inside of her AI, but it’s rarely seen. It often decides to simply stop halfway through a combo, which severely hinders her kill potential. She always fastfalls the first hit of her forward air, so she can’t use the last hit to KO (because it won’t connect). Slow smash attacks, a tall frame, and an AI that doesn’t know it can use two Witch Twists if it saves its double jump.
  • Young Link is like Link and Toon Link, but much worse. His AI often self-destructs by using its tether recovery too far away from the ledge. The ending lag lasts too long for him to be able to make it back with an up special afterward. Overall, you’re much better off sticking with Link or Toon Link.
  • Steve has some neat AI tricks, including interesting combo routes and block placement ideas. He struggles against aggressive opponents, though, as he can run out of resources and be overwhelmed by fast moves. He’s got no good landing options, and so he’s vulnerable to incoming up smash attacks. When Steve is at his best, he’s good — but he runs out of resources fast.
  • Zero Suit Samus has been a low-tier Figure Player in almost every format she’s been a part of, and Raid Bosses are no exception. Her AI is notoriously poor, as it reverses its up special when recovering to the ledge — it then misses the ledge and dies. Very few hard-coded combos, can’t use any kill setups, and struggles to finish off weakened opponents even with Spirits (relative to other Raid Bosses).
  • Jigglypuff’s AI is actually a step above the other fighters in this tier. She’s got decent combos and can use Rest quite well. You can also equip it with Instadrop for guaranteed Rest combos! However, she’s extremely vulnerable to juggling. When the AI is juggled, its response is to waste all of its double jumps and harmlessly fall back down to the stage. Move in with up airs and up smashes and you’ll likely have little trouble.
  • The Ice Climbers are just sad. Popo doesn’t know Nana exists, so he can’t use her for any kind of complicated combos. Popo occasionally tries to recover when Nana is too far away, leading to a guaranteed death at any percentages. This also means that Popo won’t run toward Nana when she’s launched to reunite. All you have to do is toss one of them off-stage; you’re either going to kill Popo outright or leave him gimped without Nana.
  • Then we have Ness, the worst Raid Boss in the game. Though he’s potent on-stage, he always recovers back to the stage in the same way. He wastes his double jump to aim at the ledge with PK Thunder. Throw him off-stage, smack him with an aerial, and he’s dead. You could also use an off-stage counter move, if you’re feeling bold!

That’s everyone! As mentioned earlier, Sora isn’t present on this list because he’s the only fighter without an amiibo file present in-game. If you’d like to read any of our other tier lists, you can check them out These ones are constructed with tournament data, so there’s a higher degree of accuracy on it. Have any questions or opinions regarding this list? Feel free to direct them to our Discord community!

If you would like to read more amiibo training guides, please follow this link.


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  1. I don’t think Sonic’s that bad. Humans struggle against fast fighters, & Sonic’s already extremely fast. Just an opinion tho.

  2. ZSS would seem to be a naturally low character, but on Splice’s RBT at least, she has a perfect record so far. I guess I should watch some sets to see what’s causing her to perform so well.

    1. It’s important to note that the lower ranked characters can still do really well! Every character is threatening as a Raid Boss, the bottom tiers are just the ones that are more easily taken advantage of compared to those ranked higher.

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