All World 1 Missions in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Kirby and the Forgotten Land drops tomorrow, and we’ve compiled a complete list of every Waddle Dee in the game! They serve as this game’s main collectible, and you can find them in many different ways. Some are found in cages across levels, and others are obtained by completing specific missions. We’ve got all the details here! First up is Natural Plains, which is the first world you’ll encounter. There are five levels for a grand total of 46 Waddle Dees. If you haven’t played the demo yet, then there are technically spoilers in this post. Be warned!

Level 1: Downtown Grassland (9)

There are nine Waddle Dees to save in Downtown Grassland. As the game’s first level, the collectibles here are rather easy to find. One thing you’ll notice is that simply clearing the stage counts as a mission, so you’ll receive an extra Waddle Dee by default. Here’s how to get the rest of them, then:

  1. Clear the stage.
  2. Break the building’s shutter with Kirby’s Vending machine form. Activate Mouthful Mode on the soda machine and then destroy the blue wall on the side of the nearby building.
  3. Ride the spewing water up the balcony. You can do this by breaking a pipe with Kirby’s Cone form. It’s to the right, after the section with the cannons shooting at you.
  4. Save the hidden Waddle Dees:
    • After the cone section, fight off a bunch of enemies in a blue enclosure. The Waddle Dee will appear afterward.
    • Activate Mouthful Mode on the Water Tank halfway through the level. Pop the lid off and you’ll find the Waddle Dee inside.
    • Defeat the small snapping turtle with Kirby’s Cone form.
  5. Make five tulips bloom:
    • On a tree stump at the beginning of the level. Walk into the tulip to make it bloom!
    • Behind the gate that you activate with the blue button (also at the beginning of the level).
    • After the Mouthful Mode cone section, in a pot on an elevated portion near the cannons that shoot at you.
    • Directly to the right of a tree past the small snapping turtle. You get to this area after defeating Wild Edge.
    • While ascending the tower, you’ll find this tulip behind the bull. Lure it away and walk over the tulip.

Level 2: Through the Tunnel (10)

There are ten Waddle Dees to find in this level. As a side note, you don’t have to do every mission in one run of a level! You can split them up into multiple runs, if that makes it easier. Here’s a full list of all the Waddle Dees you can find here:

  1. Clear the stage.
  2. Find the secret room. You’ll find the secret room when you find the first hidden Waddle Dee — see below.
  3. Save the hidden Waddle Dees:
    • Activate Mouthful Mode on the Water Tank. This will unlock a nearby door. Defeat the enemies, open the chest, and rescue the Waddle Dee!
    • Light the fuse for the first cannon you see. It’s in the area the cannon shoots you to!
    • Use the Stairs Mouth near the nearby cannon, but don’t cover the fuse with the stairs. Light it with the Fire ability and then hop into the cannon. It’s in a chest.
    • This Waddle Dee is in the same area as lantern switch #4. See below!
  4. Light four lantern switches:
    • Before you go into the tunnel, it’s to the right. A Kabu and a Cappy are nearby!
    • After going through the three-star door early in the level, turn left. It’s right there.
    • Shortly after the previous lantern, look to the right near a moving platform and a cage holding a figurine capsule.
    • After some moving platforms, surrounded by Gordos. This will lead you to an area with a bomb block and a caged Waddle Dee.
  5. Remove the wanted poster. You’ll need to position Stairs Mouth just right for this one, and then attack the poster with an air bullet.

Level 3: Rocky Rollin’ Road (10)

There are ten Waddle Dees to save in Rocky Rollin’ Road. For many of these, you’ll need the Ranger ability. Conveniently, it’s introduced in this level! Try your best to keep the Ranger ability on you at all times. You can aim at objects by holding the B button. Here are the Waddle Dee locations:

  1. Clear the stage.
  2. Find the hidden Waddle Dees:
    • Hit the bulls-eye after the section with three falling boulders.
    • Hit the bulls-eye after the uphill section. Go inside the door and shoot all the targets before they disappear. Get the side ones first! If you fail, you can leave and re-enter the area to try again.
    • While you’re being chased by the giant boulder, hit the blue switch. The Waddle Dee appears on a nearby bench.
    • Crash into the building’s wall in Car form, enter the office, and retrieve the Waddle Dee inside.
  3. Find the side road while going uphill. It’s on the right — just hug that wall and you’ll find a small alcove to go through.
  4. Eat three snacks off tree stumps:
    • There’s a tree stump with a piece of bread near the beginning of the level.
    • There’s a banana on a tree stump next to a ladder a bit later in the level.
    • There’s a glowing spot near a stump after you get the second Waddle Dee. Step on it to make a carton of milk appear on the nearby tree stump.
  5. Drive without falling off the edge. This one should be pretty easy!

Level 4: A Trip to Alivel Mall (10)

This is one of the prettiest levels in the game! It also houses ten Waddle Dees, just like the level before it. This one’s a fair bit trickier, as if you take a wrong path you’re locked out of completing one of the missions until you restart the level. Be careful!

  1. Clear the stage.
  2. Find the hidden Waddle Dees:
    • Right after the Invincible Candy, break the bomb block and climb up the ladder. Make your way to the bottom-right section of this balcony. You’ll find the Waddle Dee at the end of the path.
    • Inside a chest in the burger-labeled food court area after the conveyor belt.
    • North of a square made out of conveyor belts with spikes in the middle. Melt the wood with the Ice ability and press the switch. The Waddle Dee will appear immediately afterward.
    • There are two food courts; one has three flags and the other has six. In the second one with six flags, enter the back-left cake area and you’ll find the Waddle Dee in a chest.
  3. Eat four doughnuts:
    • One is on the table near the Invincible Candy near the beginning of the level. It’s between two sets of escalators.
    • Near the square conveyor belt section where you find the third Waddle Dee. There’s a glowing spot on the bottom right; step on it and a doughnut will appear.
    • The back-left cake area in the second food court has a glowing spot on one of the tables. Step on it and another doughnut will appear nearby.
    • At the end of the level in the area you get to via the ladder.
  4. Eat Invincible Candy. It’s toward the beginning of the level, east of the escalators and tables.
  5. Navigate the mall without getting lost. This means you can’t enter any of the dead-end food court areas. Take the burger path first, and then the cake path at the back-left of the second area.

Level 5: The Brawl at the Mall

You can technically get all the Waddle Dees in one run, but it’s tricky and risky. You’re welcome to play this level over a few times to clear all the missions — it doesn’t take too long, especially if you use the power-up from the King Dedede amiibo.

  1. Clear the stage.
  2. Slip through Gorimondo’s legs.
  3. Defeat Gorimondo with the Sword ability.
  4. Clear within 2 minutes.
  5. Clear without taking any damage.

Most of these are self-explanatory, but we had to go out of our way to search for quite a few of these! The Gorimondo missions are self-explanatory, but may take a few attempts. If you’re having trouble clearing without taking any damage, try camping with the Bomb ability. Whenever he starts to rear back, jump! Stay at a close distance so that he can’t grab you.

We hope this was helpful to you! If it was, be sure to let us know! Our coverage for Kirby and the Forgotten Land is just beginning. If you haven’t done so yet, be sure to join our Discord server to get the latest updates on site content. You can find a complete list of our Kirby and the Forgotten Land guides via the link below. If you’d like to move on to World 2’s Missions and Waddle Dees, you can do so via this link. Good luck!

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