Exion’s Patreon page has been revamped!

If you’re a continuous reader of the site, you might have noticed something! Exion content is kind of fleeting, in a way. We’ve created just about all of the amiibo training content we could, so these days we’re mostly writing posts and guides for topical games. Problem is, there isn’t always a topical game to write about, so that creates break periods like the entire month of April!

We’ve had a Patreon page for some time now, and in response to these lull periods we’ve decided to give it a revamp. Originally, there were three tiers: $1, $7, and $15. As of today’s revamp, there are only two tiers: $1 and $5. So, to review, our Patreon page’s price went down and its rewards increased! If you’re wondering what the new reward system is, it’s a monthly art bundle!

I post two new art pieces per week over on my Twitter page, and this art bundle includes non-watermarked versions of each piece I published in April. It also includes avatar and transparent versions, as well as exclusive previews for art I’m releasing in May! Depending on the month, there may also be bonus Exion content inside. It only costs $5 per month to access the art bundle, and it’s completely fine to subscribe and unsubscribe on a month-per-month basis depending on how much you like the art I published in April. You can find the link to our revamped Patreon page here. Just to clarify, you’ll still receive an exclusive Discord role and early access to posts and guides when they’re in development. We hope you consider subscribing, and thanks so much for your support!

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