How to farm Star Coins in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Star Coins are the main form of currency in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, and they’re used to purchase all sorts of things. Health-restoring food, stat boosts, figurine capsules, and Copy Ability upgrades are just a few of many examples! There’s one main method to farming them, and it’s something you’ll unlock within an hour or two of playing the game. Let’s break it down!

Farm Star Coins with Flash Fishing

At first, it doesn’t seem like Flash Fishing would give you that many Star Coins. It actually does, though — and it’s much faster than anything the Colosseum has to offer. Every few line casts, a huge gold-colored fish will bite. If you manage to catch it, you’ll receive 500 Star Coins! You can repeat this over and over again to obtain even more. Needless to say, this method far outclasses any other currently available.

The gold fish is rather tricky to catch, though. First, you can tell it’s on the line if it takes Kirby more than four button presses to reel in. For the final button press, the game will have you wait for a moment in suspense. When this happens, keep your finger over the X button (because X is always the final input) and don’t press it until you feel your Joy-Con controllers rumble a little bit. If you did everything right, you’ll reel in the fish and get those sweet Star Coins!

If you’re trying to upgrade your Copy Abilities, we usually prefer doing a run of The Ultimate Cup Z to obtain 2,500 Star Coins and then doing some Flash Fishing afterward to make up the difference. If you missed our Rare Stone farming guide, you can find that via this link. Good luck farming, and feel free to join our Discord community if you have any questions!

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