How to unlock everything in Pac-Man Museum+

Pac-Man Museum+ includes fourteen games from Pac-Man’s past — but some of them require unlocking. For the most part, this is rather straightforward. That being said, some players have complained that they’ve met the unlock requirements but the game won’t recognize them! Fortunately, this is easily fixed, and we’ve got the explanation included right here. Let’s break it down!

A Full List of Unlockables

Each of Pac-Man Museum+’s unlockable titles requires that you play one of the default games in the collection a certain number of times. If you think you’ve definitely played a specific game twice but it’s still not unlocking the reward, it’s because you need to get a game over in order for the unlock requirements to refresh. This means you’ll need to get two game overs in Pac-In-Time in order to unlock Pac-Attack.

  • You can unlock Super Pac-Man by playing Pac-Man twice.
  • Unlock Pac & Pal by playing Pac-Land twice.
  • Pac-Attack is unlocked by playing Pac-In-Time twice.
  • You can unlock the arcade version of Pac-Man Arrangement by playing Pac-Mania twice.
  • The console version of Pac-Man Arrangement unlocks after playing Pac-Man Championship Edition two times.
  • Unlock Pac-Motos by playing Pac ‘n Roll Remix twice.

It’s important to note that Pac-Motos is your ticket to (essentially) infinite arcade tokens if you’re looking to farm them! We’ve got a guide on doing just that that you can access via this link right here. One quick recap: if you’re still having trouble unlocking games, make sure you’re getting game overs in their “parent game”, so to speak. That’ll update the triggers and properly unlock the title for you. Good luck, and have fun!

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