Base stats, Abilities leaked for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s leak season is upon us, and today we’re covering the competitive side of things! This means we’ll be looking at base stats and Abilities for each of the new Pokémon in a tidy little list. Of course, if you’d prefer to avoid spoilers for new Pokémon included in the game, then we’d advise you to bookmark this page and come back later. If you’re game, then let’s continue!

Normal Pokémon

We’ll cover the Legendary Pokémon and Paradox forms in just a bit — but for now, let’s talk about the final forms of the game’s normal Pokémon. We figure players won’t be using first and second stages in competitive matches, so that’s why we’re only covering the evolved forms. As a reference, the order of base stats go like this: HP, Attack, Defense, Sp. Attack, Sp. Defense, and Speed.

  • Meowscarada, Sprigatito’s evolved form, is a Grass/Dark-type Pokémon. In normal starter fashion, it’s got Overgrow as its default Ability. That being said, this one absolutely got special treatment. It has Protean for its Hidden Ability, and has a stat spread of 76 HP, 110 Attack, 70 Defense, 81 Sp. Attack, 70 Sp. Defense, and 123 Speed. A fast Pokémon with Protean is always solid, and Meowscarada’s Attack stat is decent enough to complement these traits.
  • Skeledirge, Fuecoco’s final form, is a Fire/Ghost-type. It’s got Blaze as its default Ability, and Unaware as its Hidden Ability. Its stats aren’t super impressive; with a spread of 104/75/100/110/75/66, Skeledirge has decent bulk and firepower.
  • Quaquaval, Quaxly’s evolved form, is a Water/Fighting-type. Torrent as its default, and then Moxie as its Hidden Ability. Unfortunately, it’s almost certainly the worst new starter Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet from a competitive standpoint. Its typing gives it numerous weaknesses, and its stat spread of 85/120/80/85/75/85 leaves it too slow and frail to accomplish much of anything without boosting its stats.
  • Oinkologne, Lechonk’s evolved form, has different stat spreads depending on its gender. A male Oinkologne has a spread of 110/100/75/59/80/65, while a female one has a spread of 115/90/70/59/90/65. As you can see, neither spread is anything special — which is rather typical of early-game Normal-type Pokémon.
  • Dudunsparce has multiple forms, but they all have the same stat spread: 125/100/80/85/75/55. Its Abilities are Serene Grace, Run Away, or Rattled; of these, you’ll probably want to go with Serene Grace. It’s got several moves affected by this Ability, including Poison Jab, Body Slam, Rock Slide, and more.
  • Spidops is undoubtedly the worst Pokémon we’ve covered here so far. Its stat spread is an abysmal 60/79/92/52/86/35, so it’s slow and weak. It does get Sticky Web and then Stakeout as a Hidden Ability, but even these likely won’t be enough to save Spidops from the depths of bottom tier.
  • Lokix is a Bug/Dark-type grasshopper Pokémon, and it’s got Swarm and Tinted Lens as its potential Abilities. It’s also got a decent stat spread of 71/102/78/52/55/92, so it’s kind of fast and kind of strong. Lokix has access to powerful priority moves like First Impression and Sucker Punch, too.
  • Rabsca might look slightly underwhelming at first glance. It’s a Bug/Psychic-type Pokémon with Synchronize or Telepathy, and its stat spread is 75/50/85/115/100/45. Problem is, Rabsca has access to Revival Blessing, a move that revives a party member to half health. We don’t know the exact mechanics of this move just yet, but the idea of reviving your Choice Specs Water Spout Kyogre after it’s already been defeated is a vile one indeed.
  • Houndstone is Greavard’s evolved form, and it’s still a pure Ghost-type. Decent stat spread, with a build of 72/101/100/50/97/68. One of its new moves, Last Respects, increases in power as more members of the user’s party go down. Its Abilities are Sand Rush and Fluffy, which are both perfectly viable — albeit for completely different build types.
  • Espathra, the ostrich Pokémon, is a pure Psychic-type. It’s quite fast and decently strong, with a spread of 95/60/60/101/60/105. It also has Speed Boost as one of its Abilities, as well as access to a new move called Lumina Crash that lowers the opponent’s Special Defense.
  • Farigiraf’s stat spread is 120/90/70/110/70/60. Its Abilities are Cud Chew, Armor Tail, and Sap Sipper. Cud Chew allows Farigarif to use a consumed berry one more time, while Armor Tail blocks opposing Pokémon’s priority moves. It’s currently unclear whether this means opponents won’t be able to use Protect — if that does wind up being the case, Farigiraf could be big for doubles.
  • Wugtrio is wholly underwhelming and a straight downgrade from Dugtrio. It can’t even trap anything! Its stats are the same as a normal Dugtrio, though it’s now a pure Water-type and has Gooey, Rattled, and Sand Veil as its Abilities. Wugtrio currently seems destined to fall into the lower tiers at some point.
  • Dondozo, a pure Water-type whale Pokémon, has some interesting stats: 150/100/115/65/65/35. It’s also got Unaware as one of its Abilities, which means it might wind up decent in singles. Its physical movepool includes things like Wave Crash, Heavy Slam, Body Slam, and Earthquake.
  • Veluza is sort of like Barraskewda 2.0, except the 2.0 actually means it’s a bit worse. Veluza is a Water/Psychic-type, and has Mold Breaker and Sharpness as its potential Abilities. Its spread is 90/102/73/78/65/70, so it isn’t fast or strong enough to keep up with top-tier threats. It does have a new move called Fillet Away that boosts its Attack, Special Attack, and Speed at the cost of some of its HP, however.
  • Palafin, the dolphin Pokémon’s final stage, is a pure Water-type. Its stats are about average, but are dialed up to eleven when the Pokémon switches out. When Palafin leaves the battle, its new Ability Zero to Hero activates and causes it to transform. In this form, its base stats are absurd (100/160/97/106/87/100). You do have to switch Palafin out before it can transform, but it gets Flip Turn — so this shouldn’t be too difficult.
  • Arboliva is Smoliv’s final form, and it retains its Grass/Normal-typing. Its Ability, Seed Sower, sets Grassy Terrain if the Pokémon is hit by an attack. Its stat spread is 78/69/90/125/109/39, so it might be workable if you really like this Pokémon. Otherwise, it’s probably not worth using over better Grassy Terrain users like Rillaboom.
  • Scovillain is our first Grass/Fire-type! Its Abilities are Chlorophyll, Insomnia, and Moody, which means it’s a Grass/Fire-type that can also abuse harsh sunlight. Its stats are 65/108/65/108/65/75, so it’s just fast enough to use Chlorophyll to its maximum potential. Not too bad!
  • Bellibolt is a pure Electric-type, and first appeared in official trailers. Its Abilities are Electromorphosis, Static, and Damp; Electromorphosis increases the power of its user’s next Electric-type move after it’s hit by an attack. Its stats are 109/64/91/103/83/45.
  • Revavroom, the engine Pokémon, is a Steel/Poison-type. Its Abilities are Overcoat and Filter. It learns moves like Shift Gear for setup, and then it’s got a stat spread of 80/119/90/54/67/90. If only it had Speed Boost.
  • Orthworm has an interesting new Ability called Earth Eater. It’s like Water Absorb, but for Ground-type moves! This means Orthworm itself is a Steel-type that’s immune to Ground-type attacks, which definitely comes in handy. Its stats aren’t anything too special though, with a spread of 70/85/145/60/55/65.
  • Maushold is a pure Normal-type, and unfortunately it doesn’t have Parental Bond even though the leaks might have implied this. Instead, it has Friend Guard, Cheek Pouch, and… Technician. Set Maushold up with a Loaded Dice and have Technician as its Ability. Then use its signature move, Population Bomb, which hits ten times. Stats are 74/75/70/65/75/111. There’s potential here, though we don’t know exactly how much.
  • Cetitan, a pure Ice-type Pokémon, was previously revealed in official trailers. Its stat spread is kind of good: 170/113/65/45/55/73, with Thick Fat, Slush Rush, and Sheer Force as potential Abilities. It seems this Pokémon will be able to fill a variety of potential niches depending on its nature, EV spread, and Ability choice.
  • Baxcalibur is kind of crazy. It’s an Ice/Dragon-type, and its Ability is a new one called Thermal Exchange. With this, the Pokémon is immune to burns and its Attack stat increases when it’s hit by a Fire-type move. Its stat spread is 115/145/92/75/86/87, which is solid all around.
  • Tatsugiri, the false sushi Pokémon, is a Dragon/Water-type Pokémon designed to fight alongside Dondozo. Its stat spread is 68/50/60/120/95/82, which is nothing too special. However, its new Ability, Commander, allows an ally Dondozo to swallow it and protect it from attacks. To those looking to use Tatsugiri exclusively in singles, it does get Storm Drain as a Hidden Ability.
  • Cyclizar, the modern-day version of Koraidon and Miraidon, is quite fast and has access to Regenerator. Its signature move, Shed Tail, lets it switch out and grant a free Substitute to the Pokémon who switches in. Its stats are 70/95/65/85/65/121.
  • Pawmot is Pawmi’s final form, and it’s (somehow) the first-ever Electric/Fighting-type! Its stat spread is 70/115/70/70/60/105, with potential Abilities of Volt Absorb, Natural Cure, and Iron Fist. Looks like Pawmot will be a decent contender in lower tiers!
  • Kilowattrel is the Paldea region’s bird Pokémon, though it’s only two stages instead of three. It’s an Electric/Flying-type with a new Ability that increases the power of its Electric moves if it’s hit by a wind attack like Hurricane. Its stats are 70/70/60/105/60/125.
  • Bombirdier, in a way, is three types! It’s a Flying/Dark-type Pokémon, but its Hidden Ability, Rocky Payload, boosts the power of its Rock-type moves. Its stats are nothing special, though, with a spread of 70/103/85/60/85/82.
  • Squawkabilly is a brand-new parrot Pokémon with a Normal/Flying-typing. It’s probably not going to be that great, however, as its stat spread is 82/96/51/45/51/92. Its potential Abilities are Intimidate and Hustle.
  • Flamigo is a Fighting/Flying-type flamingo Pokémon with potential Abilities of Scrappy, Tangled Feet, and Costar. Costar is a new Ability that lets the user copy the stat changes of its ally Pokémon in doubles. Flamigo’s stats are 82/115/74/75/64/90.
  • Klawf is another Pokémon that’s already been officially revealed. It’s a pure Rock-type, with potential Abilities of Anger Shell, Shell Armor, and Regenerator. Its stats are just okay, with a spread of 70/100/115/35/55/75. Definitely one for the lower tiers.
  • Garganacl is the fully-evolved form of the leaked salt Pokémon! Its signature Ability, Purifying Salt, protects the Pokémon from status conditions and halves the damage it takes from Ghost-type moves. Its stats are 100/100/130/45/90/35, so it’s rather slow but highly defensive. Garganacl is a pure Rock-type.
  • Glimmora is one of the most bizarre new Pokémon introduced in this game, and it’s a Rock/Poison-type. Its Abilities are Toxic Debris (which sets Toxic Spikes if the user is hit by a physical move) and Corrosion. Its stats are 83/55/90/130/81/86. That quadruple Ground weakness hurts.
  • Grafaiai is our new resident Prankster user: at the time of writing, Whimsicott is unobtainable in Scarlet and Violet. Its stats are rather typical of a Prankster user, too; it’s fast, but frail and not especially powerful. The specific spread is 63/95/65/80/72/110.
  • Dachsbun is Fidough’s pure Fairy-type evolved form! It’s got a new Ability called Well-Baked Body, which increases its Defense stat when hit by a Fire-type move (and grants it full immunity to Fire attacks). Its stat spread is 57/80/115/50/80/95, so Dachsbun is not especially powerful on the offensive side.
  • Mabosstiff is another new dog Pokémon, and it’s a Dark-type. It’s got Intimidate, Guard Dog, and Stakeout as potential Abilities. Guard Dog is a new one, and it boosts its user’s Attack stat if intimidated. It also prevents the Pokémon from being forcibly switched out. Mabosstiff’s stat spread is 80/120/90/60/70/85.
  • Brambleghast is a new tumbleweed Pokémon, and it’s got a Grass/Ghost-type. Its stat spread is 55/115/70/80/70/90, with potential Abilities of Wind Rider and Infiltrator. Wind Rider is new, and it boosts its user’s attack stat if Tailwind takes effect. It also increases the user’s attack stat if it’s hit by a wind move.
  • Gholdengo is Gimmighoul’s evolved form, and it becomes a Steel/Ghost-type Pokémon. Its new Ability, Good as Gold, makes Gholdengo fully immune to other Pokémon’s status moves. Its stat spread is 87/60/95/133/91/84.
  • Tinkaton is the new hammer Pokémon, and it’s got the elusive Fairy/Steel-typing. It also has a 160 BP Steel-type signature move called Gigaton Hammer. As a drawback, however, Tinkaton’s stats are rather weak: 85/75/77/70/105/94. It does get Swords Dance, however. Its potential Abilities are Mold Breaker, Own Tempo, and Pickpocket.
  • Armarouge is the Fire/Psychic-type evolution of Charcadet. Its stats are disappointing, to say the least, with a spread of 85/60/100/125/80/75. Its Abilities are Flash Fire and Weak Armor. If only Armarouge was a little faster…
  • Ceruledge is the Fire/Ghost-type evolution of Charcadet. Its stats also aren’t anything too special, with a spread of 75/125/80/60/100/85. Its Abilities are the same as Armarouge’s, and it also shares the same problem of being just slightly too slow.
  • Toedscruel is Tentacruel’s regional fake, and it’s a Ground/Grass-type. Its new Ability, Mycelium Might, gives all of its status moves negative priority. In exchange, these status moves will hit the target regardless of its Ability. Toedscruel’s stat spread is 80/70/65/80/120/100.
  • Kingambit is Bisharp’s new evolved form! It’s much stronger, but it does lose out on some speed. The spread is 100/135/120/60/85/50, and its potential Abilities are Defiant, Supreme Overlord, and Pressure. Supreme Overlord is a new Ability, and it boosts the Pokémon’s power for each of the allies in its party that have already been defeated.
  • Clodsire is Paldean Wooper’s final form — a Poison/Ground-type with potential Abilities of Poison Point, Water Absorb, and Unaware. Its stat spread is 130/75/60/45/100/20. Its Abilities might make it a decent defensive Pokémon in lower tiers.
  • Annihilape is Primeape’s new evolved form! It’s a Fighting/Ghost-type with a spread of 110/115/80/50/90/90. Decently fast, quite powerful, and has great dual typing. Its potential Abilities are Vital Spirit, Inner Focus, and Defiant.
  • Tauros has three new regional forms exclusive to Paldea. One is Fighting-type, one is Fighting/Fire-type, and one is Fighting/Water-type. They each share the same properties: a stat spread of 75/110/105/30/70/100 and potential Abilities of Intimidate, Anger Point, and Cud Chew.

Please note that this information is from Centro Leaks, so none of this is our own original information. That being said, we’ll be sure to update this post as new base stats become available! It’ll be interesting to see how the competitive scene comes together in Scarlet and Violet, and these stats are the first step to that.

Paradox Pokémon

Let’s move on to Paradox Pokémon! If you don’t already know, these are past and future forms of existing Pokémon. Koraidon and Miraidon are technically Paradox forms as well, but we’ll count those as Legendary Pokémon for the sake of the next section. As a reminder, all ancient forms share the Ability Protosynthesis (boosts highest stat in sunlight) and all future forms share the Ability Quark Drive (boosts highest stat in Electric Terrain) — no exceptions!

  • Great Tusk (ancient Donphan) is a Ground/Fighting-type. It’s much faster than a normal Donphan, with a stat spread of 115/131/131/53/53/87. Still frail on the special side, but it’s got solid physical stats. Not too bad!
  • Brute Bonnet (ancient Amoonguss) is a Grass/Dark-type just like Meowscarada, and stat-wise it seems to be a near-universal upgrade over regular Amoonguss. Its spread is 111/127/99/79/99/55, so it’s got higher Attack, defenses, and slightly increased Speed. Solid, though the typing could wind up holding it back. That quadruple weakness to U-turn…
  • Sandy Shocks (ancient Magneton) is an Electric/Ground-type. Stunfisk has a new friend! Unfortunately, this is one of the worse Paradox forms; without Magnet Pull, it doesn’t share Magneton’s niche. Its spread is 85/81/97/121/85/101. Only a shred stronger than a normal Magneton, but much faster.
  • Scream Tail (ancient Jigglypuff) is way stronger than it has any right to be. It’s a Fairy/Psychic-type with a spread of 115/65/99/65/115/111. That’s really fast! Solid defensive stats on the special side, too.
  • Flutter Mane (ancient Misdreavus) is a straight upgrade over Mismagius. From what we can tell, there’s absolutely nothing Mismagius does that Flutter Mane doesn’t do better. Flutter Mane is a Ghost/Fairy-type, and its stat spread is 55/55/55/135/135/135. The last three stats are 30 points higher than Mismagius!
  • Slither Wing (ancient Volcarona) is kind of rough, and it’s certainly the worst form of Volcarona (at first glance). It’s a Bug/Fighting-type with a stat spread of 85/135/79/85/105/81. As you can see, it loses out on valuable Speed and becomes a physical attacker instead, which means it can’t use Quiver Dance to boost its preferred attacking stat.
  • Roaring Moon (ancient Salamence) is a Dragon/Dark-type, and it looks to be a rather strong one at that! Its spread is 105/139/71/55/101/119. As long as it’s got Dragon Dance, it’ll be a powerful setup sweeper — most likely one worth using in high-tier singles matches!
  • Iron Treads (future Donphan) is a Ground/Steel-type with surprisingly high Speed. Its stat spread is 90/112/120/72/70/106, so it’s much more offensively oriented than Great Tusk. If this gets Stealth Rock or Spikes, it could be a solid entry hazard setter with that high Speed!
  • Iron Moth (future Volcarona) is pretty solid — other than its Fire/Poison-typing, which gives it a rough quadruple weakness to Ground. Its stat spread is 80/70/60/140/110/110, so it’s both faster and slightly stronger than a normal Volcarona. Give this thing Quiver Dance, and it’ll be a solid setup sweeper!
  • Iron Hands (future Hariyama) is our first Fighting/Electric-type… and it just seems okay. Its spread is 154/140/108/50/68/50. You can tell it drops off in its last three stats, but at least its physical stats are solid! Too slow for normal play, but too fast for Trick Room.
  • Iron Jugulis (future Hydreigon) is a Dark/Flying-type, so it finally loses its quadruple weakness to Fairy. Its spread is 94/80/86/122/80/108, so it’s slightly faster than a normal Hydreigon. Unfortunately, almost all of its other stats are slightly lower…
  • Iron Thorns (future Tyranitar) is a Rock/Electric-type, so it trades its devastating weakness to Fighting for a devastating weakness to Ground. Not the best trade-off, and its stats aren’t much different (100/134/110/70/84/72). With less Special Defense and no Sand Stream, this version of Tyranitar is much more frail.
  • Iron Bundle (future Delibird) is quite the offensive juggernaut. It’s an Ice/Water-type with a spread of 56/80/114/124/60/136. Why is it so fast?!
  • Iron Valiant (a future combination of Gardevoir and Gallade) has a unique Fairy/Fighting-typing and a great set of offensive stats! Its spread is 74/130/90/120/60/116. It’s fast, strong, and could even pull off a mixed attacking set. Solid!

That’s all we’ve got for Paradox forms! Some of these are hit or miss; Sandy Shocks and Slither Wing stand out as some of the potentially weaker forms, while Iron Bundle and Flutter Mane stand out as some of the potentially stronger ones. To be clear, you can catch multiple Paradox Pokémon per save file, but they cannot breed.

Legendary Pokémon

There are several Legendary Pokémon available in Scarlet and Violet other than Koraidon and Miraidon, so now’s your last chance to avoid spoilers. If you’re still good to go, then get ready to see some of the strongest Pokémon available in the game!

  • Ting-Lu is a rocky-looking deer Pokémon. It’s a Dark/Ground-type with an Ability that decreases the base Sp. Attack stats of every Pokémon in battle except for itself. Its stat spread is 165/110/130/50/80/45. It’s nearly untouchable on the physical side, though it’s vulnerable to special moves. Or at least, it would be if not for its Ability!
  • Chien-Pao is a snow leopard with a Dark/Ice-typing. Its Ability, Sword of Ruin, decreases the base Defense stats of every Pokémon in battle except for itself. Chien-Pao’s base stats are 80/130/80/90/65/135. This thing’s going to see a lot of use in singles.
  • Wo-Chien is a grassy-looking snail Pokémon with a Dark/Grass-type. Its Ability, Tablets of Ruin, lowers the base Attack stats of every Pokémon in battle except for itself. Its base stats are 85/90/100/100/135/70. Wo-Chien is incredibly defensive, though its typing might leave it a bit vulnerable.
  • Chi-Yu is a fiery fish Pokémon, and it’s incredibly small! It looks to be rather strong, with an Ability that lowers the base Sp. Defense stats of all Pokémon in battle except for itself. Its stat spread is a great 55/80/80/145/120/100.
  • Koraidon is a Fighting/Dragon-type Pokémon with a solid overall stat spread. It’s 100/135/115/85/100/135. This means it’s not as overwhelmingly powerful as Zacian, but it’s still rather bulky and quite fast. Its Ability is Orichalcum Pulse, which sets up harsh sunlight and increases Koraidon’s Attack stat.
  • Miraidon is an Electric/Dragon-type just like Zekrom! Its stat spread is similar to Koraidon’s, but with its physical and special stats shuffled (100/85/100/135/115/135). Not too bad! Its Ability is similar to Koraidon’s, except it boosts its power in Electric Terrain.

There you have it — base stats and Abilities for all of Paldea’s new Pokémon! Some of these definitely have a chance to hit the big time in competitive play, so you’ll need to keep an eye out over the next few months to see which Pokémon catch on. If you’d like to stay up to date with our Scarlet and Violet content, check out our list of guides via the link below. Feel free to drop by our Discord server, too!

If you would like to read more about Pokémon, please follow this link.


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