How to find the Gogol Vuaga in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Until today, it’s been impossible to truly 100% complete Xenoblade Chronicles 3 — and it’s all thanks to a bug in the base game that had prevented players from completing Loloka’s Collectopaedia Card. This card can be found at a caravan located in the Pentelas region. It requires an item called the Gogol Vuaga, and the Version 1.1.1 patch released last night makes it obtainable for the first time! Make sure you’ve updated to the latest version before continuing.

Gogol Vuaga Location

Once you’ve updated your game, all you need to do to obtain the Gogol Vuaga is head over to the Lower Maktha Wildwood area in the Pentelas region. There, you’ll find Baelfael Gogol enemies near the bottom-left portion of the map. From here, all you need to do is wait (and keep a few in your sight) until a red exclamation point appears next to one of the Gogols. When this happens, head over and wait for the Gogol to finish eating its fruit. That’ll be the Gogol Vuaga you need to complete Loloka’s request.

Another item required for Loloka’s Collectopaedia Card, the Master Spanner, is another tricky find — but it was never unobtainable. If you still need this item to complete the card, head to the Sparkling Point Camp in Pentelas and look for a lone Tirkin on the nearby bridge. Just like with the Gogol Vuaga, you’ll need to wait for an exclamation mark. When this happens, there’s a chance the Tirkin will drop the Master Spanner; it’s not guaranteed, so you may need to do this several times. You don’t need to leave the region and come back for the red exclamation mark to appear again.

Now that the Gogol Vuaga has been patched in, it’s finally possible to complete the Collectopaedia! At the time of writing, there is still a glitch in the Collectopaedia’s sorting function; two specific cards will always appear at the top of the First-Time Reward section even if you’ve already completed them. Keep that in mind!

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