How to farm Rare Stones in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Kirby and the Forgotten Land has been available for several months now, and most players have probably already done everything there is to do in the game. What about the players who want to go beyond that, though? As outlined in our Copy Abilities guide, each of the game’s Abilities can have its power upgraded to a maximum of a -Rank. This requires a copious amount of Rare Stones, and we’re here to help you get a ton of them in just a few minutes!

Method 1: The Colosseum

Let’s start with the “legitimate” way — the Colosseum. Early on in the game, you’ll unlock the Colosseum in Waddle Dee Town, and the Meta Knight Cup is the first tournament you can enter there. Beat this challenge, and you’ll receive 500 Star Coins and a Rare Stone. This takes a few minutes, but is infinitely repeatable. When you beat the main story, you can also play The Ultimate Cup Z for 2,500 Star Coins and 3 Rare Stones.

In order to beat these cups as fast as possible, we recommend using the Toy Hammer Copy Ability (upgraded to its highest power, if possible). When you hold the B button and charge it, Toy Hammer unleashes the strongest single-hit attack in the game. Most bosses go down to two fully-charged hits, and you can jump while holding the charge to avoid incoming attacks. Using this charged attack, you can take down the more difficult bosses in just a few seconds. Our personal record fighting Phantom Gorimondo with Toy Hammer is just 8 seconds! I personally prefer doing a run of the Ultimate Cup Z and then using Method 2 as outlined below. Stack up on Attack Boosts and Speed Boosts while you’re at it! Check out our amiibo guide for more information.

So, clearly, you’ll want to do these cups as fast as possible to make the best use of your time. You can also get Rare Stones via Treasure Roads and Present Codes, but these won’t be nearly enough to upgrade every single Copy Ability. It’s also worth noting that there is no reward or notification for upgrading all of the Copy Abilities in the game, so you’ll be doing this solely for your own satisfaction.

Method 2: The Colosseum (Again)

The second method of farming Rare Stones involves the Colosseum (yes, again)! Remember the Toy Hammer Copy Ability we mentioned earlier? In version 1.0.0 of the game, there’s a glitch you can perform with it. Controlling Kirby, you’ll need to float in the air until he begins getting tired and descending back to land. While he’s descending, press and hold the B button to use the hammer’s landing bounce attack. The moment the attack hits the floor, press the jump button (A) to shoot upwards into the sky! The amount of height you get depends on the timing of your button press, so give it a few tries.

If you use this glitch at the very right wall of the Colosseum, you can get enough height to pass an invisible wall and wind up behind it. Take a look at the screenshot above, if possible. You’ll notice Kirby is standing inside the Colosseum, and that there’s a square-shaped hole in the ground right in front of him. When you first make it over the Colosseum wall via the glitch, you’ll want to land on that bright spot of grass near the middle of the picture. Then, fall down the square-shaped hole for a brief moment and then mash the A button to work your way underneath the invisible wall (which is marked by the brown post above the hole you’re trying to enter). If done correctly, you’ll make it onto the piece of land seen above! From there, carefully make your way to the door of the Colosseum. Enter it to begin a glitched version of the Meta Knight Cup.

There’s only one battle in this glitched version, and it’s against two mini-bosses. With Toy Hammer and an Attack Boost, it’s possible to defeat them in under 10 seconds. As soon as you defeat them, the tournament will end and you’ll receive one Rare Stone (but not the Star Coins). This is great, because once you get the hang of the glitch you can get 5 or 10 Rare Stones in just a few minutes by doing this over and over! Of course, it’s entirely possible that the developers patch this glitch out, but it does work at the time of writing. You’re welcome to join our Discord server if you need help with the timing, or don’t understand part of the process.

Some Important Extra Notes

It’s important to note that the glitch we discussed in Method 2 cannot corrupt your game. However, a few things can go wrong. If you fall into the vast water below Waddle Dee Town, you’re stuck and need to return to the title screen to try again. The dark, washed-out green grass has no collision, and you can fly right through it. You can use this glitch in other places, too — most notably, if you perform this glitch and fall out of bounds during the fight with The Ultimate Cup Z’s final boss, you’ll wind up duplicating it. A true challenge, needless to say!

Furthermore, the Toy Hammer glitch can actually be performed with any of the Hammer Copy Abilities. It’s just easier to use Toy Hammer because it has so much more utility than the other versions. Masked Hammer has a multi-hit charged attack, and when bosses transition into their second phase, they resist damage for a moment. Since Toy Hammer is a single strike, bosses take full damage from its single hit. That’s why we use it!

You can use this guide to rack up plenty of Rare Stones, but you’ll still need Star Coins to upgrade your Copy Abilities. For that, you’ll want to check out our Star Coin farming guide! It’s a lot less complicated than this one, and doesn’t involve any glitches. Good luck hunting, and thanks so much for reading!

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