All World 3 Missions in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

We’re back for another installment of Kirby and the Forgotten Land Waddle Dee locations! These guys are everywhere, and World 3 is no exception. Forgotten Land’s third world is called Wondaria Remains, and it’s themed after an abandoned (but still functional) amusement park. Pretty neat idea for a world theme, if you ask us! There are some mild spoilers to be had here, so do keep that in mind before moving on.

Level 1: Welcome to Wondaria (10)

As a reminder, you must finish the level to save your mission progress. Let’s say you beat a level once, but fail to complete a mission. When you come back and successfully complete the mission, you have to finish the level to save your progress. It’s a pain, but it’s important to keep in mind nonetheless. You can always use the Meta Knight amiibo to speed things along! Here are this level’s objectives (and you earn Waddle Dees for completing each one):

  1. Clear the stage.
  2. Save the hidden Waddle Dees:
    • In the area with the toy robots, hit the red switch. Collect the Waddle Dee that appears before time runs out.
    • Press both of the blue buttons on the coaster ride. If you miss one, you can retry it via the blue Warp Star. Having trouble? Try pausing the game over and over so you can plan out your movement ahead of time. Kind of like pause buffering, if you’re familiar with that!
    • Hit the blue button on the spinning purple platform. The Waddle Dee will spawn in a cage nearby.
    • Use the water pump near the fountain to wash away the mud and restore all four geysers. The Waddle Dee will pop out of a manhole.
  3. Help the lost ducklings find their mama. There are five, and they’re all within the immediate area at the beginning of the course. The only tricky one is resting on a hedge fence south of the gate into the greater amusement park area.
  4. Enjoy the view from the top of the rocket. Climb the statue at the very beginning of the level, stand on top of the rocket, and enjoy the view!
  5. Make all the wilted flowers bloom. There are 8 in total:
    • The first set is right after the first water pump. Activate Mouthful Mode and spray water on the wilted flowers.
    • The second set is shortly after the second water pump, but there appears to be a flower missing. Wash away a small spot of mud at the back-right of the area to lower a cliff that reveals the eighth flower.

Level 2: Circuit Speedway (10)

This level is all about Car Kirby (also known as Carby)! It’s rather easy, but it will sort-of test your driving skills. There are ten Waddle Dees to save in this level, and a few of them are rewards for getting good times on race courses. Here are your objectives:

  1. Clear the stage.
  2. Save the hidden Waddle Dees:
    • Finish the first Car Kirby course in under 25 seconds. Avoid the mud at all costs!
    • Use the Bomb ability in the section after the race track to hit a blue button. Then, do some bomb bowling to release the Waddle Dee.
    • Right after you beat Wild Edge, use the Sword ability to cut some grass and enter a small vent. The Waddle Dee is inside.
    •  Clear the second Car Kirby course and get the gold medal. You will need to break through cardboard boxes as shortcuts.
  3. Reach the first race’s goal within 20 seconds.
  4. Defeat Wild Edge using an Invincible Candy. Get it from the room where Waddle Dee #2 was located. Then run to Wild Edge as fast as you can!
  5. Boost through the cardboard shortcuts. You’ll have to do this anyway if you want the best times on the race tracks.

Level 3: Invasion at the House of Horrors (10)

This course is awesome, and it’s got a great retro aesthetic going on. It introduces the brand-new Light-Bulb Mouth, which lets Kirby light up dark areas. Here’s a tip: you can tap the B button over and over again in Light-Bulb form to make Kirby run faster. Here are the objectives, then:

  1. Clear the stage.
  2. Save the hidden Waddle Dees:
    • In a path heading east after two blue cardboard cutouts try to scare you. Attack the box when the picture shows Waddle Dee.
    • In a room off to the left, there’s a puzzle that requires the Chakram Cutter. For this, you need to shoot a cutter through the slot and hold the B button. Walk all the way to the bottom left while still holding B, and then release the button when the picture shows Waddle Dee.
    • In the light bulb area toward the end on a path to the right, between two Ghost Gordos. Light up the power point to free this Waddle Dee.
    • In the section with the vending machine and the cardboard cutouts. This one is behind a series of cutouts that pop out at you all at once.
  3. Clear without touching any Ghost Gordos. You can press B over and over again in Light-Bulb Mouth mode to make the Ghost Gordos slower.
  4. Eat 3 of the ghosts’ hidden snacks:
    • A chocolate bar behind a hexagon decoration at the beginning of the level. It’s right after the part with the cardboard cutout and the falling X blocks.
    • At the end of the light bulb area in the left corner.
    • After the giant Bomber, behind another hexagon decoration.
  5. Destroy 13 aliens by using Vending Mouth. This is referring to the cardboard cutouts that try to scare you.

Level 4: The Wondaria Dream Parade (11)

One of the most visually stunning levels in the game. It’s a wonder they got this fancy lighting running so well on Switch! One of the objectives is to clear the level without stepping on mud, so try not to touch any of it on your first run. Time for the objectives:

  1. Clear the stage.
  2. Save the hidden Waddle Dees:
    • Beyond a small bed of spikes after you ascend a ramp full of parade cars. This area is just past the part with the mother duck.
    • Grab the Tornado ability and look for a group of robots running around in a circle. Fly over and enter the door. Inside is a Car Kirby course; clear it in less than 5.555 seconds by using the Cone close to the race track to break the crack in the ground. This will create a shortcut.
    • After obtaining the Waddle Dee above, continue on until you find a big square-shaped platform with a tornado enemy. Use the Tornado ability to fly over to the caged Waddle Dee (hold the B button and let go right above the cage).
    • Use Mouthful Mode to turn Kirby into a water balloon and then Hydro Pump two parade cars into the blue shutter on the nearby wall. The Waddle Dee is inside.
    • On the road where you get chased by parade cars, keep right and press a blue button on the floor. It will reveal the Waddle Dee in a hole to the southwest.
  3. Help the lost ducklings find their mama. Once again, there are five, and they are all in the immediate area. If they touch a parade car, they will panic and you will have to retrieve them again.
  4. Remove Elfilin’s wanted poster. Go to the area where you found Waddle Dee #3 and look on the wall. Attack the poster to destroy it.
  5. Clear without stepping on any mud.

Level 5: Danger under the Big Top (7)

Wondaria Remains’ boss fight is against Clawroline, a new character who uses fast attacks and projectiles. For the most efficient run, pick the Ranger ability and do the whole fight without making Kirby puff up and fly. That’ll knock out two missions right off the bat. Here’s a list of all of them:

  1. Clear the stage.
  2. Hit high-up Clawroline using Ranger.
  3. Defeat without hovering.
  4. Clear within 1 minute and 30 seconds. Very possible, especially if you upgrade your Copy Abilities.
  5. Clear without taking any damage.

If you have trouble beating Clawroline without taking damage, try using the Meta Knight amiibo to increase your movement speed! She can close gaps very quickly, so camping isn’t a great strategy here. When she latches onto the wall, make sure you’re always moving so you don’t get hit by one of her projectiles. She’ll eventually dash down and leave herself vulnerable to attacks for a moment.

If you missed either of our previous guides, check them out! We’ve got Waddle Dee locations for both World 1: Natural Plains and World 2: Everbay Coast. We’re not done yet, though; we’ll have guides for the next few worlds out very soon. In the meantime, feel free to join our Discord community for updates on our content production! You can take a look at all of our Kirby and the Forgotten Land content via the link below. If you’d rather skip straight ahead to World 4, you can do so here. Thanks so much for reading, and good luck!

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