All World 6 Missions in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

And here we are — the final group of Waddle Dee locations for Kirby and the Forgotten Land. The last world in the game is called Redgar Forbidden Lands, and there are a total of 61 Waddle Dees to collect. That’s much more than any other world you’ve previously been to, so be prepared for the long haul. There are pretty big spoilers within, so you might want to come back after beating all the levels. It’s up to you!

Level 1: Enter the Fiery Forbidden Lands (10)

The very first level has ten Waddle Dees for you to find. There are a total of six levels in this world, so get ready to start searching! Here’s a complete list of objectives to look out for in this level. The Waddle Dees are listed in chronological order, by the way (as in all of our guides)!

  1. Clear the stage.
  2. Save the hidden Waddle Dees:
    • Collect five green star pieces before the platform sinks into the lava.
    • In the area with the moving shelves, use the Drill ability to dig under a gate and save the Waddle Dee.
    • One of the falling shelves has a door behind it. Enter it and dig up all the red star shards before they sink into the lava. Then, drill underneath the last gate to get the final Waddle Dee of this level.
    • After the meteors that drop, use Drill to duck under a gate and get the last Waddle Dee. Don’t let the platform sink!
  3. Defeat 2 lookout Awoofies. You can’t miss them — they’re standing on towers near the beginning of the level.
  4. Find the secret passage. Near the three-star door and the three dig spots. Check to the left near the mole on the side of the cliff, and use Drill to go under the gate.
  5. Use water to destroy 7 falling lava balls. You may need to retry the area if you miss one, so act fast!

Level 2: Conquer the Inferno Road (11)

This level features lots of rising and falling lava, so be careful! If you have the Ice ability, you can skate right over magma unharmed. Keep this in mind, as this technique is required in order to obtain specific Waddle Dees. Here are your objectives:

  1. Clear the stage.
  2. Save the hidden Waddle Dees:
    • Crawl into the hole that the bomb enemy drops down from and you will find the first Waddle Dee inside.
    • After beating Wild Frosty, skate on some lava with Ice to drop down into a building with the Waddle Dee.
    • Right after obtaining the previous Waddle Dee, skate across some more ice blocks nearby — but don’t break them. Grab the cone and then cross the blocks, being careful of the meteor that drops halfway through. Then, enter the door and finish the challenge in time.
    • After you leave the door to Waddle Dee #3, climb the ladder and then fall down the chute. Hover back to the path after you grab the Waddle Dee.
    • In the area with the Ranger ability and the cannons, use Ring Mouth to activate three fans. The Waddle Dee will spawn in a later part of the level so remember to grab him.
  3. Steal 2 of the beasts’ meaty meals:
    • On a leaf right after the first cannon.
    • While climbing the ladder to leave the first area, look to the right and jump over. Climb a second ladder to find the meat.
  4. Make all the windmill switches spin. If you got all the Waddle Dees, you will have all but one windmill activated. The last one is behind the final tower that has the gold Waddle Dee cage. Blast it with Ring Mouth while on the boat.
  5. Use Crash to defeat Wild Frosty.

Level 3: Burning, Churning Power Plant (11)

This level is super tricky! There are a lot of pistons, which can crush you if you aren’t careful. Unlike previous titles in the Kirby series, getting crushed doesn’t make you sit through a death screen. You will just lose some health and respawn within a few seconds. Here are the objectives to look out for:

  1. Clear the stage.
  2. Save the hidden Waddle Dees:
    • Right after the first red button. Use the Hammer to break the creates and enter a tunnel in the right wall with the Waddle Dee inside.
    • Collect all five star pieces in the conveyor belt area.
    • At the end of the conveyor belt area, light the lantern switch on fire and sneak under the piston. Go into the door and complete the challenge.
    • There’s one right after the third cup of coffee (see below for more details). Get the vending machine and break some boxes and a shutter.
    • After the vending machine section is a part where Kirby has to fit himself through holes. Eat the correct Mouthful Mode objects and slide through to get the last Waddle Dee.
  3. Infiltrate the control room. Go to Waddle Dee #1’s location and jump to the left side on top of the moving platform. Look out for an entryway with blue lighting — that’s the control room. Enter it and steal its treasure.
  4. Perk up with 3 cups of coffee:
    • Near the first red button to the right in a star block.
    • In the area with the conveyor belts, in a corner to the right near a big cannon.
    • In a later area where you’re chased by a wall of spikes, in a corner near some boxes and a Noddy.
  5. Don’t get squished by any of the pistons.

Level 4: Gathering of the Beast Council (11)

This is another one of those boss rush levels. This time around, the bosses you face are the main ones — just, a second time. The battles are exactly the same as the first time you fought them, though you have probably upgraded some of your Copy Abilities by now. Here are the objectives:

  1. Clear the stage.
  2. Save the hidden Waddle Dees:
    • Defeat Gorimondo and then clear the race track that appears in time.
    • On the edge of Sillydillo’s arena in a chest.
    • Don’t take the jump on the last ramp of the Pipe Mouth section. You will then crash into the cliff and reveal a cave with a trapped Waddle Dee.
    • Climb a ladder in Clawroline’s arena after you beat her.
    • Press all of the buttons on the roller coaster course. You can retry the course if needed, and buffer pauses to react better.
  3. Venture deep into the secret passage. It’s a path marked by two torches on the right, before the Gorimondo battle.
  4. Defeat Sillydillo in 1 minute and 30 seconds.
  5. Beat Clawroline without getting hit.

Level 5: The Beast Pack’s Final Stand (11)

This is the last traditional level in the game’s story campaign. It makes use of almost every Mouthful Mode form Kirby has used up until this point, so make sure you’re ready! Here are your final normal objectives for this level:

  1. Clear the stage.
  2. Save the hidden Waddle Dees:
    • Midway through the scissor-lift track, leave the lift for a moment and save the Waddle Dee up on the tower.
    • Above the sludge monster in the third area. Continue past it, cross the square platforms, and get the water pump. Go back and defeat the monster.
    • At the end of the vending machine section, shoot the blocks under the staircase to make it fall. Eat the stairs, take them to the left, and then climb up to find the Waddle Dee.
    • Above the big croc enemy in the water section. Eat the ring at the end of the section. Go back by boat and defeat the croc to get the Waddle Dee.
    • At the end of the gliding section, after activating all the windmills. You can try the section again if needed.
  3. Defeat all the beasts in the starting area.
  4. Remove 5 beast-base wanted posters:
    • Right after beating the first pack of beasts, on the wall of the cylinder-shaped platform.
    • On the wall after you get Waddle Dee #2.
    • On the edge of the platform that holds the storage locker after Waddle Dee #3.
    • Right after the camera turns around after you eat the ring and are about to board the boat. It’s on the right side of the wall.
    • On the other side of the giant snapping turtle, right next to a small one.
  5. Don’t fall in the lava while using Cone Mouth.

Level 6: In the Presence of the King (7)

It’s King Dedede, again! This time, he’s got two phases, and for the second one he goes feral. We recommend upgrading your Copy Abilities as much as you can to make these missions as easy as possible. You’ll have to play very patiently to ensure you don’t take damage.

  1. Clear the stage.
  2. Don’t get hit by Forgo Dedede’s fire attack.
  3. Clear by using a second-level evolved ability.
  4. Clear within 2 minutes.
  5. Clear without taking any damage.

It’s important to note that the final boss of the game, which will not be mentioned here, does not have any missions to complete. This means that once you beat the final level, you technically never have to replay it if you’re going for mission completion. Once you’ve beaten Forgo Dedede, you’re done — you’ve collected all of the Waddle Dees!

If you missed our previous guides, we’ve got a list of them right here. There’s World 1: Natural Plains, World 2: Everbay Coast, World 3: Wondaria Remains, World 4: Winter Horns, and World 5: Originull Wastelands. Check them out and collect all of the Waddle Dees! We hope these guides were helpful to you. If there are any you’re still having trouble with, you’re welcome to either leave a comment or join our Discord server and we can help there. Good luck!

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