All Blueprint Locations in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Kirby and the Forgotten Land introduces a brand-new feature: the option to upgrade Kirby’s Copy Abilities! These upgrades adjust their power, speed, and appearance. In order to power up Kirby’s Copy Abilities, you’ll need both Star Coins and Rare Stones. Fortunately, they’re rather easy to obtain — it’s finding the blueprints for the Copy Abilities that gets tricky. We’ve compiled a full list of where to find each one right here!

How to Upgrade Copy Abilities

As mentioned previously, you’ll need both Star Coins and Rare Stones to upgrade Kirby’s Copy Abilities. We’ve actually got two helpful guides for that; if you want to know how to farm Star Coins, check out this post before you continue. If you’re in need of Rare Stones, check out this one too! Personally, I like playing through The Ultimate Cup Z and then doing some Flash Fishing and Meta Knight Cup runs as needed.

While playing through the main story, you’ll find side levels you can access via star-shaped portals — Treasure Roads. These are straightforward challenges that utilize Mouthful Mode or Copy Abilities. You might notice there’s a section of the level that says “Target Time” — don’t worry about that too much, as the reward for hitting the Target Time is a measly fifty Star Coins. There are much better ways of obtaining Star Coins — including the methods listed above.

In addition to Star Coins and Rare Stones, you’ll also need blueprints to upgrade specific Copy Abilities. These are scattered throughout levels, and you can ask Wise Waddle Dee in town for a hint. He won’t just tell you the level it’s in — he’ll also tell you the section of the level it’s in, which is really helpful! That being said, it’s also kind of pointless, because we’ve written down the specific locations of each blueprint below.

Copy Ability Blueprint Locations

Once you obtain a Copy Ability blueprint, you can take it to the weapons shop in Waddle Dee Town for an upgrade. As mentioned earlier, you’ll need Star Coins and Rare Stones in addition to the blueprint for the upgrade. You can find more info on how to farm these materials in the guides mentioned above. In the meantime, here are the blueprint locations:

  • Bomb can be upgraded into Chain Bomb and then Homing Bomb.
    • The Chain Bomb blueprint is in World 2’s Fast-Flowing Waterworks level. It’s a reward for beating a bunch of enemies in a scripted event — you can’t miss it.
    • The Homing Bomb blueprint is a reward for beating the boss of World 4. You can’t miss this one either!
  • Crash can be upgraded into Time Crash. The blueprint is in World 3’s Invasion of the House of Horrors level near the end after you pass the Bomber. Look to the left of the platform you’re standing on and you will see a circular hole in the wall. This is a path that leads to the blueprint.
  • Cutter can be upgraded into Chakram Cutter and then Buzz-Saw Cutter.
    • Chakram Cutter’s blueprint is unlocked by default.
    • Buzz-Saw Cutter’s blueprint is in World 5’s Searching the Oasis level. It’s behind a ledge in the second area.
  • Drill can be upgraded into Pencil Drill and then Twin Drill.
    • The Pencil Drill blueprint is a reward for defeating the boss of World 3. You can’t miss it.
    • The Twin Drill blueprint is in the first area of World 5’s Moonlight Canyon.
  • Fire can be upgraded into Volcano Fire and then Dragon Fire.
    • The Volcano Fire blueprint is unlocked by default along with Chakram Cutter — no need to search for this one!
    • The Dragon Fire blueprint is in World 4’s Windy, Freezing Seas level. It’s accessed via the scissor lift you need to melt.
  • Hammer can be upgraded into Toy Hammer, Wild Hammer, and then Masked Hammer.
    • The Toy Hammer blueprint is your reward for watering the second set of flowers in World 3’s Welcome to Wondaria level.
    • The Wild Hammer blueprint is your reward for beating Wild Bonkers in World 5’s Alivel Mall (Staff Side) level.
    • The Masked Hammer blueprint is obtained from King Dedede at the end of the game when he visits Waddle Dee Town.
  • Ice can be upgraded into Frosty Ice and then Blizzard Ice.
    • The Frosty Ice blueprint is your reward for beating Twin Wild Frosty in Battle for Blizzard Bridge (World 4).
    • The Blizzard Ice blueprint is obtained by defeating the end boss of World 5. Can’t miss it!
  • Needle upgrades into Clutter Needle and then Crystal Needle.
    • In World 2’s Scale the Cement Summit, go to the area with the turtles and the pool. Hit a bomb block near a ladder and the blueprint for Clutter Needle is inside.
    • The Crystal Needle blueprint is your reward for defeating Fleurina in World 5’s The Wastes Where Life Began level.
  • Ranger upgrades into Noble Ranger and then Space Ranger.
    • You obtain the Noble Ranger blueprint by defeating the boss of World 2.
    • The Space Ranger blueprint is in World 6’s Conquer the Inferno Road level. Shoot a bull’s-eye to the right of the end tower with the Ranger ability.
  • Sleep somehow upgrades into Deep Sleep (we wish we could update our Sleep ability in real life). The blueprint is in World 6’s Burning, Churning Power Plant. It’s right after you get the Waddle Dee from the room you access by lighting the lantern switch on fire.
  • Sword upgrades into Gigant Sword, then Meta Knight Sword, and then Morpho Knight Sword.
    • You get the Gigant Sword upgrade for beating Wild Edge in the Circuit Speedway level of World 3.
    • Beat the Meta Knight Cup in the Colosseum when it becomes available and you will obtain the Meta Knight Sword blueprint.
    • Finally, you obtain the Morpho Knight Sword by beating the post-game campaign in Forgo Dreams.
  • Tornado upgrades into Fleur Tornado and then Storm Tornado.
    • The Fleur Tornado blueprint is in the latter half of World 3’s Wondaria Dream Parade in the water pump section. There’s a spot with a blue shutter that you need to break by spitting water at a parade car to save a Waddle Dee. The wall behind the Waddle Dee needs to be hit with another parade car and then the blueprint will be revealed.
    • The Storm Tornado blueprint is in World 6’s Gathering of the Beast Council level. It’s in the right hole of the platform holding the roller coaster that you can use Mouthful Mode on.

We’ve got tons more guides for Kirby and the Forgotten Land coming — mainly, locations for every Waddle Dee and collectible in the game. If you’d like to stay up to date on our new content, join our Discord server! You can find a complete list of our Kirby content via the link below, so be sure to check that out when you get a moment. We hope this list helped you. Good luck in your search for blueprints!

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