Exion’s amiibo tier lists have been updated for August 2022

It’s the beginning of August, and we’ve updated both of our tier lists! Come see which characters have risen or dropped and why. If you’re new to competitive amiibo training and need an explanation of how these tier lists work, feel free to check out their respective pages here and here (vanilla and Spirits). Otherwise, let’s get right into the updates! It’s a light slate, but an important one nonetheless.

Vanilla List Updates

First up, we’ve got the vanilla tier list. You might be able to tell that not much has changed here! The Exion Discord server only voted for two changes: Meta Knight rose from C+ to B, and Mii Swordfighter rose from B+ to A. Overall, the list is in a pretty good spot right now, and it’s entirely possible that there won’t be many major changes from this point forward. That is, unless we discover something that changes the game — it may be a bit late for that to happen, though!

Spirits List Updates

Next up, we’ve got the Spirits tier list! Although it’s posted here on Exion, we don’t handle the updates for this list — it’s actually handled by Spirit Amiibo Matchups, one of our affiliates. The most current version of the tier list is shown above. Compared to the previous version, here are some of the most important changes:

  • Zelda and Captain Falcon both dropped from the A+ tier. They haven’t been very consistent in recent Spirits tournaments, and other characters in the A+ tier have been outperforming them lately.
  • Ness and Lucas have been outperforming most opponents in the A tier, so they’ve both been bumped up a rank.
  • Pokémon Trainer has received fairly high representation, but poor results. He’s been knocked down a tier as a result.
  • Kazuya is still incredibly strong (and is thought to be SS tier to this day), but is being temporarily moved to the S tier so we can collect more data on his tournament performance.

If you’d like to learn more about our tier lists, feel free to join the Exion Discord server! You can also read the amiibo Wiki if you’re new to competitive training — there are plenty of resources there. We’ve got guides on every character, too, if you’d rather get right into training!

If you would like to read more amiibo training guides, please follow this link.


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