How to evolve every new Pokémon in Scarlet & Violet

There are a lot of new Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet. Lots of them evolve via completely new methods, too, so we’ve put together a list of every new Pokémon and how to evolve them! Please note that this list doesn’t include Hisuian Pokémon. Their evolution methods are (for the most part) the same as they were in Legends: Arceus, if applicable. With that out of the way, let’s get right into the list!

Evolution Criteria List

Most of these new Pokémon evolve via level-up. We’ve still included their levels here just for your reference, so we hope that proves helpful! Some evolution criteria involve taking 1,000 steps, so we hope your control stick is ready. Here’s the list, then:

  • Sprigatito evolves into Floragato and then Meowscarada via level-up (Level 16 and then Level 36).
  • Fuecoco evolves into Crocalor and then Skeledirge via level-up (Level 16 and then Level 36).
  • Quaxly evolves into Quaxwell and then Quaquaval via level-up (Level 16 and then Level 36).
  • Lechonk evolves into Oinkologne via level-up (Level 18). The form it evolves into differs depending on its gender!
  • Dunsparce evolves into Dundunsparce by leveling up while knowing Hyper Drill (which it learns at Level 32).
  • Tarountula evolves into Spidops via level-up (Level 15).
  • Nymble evolves into Lokix via level-up (Level 24).
  • Rellor evolves into Rabsca after you take 1,000 steps in Let’s Go. You’ll need to level up your Rellor afterward.
  • Greavard evolves into Houndstone via level-up at night (Level 30).
  • Flittle evolves into Espathra via level-up (Level 35).
  • Girafarig evolves into Farigiraf by leveling up while knowing Twin Beam (which it learns at Level 32).
  • Wiglett evolves into Wugtrio via level-up (Level 26).
  • Finizen only evolves into Palafin in co-op mode. With another player by your side, increase Finizen’s level past 38.
  • Smoliv evolves into Dolliv and then Arboliva via level-up (Level 25 and Level 35).
  • Capsakid evolves into Scovillain via the use of a Fire Stone.
  • Tadbulb evolves into Bellibolt via the use of a Thunder Stone.
  • Varoom evolves into Revavroom via level-up (Level 40).
  • Tandemaus evolves into Maushold at Level 25 — if it reaches Level 25 via the EXP Share, it’ll skip the evolution animation.
  • Cetoddle evolves into Cetitan via the use of an Ice Stone.
  • Frigibax evolves into Arctibax and then Baxcalibur via level-up (Level 35 and Level 54).
  • Pawmi evolves into Pawmo via level-up (Level 18). To evolve Pawmo into Pawmot, you’ll need to take 1,000 steps in Let’s Go and then level up Pawmo one more time afterward.
  • Wattrel evolves into Kilowattrel via level-up (Level 25).
  • Nacli evolves into Naclstack and then Garganacl via level-up (Level 24 and Level 38).
  • Glimmet evolves into Glimmora via level-up (Level 35).
  • Shroodle evolves into Grafaiai via level-up (Level 28).
  • Fidough evolves into Dachsbun via level-up (Level 26).
  • Maschiff evolves into Mabosstiff via level-up (Level 30).
  • Bramblin evolves into Brambleghast after you take 1,000 steps in Let’s Go. You’ll need to level up your Bramblin afterward.
  • Gimmighoul evolves into Gholdengo after you collect 999 coins, which are scattered about the Paldea region and held by wild Gimmighoul. All 999 coins are consumed upon evolution, so you’ll need to find another 999 to evolve a second Gimmighoul.
  • Tinkatink evolves into Tinkatuff and then Tinkaton via level-up (Level 24 and Level 38).
  • Charcadet can evolve into either Armarouge or Ceruledge depending on the version of the game you’re playing. Regardless, bring ten Bronzor Chips (Scarlet) or ten Sinistea Chips (Violet) to a man in Zapapico near the Team Star Base. You’ll receive the Auspicious Armor or the Malicious Armor, which will evolve Charcadet.
  • Toedscool evolves into Toedscruel via level-up (Level 30).
  • Bisharp evolves into Kingambit by leveling up after it defeats three wild Bisharp that hold a Leader’s Crest. Generally, these wild Bisharp appear in groups with wild Pawniard.
  • Paldean Wooper evolves into Clodsire via level-up (Level 20).
  • Primeape evolves into Annihilape after using the move Rage Fist 20 times. It learns this move at Level 35.

Any new Pokémon mentioned here does not evolve, by the way! This information was sourced from RoiDadadou’s spreadsheet, so be sure to check it out for more Scarlet and Violet information if you have a spare moment. We’ve also got plenty more guides available for Scarlet and Violet and the whole Pokémon series, so feel free to check them out via the link below!

If you would like to read more about Pokémon, please follow this link.


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