All World 4 Missions in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Our coverage for Kirby and the Forgotten Land isn’t over yet! We’re back with yet another compilation of Waddle Dee locations. This time, we’re covering World 4: Winter Horns. As you might expect, it’s an ice world topped with snow, and there are exactly 49 Waddle Dees to find. There are light spoilers here, so keep that in mind as you continue. Let’s begin!

Level 1: Northeast Frost Street (10)

There are a grand total of ten Waddle Dees to collect in this stage. As a reminder, you can play through each level multiple times to complete the missions you missed on your initial run. That being said, you do have to finish the level in order for the mission to count. Here’s a list of objectives for this stage:

  1. Clear the stage.
  2. Save the hidden Waddle Dees:
    • Use Mouthful Mode to destroy a nearby bomb block. Follow the path and destroy the shutter to reveal the Waddle Dee.
    • Hit the bulls-eye near the fallen blocks and enter the door. Complete the minigame found here to retrieve the Waddle Dee.
    • On the big platform with the penguins. Wait until the platform leans to the left and then destroy the bomb block.
    • Near the end of the stairs section you will find a cracked wall. Climb the ladder and take the stairs west and fall down to the next level. Go over to the wall and fall into it to break it open. Use the stairs to create a path to the Waddle Dee.
  3. Destroy 4 animal snow sculptures:
    • There is one at the beginning of the level near the ranger enemy.
    • Right before the Warp Star as you leave the Vending mouth area.
    • Down a small staircase on the platform with the door leading to Waddle Dee #2. There is a Poppy Bros. Jr and a Hot Head nearby, if that helps.
    • In the stairs section, near one of the later sets of staircases you can eat.
  4. Find the side alley. Right near the Scarfy and Poppy Bros. Jr to the left.
  5. Reach the clock tower. Get to the end of the level, but don’t beat it just yet! Look for an opening in the fence to the left. Jump off and fly west until you land on the clock tower.

Level 2: Metro on Ice (10)

This level is a frozen underground subway station! There are ten Waddle Dees to collect here. As usual, you’ll receive three of them just by completing the stage. The rest are a bit tricker, so here’s a list of everything you need to do to save them:

  1. Clear the stage.
  2. Save the hidden Waddle Dees:
    • After the scripted fight that gives you the Hammer ability afterward, pound in four pegs to reveal the Waddle Dee.
    • In the first secret passage (see below for details). Collect all five green star pieces inside. You will need the Hammer ability.
    • Right after the second secret passage (see below). The Waddle Dee is inside a chest behind two giant seal enemies.
    • Jump up onto one of the platforms that crush you and activate Mouthful Mode on the cone. Continue onward and the moving platforms ahead will reveal a crack in the ground. Destroy it, and ride up the water pump to find this Waddle Dee.
  3. Stand on top of 2 trains:
    • There is one near a Bomber and a giant seal. Use the seats as a stepping stone to get on top of the train.
    • There is another right after the scripted enemy fight that gives you the Hammer.
  4. Find 2 secret passages:
    • In the section with the falling icicles and the hammer pegs, slam the second set of pegs to reveal the passage.
    • The other is behind a roadblock to the right of where you found the first secret passage. Jump over it and the Waddle Dee is inside.
  5. Check inside the shipping container. Go to the area on top of the moving platforms where you get Waddle Dee #4. Follow the path to the right and jump up to get inside.

Level 3: Windy, Freezing Seas (11)

This level involves some of the lantern switches from previous worlds. There are also a ton of powerful wind gusts, so be ready to float and glide! There are a total of eleven Waddle Dees to find in this level. Here are their locations:

  1. Clear the stage.
  2. Save the hidden Waddle Dees:
    • In the first area, use Pipe Mouth (which you can find beyond a set of crates) and time your jump to break a wall and free this Waddle Dee.
    • In the section with Ring Mouth, hop on the boat and float over to a platform with a seal. Blow on the fan to lower a wall of spikes. Go back on the boat to blast through a wall and save the Waddle Dee.
    • Right after the Ring Mouth section, step on a glowing spot at the bottom right of the platform before the Warp Star. It will take you to a series of ice blocks you need to melt with fire to get to the Waddle Dee.
    • In the area with the strong wind and the Gordos, light a nearby lantern switch on fire. It will point you to a hole in the ground with a Waddle Dee.
    • See the “jump into the secret underground room” goal below. Use the scissor-lift and the Fire ability to get into the cannon. The Waddle Dee is your reward!
  3. Find a cave that’s safe from the wind. After you bust open the wall with Pipe Mouth, check the platform with the ladder to find a lowered cliff on the left. If you have the Needle ability, you can roll up into a ball and easily pass through the wind!
  4. Enjoy 3 meals at sea. This one is self-explanatory and the food is all around the area with the Ring Mouth and the boat in plain view.
  5. Jump into the secret underground room. After the lantern switch with Waddle Dee #4, there will be four ice blocks to melt that reveal another lantern switch. Set it on fire and follow its path to a secret hole.

Level 4: The Battle of Blizzard Bridge (11)

This is one of those boss-rush levels. Thankfully, it’s rather easy, and it only includes the mini-bosses you have previously battled. Some of the missions are tricky, so here’s a complete rundown of all of them and what you have to do:

  1. Clear the stage.
  2. Save the hidden Waddle Dees:
    • In the first entrance to the left, use Sword to cut the cone down so it lands on the platform. Continue onward to find a crack in the ground. Destroy it with the cone for the Waddle Dee.
    • After beating Fleurina, bring Tornado into the entrance to the right. Complete the puzzle by activating the fan, pressing the button, and then busting down the shutter with Vending Mouth.
    • Beat Wild Bonkers and then attack the Big Kabu on the right. Hit the stump with the hammer and enter the door. Hammer the stump inside and make it to the end before time runs out.
    • After obtaining the previous Waddle Dee, leave the room and continue on. The next Waddle Dee is floating above the water. Drop down, grab him, and then fly back up.
    • Beat Twin Wild Frosty. Go through a small path on the right and melt the wood with ice. Then, beat the challenge by freezing the Kabu and kicking it into the wind to press the button. Become Pipe Mouth and time your jump properly to get the Waddle Dee.
  3. Remove 4 wanted posters:
    • There is one at the very end of the Waddle Dee #1 challenge room on the left wall.
    • There’s one above the door in the Waddle Dee #2 challenge room. Climb up the blocks to find the poster.
    • One is inside the Waddle Dee #3 challenge room right as you enter. The poster is on your left.
    • In the room that has the fifth Waddle Dee after breaking the wall with Pipe Mouth.
  4. Beat Twin Frosty without getting hit. Try camping with bombs or making digging circles with Drill.
  5. Take a detour and find a Maxim Tomato. At the very beginning of the level, before going to the bridge, head left into a path among the pile of rubble. There is a Maxim Tomato inside.

Level 5: An Unexpected Beast King (7)

Let’s be honest — King Dedede’s appearance in this game was totally expected. The developers changed his design to resemble how he looked in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards this time around! Here are your objectives:

  1. Clear the stage.
  2. Swallow King Dedede’s hammer. Stay close to him, and when he’s taken enough damage he will drop his hammer and enter phase two. Inhale the hammer as soon as he drops it.
  3. Clear without guarding.
  4. Clear within 1 minute and 30 seconds. Try upgrading your abilities or using the King Dedede amiibo if you’re having trouble.
  5. Clear without taking any damage.

During his second phase, King Dedede whips out a pillar with a huge range. His Smash Bros. incarnation wishes he had this! With the pillar in hand, Dedede will use a lightning attack that covers most of the stage. Run to the edge of the stage to avoid the attack, and then swoop in and deal some damage while he’s vulnerable.

If you missed any of our previous guides, definitely give them a read when you get the chance! We’ve got World 1: Natural Plains, World 2: Everbay Coast, and World 3: Wondaria Remains all mapped out. In the meantime, you can join our Discord community for updates on newly-released content. If you still have trouble finding a collectible, feel free to leave a comment and we will try to help you. You can access the rest of our Kirby and the Forgotten Land coverage via the link below. Alternatively, you can skip directly to World 5’s Missions guide right here. Have fun!

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