New tier-restricted, progression-based amiibo tournaments

For the past year, the team at Spirit Amiibo  Matchups (a Discord community dedicated to all things Spirited amiibo) have been doing large super-majors in order to help build the official Spirited amiibo tier list. Now that that’s come to fruition, it’s time to set our sights on something bigger!

Today, I’d like to announce that S.A.M. will be hosting a series of tier-restricted tournaments in order to find the best Figure Player of each character. Starting with D tier on the Spirits tier list, this progression series of tours (as we’re calling it) will truly be about progression. After the D tier tournament is complete, the next one will allow fighters in the C tier — and so on, until we’ve hosted tournaments for every tier. Each tier will also allow every tier ranked below it — for instance, the aforementioned C tier tour will also allow D tiers.

These tournaments also have a special gimmick in their carryover system. The FP that places the highest per character will be automatically entered into the next progression tournament! For example, if three Zero Suit Samus FPs enter the D tier tour, the one that places highest will be automatically entered into the C tier tournament without costing its trainer an entry slot. We’re doing this for every character in D tier, so submitting some of yours would be a great idea!

Of course, the data from these tournaments will be used to help update the Spirits tier list. Beyond that, when tournament for every tier are complete, we’re going to use all of the carryover characters mentioned before in one giant round robin competition. From this, we’re going to create matchup charts for every single fighter in the game. Yes, that’s going to take as long as it sounds.

If you think your Figure Player might be the very best of its character, please enter them via the submission form here (entries close one week from now). If you need help doing that, check out our tournaments guide for more information. And if you have any questions, you can join the S.A.M. Discord server. Thank you, and I hope to see you there!

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