All World 2 Missions in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Our coverage for Kirby and the Forgotten Land continues! This time, we’re back with a complete list of Waddle Dee locations for Everbay Coast. That’s the game’s second world, and there are a grand total of 47 Waddle Dees to find and collect. If you missed our Natural Plains Waddle Dee guide, you can find that via this link. Once you’ve finished the first world, come back to this post! Without further ado, let’s get into the full list of locations.

Level 1: Abandoned Beach (9)

There are nine Waddle Dees to collect in Abandoned Beach. The second you enter this level, you’ll notice just how pretty the water looks. The graphics in this game are great! Once you’re done marveling, there are collectibles to be found and missions to complete. Here’s what to do:

  1. Clear the stage.
  2. Save the hidden Waddle Dees:
    • Climb the ladder after defeating Wild Bonkers and hit the stump with the Hammer ability. The Waddle Dee is inside the small cave.
    • In the section with the whirlpools and the Hammer ability, find the little Awoofy (the fox enemy) sleeping on a cliff. Step on the cliff and climb up and hit the stump with your hammer. Go inside the area that reveals itself and complete the minigame. The Waddle Dee is your reward!
    • Activate Mouthful Mode on the ring and blow on the fan at the west side of the room. Hop on the boat that appears and float to the north side of the room. Break a wall and you’ll find your Waddle Dee inside.
  3. Crack open 3 Knock-Knock Nuts. You can do this with any attack. They look like chestnuts, by the way.
    • There’s one at the beginning of the stage near a palm tree.
    • On the island with the first Warp Star. There’s a big croc circling the very same island.
    • In the water in the final area (directly east of the golden Waddle Dee cage that ends the level). Hop on the boat and dash through the whirlpool, or jump off the ledge and attack the nut.
  4. Destroy the animal sand sculpture. It’s in the area after you beat Wild Bonkers, all the way to the right.
  5. Complete the sign on the rooftop. Mouthful Mode the ring and stand in the gap between the text on the roof. You’ll finish this mission once you do.

Level 2: Concrete Isles (10)

This stage introduces the brand-new Drill ability. You can press the B button for a short-ranged attack, or hold it to dig underground. Deal damage to enemies by popping out of the ground under them. You can also draw a circle while digging to create a fissure explosion! Here’s the mission list:

  1. Clear the stage.
  2. Save the hidden Waddle Dees:
    • Collect all five of the green star pieces and a chest will appear with the Waddle Dee inside. They’re all easily visible, so don’t worry about missing them.
    • Collect all the red star pieces and a chest will appear. Some of these are inside dig spots, so you’ll need the Drill ability. The final piece requires the Scissor-Lift Mouth.
    • Before you get on the Warp Star to leave this area, look at the boundary wires to find that one has sunk. Swim over it to access a secret island with the third Waddle Dee and some treasure.
    • Collect the second set of green star pieces after boarding the Warp Star. You’ll need the Pipe Mouth to get the last one. Again, the locations are all easy to find — just drill in brown dirt clumps.
  3. Greet 3 sea birds. They look like normal white doves, as opposed to the yellow cartoon birds that usually appear in the Kirby series.
    • At the very beginning of the level in the water.
    • After getting the Drill ability for the first time, it’s near one a Glunk (the green anemone enemy).
    • Near the Warp Star after the Scissor Lift, but in the water next to the island.
  4. Make landfall on the isle of treasure. See Waddle Dee #3, since you need to go to the isle of treasure to get it.
  5. Dig up a Maxim Tomato. It’s in the area where you need to use Drill to zigzag underground and avoid fire from all the cannons. That’s near the very end of the level.

Level 3: Scale the Cement Summit (10)

This stage introduces Fleurina, a new mini-boss that hasn’t been seen in the Kirby series before. She’s also involved in one of the missions you have to complete. Here’s everything you have to do to 100% complete this level, then:

  1. Clear the stage.
  2. Save the hidden Waddle Dees:
    • Behind a locker near the beginning of the level. From the area with the turtles circling the pool, head south and slightly west and you’ll find it. Mouthful Mode the locker and you will find the Waddle Dee behind it.
    • Right after beating Fleurina. Hit the red switch and collect the Waddle Dee before time runs out.
    • Near the second wanted poster (details below). From the pool, go south and bust through some blue crates. Go in through the door and use the Tornado ability to press every button.
    • During the arch gliding section, stay to the right in the area with the cliffs. Break through a cracked section of the wall with a spin attack and you will find the Waddle Dee inside.
  3. Remove 3 wanted posters.
    • Right at the beginning of the level, to the right of the first ladder.
    • Near Waddle Dee #2. It’s to the left of the area above a shallow pool of water with turtles swimming in it.
    • Right when you land after the gliding section. It’s among the trees to the right.
  4. Avoid the spikes in the secret room. This is referring to the room we mentioned in Waddle Dee #3. The Tornado ability is normally invulnerable to spikes, so make sure your twister doesn’t run out while you’re above them.
  5. Freeze Fleurina with an Ice ability. One is given to you beforehand, so no need to worry.

Level 4: Fast-Flowing Waterworks (11)

There are eleven Waddle Dees to find in Fast-Flowing Waterworks. Despite the level’s name, you can easily go against the current of the water if you miss something. Just keep jumping over and over again. Here are all of the missions:

  1. Clear the stage.
  2. Save the hidden Waddle Dees:
    • In the first stretch of water in a tunnel by some Gordos.
    • You’ll eventually come to an area that closes itself off and spawns enemies for you to fight. After finishing that area, continue onward until you find a bomb block. Destroy it and enter a new area. Board the boat as Ring Kirby and take the right, then left, then middle path. The Waddle Dee is at the end.
    • In the section with the stairs, press the blue button to make some land rise. Put the stairs on the single red button to free this Waddle Dee. Be sure to leave the stairs there to help get the next Waddle Dee.
    • With that staircase in place, head right and bring the other staircase over. Place it on the two red buttons to free this Waddle Dee.
    • Above the second whirlpool after the stairs section. Go to the right and jump up to the blue button. Press it to create a path that leads to him.
  3. Win the battle without falling into the water. It’s talking about the scripted event that spawns all the enemies (see the beginning part of Waddle Dee #2’s description).
  4. Eat 3 Tins of Fish:
    • One is at the end of the first section. You can spawn it by stepping on the glowing spot on top of the cabinet at the right near the door.
    • In the stairs section, press the blue button to make land form. Place the stairs on the blue button and melt it with ice to reveal a tin of fish.
    • In the whirlpool after the stairs section.
  5. Find the golden fish. It’s in the stairs section in a rectangular-shaped pool. Touch it to create some Star coins and complete this mission.

Level 5: The Tropical Terror

Just when you thought Whispy Woods wasn’t going to make an appearance… well, technically, you were right. Clearing all of this level’s missions in one go is kind of tough; no damage and no copy ability? Here’s everything you need to do:

  1. Clear the stage.
  2. Destroy Tropic Woods’ roots. You only need to destroy one for this mission to activate.
  3. Clear within 2 minutes.
  4. Clear without using a Copy Ability.
  5. Clear without taking damage.

The missions in these levels are quite a bit tricker than those seen in the previous world. Still, they’re mostly straightforward. If you have trouble clearing Tropic Woods without taking any damage, try using a long-ranged ability like Bomb or Ranger. Step back when you need to, and focus on dodging attacks. It would be best to do two separate runs; one damageless and one with no copy ability. Do your best!

We hope this organized list of Waddle Dees was helpful! Our coverage for Kirby and the Forgotten Land is nowhere near done. We’ll have posts out covering the next few worlds very soon, so stay tuned! In the meantime, you can find a complete list of our Kirby and the Forgotten Land coverage via this link below. You can also join our Discord community for the latest content updates. If you’re looking to move on to World 3’s Missions and Waddle Dees, you can visit our guide right here. Good luck, and have fun!

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