How to 100% complete Persona 5 Royal

Persona 5 Royal is now available on all modern platforms, so it’s as good a time to shoot for 100% completion as any! It does take a long time to finish, and you do need to play through the game at least twice. If you haven’t finished the game yet and want to avoid spoilers, please bookmark this page and come back later — you have to play a New Game+ file in order to achieve 100% completion anyway. Otherwise, let’s get right into the list of requirements — buckle up, because this game demands a lot for full completion.

Completion Overview

As a heads-up, this guide is targeting the Nintendo Switch version of the game. The Nintendo Switch system doesn’t have any console-wide achievements, so we won’t be discussing awards that apply to the PlayStation version of the game. Instead, we’ll be talking about the in-game Thieves Den awards; obtaining all of them is what entails 100% completion in this version of the game. Due to the incredible volume of achievements and the depth required to explain them, this article will be structured much differently compared to the rest of our 100% completion guides.

In Persona 5 Royal, 100% completion isn’t stored in an individual save. Instead, it’s stored in the Thieves Den, which tracks the player’s actions across all 16 potential save files. This means you can save scum to tackle some of the more challenging awards, and the game still counts your progress. We’ll be save scumming quite often, as some of the achievements would necessitate even more playthroughs of the game. We want to 100% complete Persona 5 Royal, but we also want to do it in a realistic amount of time!

Since that’s how the game works, you technically don’t have to do absolutely everything in a single run. You don’t have to read every book or collect every Confidant gift, because even if you overwrite a “completed” file with a brand new one, the Thieves Den will still be fully finished. With all of that said, we’re going to cover all four award categories and discuss specialized tips on how to obtain each individual achievement. The Persona 5 Royal perfect schedule guide covers a good chunk of these awards along the way, including time-consuming Confidant and Phantom challenges. There are a few awards that the schedule listed above doesn’t cover, though, and we’ll go over those here as well.

School Life Awards

Overall, this category is fairly easy. When you make progress toward an award, you don’t have to save your progress — as you’ll soon see, you can actually reload your save file and perform the task again and have it count an additional time. Save scumming is very helpful in obtaining 100% completion — we’ll talk more about that in the next section.

  • Supersize My Stomach requires that you clear all of the Big Bang Burger challenges. You’ll need maxed-out stats to tackle the final challenge, so this might be an award best saved for a New Game+ run. That way you won’t have to worry about maxing out your stats and finding time to spare.
  • For the Golden Fingers award, you need to fully complete all seven of the retro games you can play in your room. On some nights, Morgana won’t let you leave Leblanc — these are the best times to play video games. Make sure to save before playing a video game, because if you fail, you’ll have wasted the whole night! You can also buy the Game Secrets book from Shinjuku to make each game easier to beat.
  • To obtain the Word Wizard award, you need to solve 15 crossword puzzles in Leblanc. Every week or so, a new crossword appears; remember to keep checking the table downstairs and you should be able to obtain this award rather easily. The perfect schedule guide listed above tells you when to complete crosswords, too.
  • Home Run King unlocks when you score a total of 30 home runs at the batting cages in Yongen-Jaya. The Batting Science book from Shinjuku makes scoring home runs easier. To maximize the chance of hitting a home run, align the bat with the bottom half of the ball and swing with proper timing. The batting cages only permit five swings during the day, so make sure you go at night. That way, you’ll have as much time as you need to hit your home runs.
  • Honorary Bather of Yongen is annoying because there’s no way you’re going to need to use the bathhouse near Leblanc 15 times. Pick a night, save, and then use the bathhouse. Reload your save file and do it again and again until the award unlocks. It’s frustrating, but it’s better than wasting 15 nights, right?
  • Secondhand Salesman requires that you obtain 1,000 points at the secondhand clothes store in Kichijoji. Toward the end of the game, you’ll probably have plenty of sooty clothes and armor from your trips in Mementos, so trade those in until you accumulate 1,000 points. If you’re just shy of the points you need, remember — reloading works here too! Just be sure to save often.
  • For Working Student, you’ll need to work at any part-time job 15 times. It doesn’t have to be the same one 15 times, either. Working a few shifts of a part-time job is required to complete certain Mementos requests. For shifts that aren’t required, though, feel free to reload your game over and over until you unlock the award!
  • The Second Boss of Leblanc requires a Rank 10 Confidant with Sojiro. From there, you can cook Master Coffee and Master Curry in Leblanc to obtain this award. Pretty straightforward!
  • Legend of the Dragon Fist unfortunately cannot be save scummed. You’ll need to continuously visit the gym in Shibuya until the protagonist decides to train against the dummy. This is a progression-based event, so try your best to make some time for the gym every once in a while.
  • World-Class Launderer requires that you wash 10 pieces of sooty equipment at the laundromat in Yongen-Jaya. You can’t call Kawakami to wash these for you; you must wash them yourself. Save scumming is your friend here!
  • A Master Loves His Maids is simple — spend time at the maid café in Akihabara four separate times. You can reload your save file for this if you want, as there isn’t much of a point in spending time at the maid café otherwise.
  • Angler is probably the most time-consuming award in this category, because you need to accumulate 100,000 points at the fishing pond in Ichigaya.
    • The best time to fish is at night, and it’s best to avoid save scumming (that takes much longer). As you visit the fishing pond, you’ll earn points, which you can use to purchase better bait and fishing equipment for the next session. You can also buy an upgraded fishing rod from a sports shop in Shibuya’s Underground Mall.
    • Once you start fishing, always go after fish with tags. With the advanced technique book purchased in Shinjuku, you can use Third Eye to determine which fish has a tag (they’ll be sparkling). Make sure you always have a few suspicious-sized lures so you can catch the big yellow fish that occasionally spawns at night.
    • More fish appear during snow warnings, which can only happen during the third semester. This means that the most optimal time to fish is both at night and during the third semester.
  • For Bookworm, you must read a total of 40 books. In the perfect schedule listed above, you’ll read every book in the game. This should be more than enough to get you the award.
  • To obtain the Arcade☆Addict award, you’ll need to win a total of 5 prizes from the crane game in the Akihabara arcade. Again, the schedule listed above covers this and tells you which days the crane game changes its stock.

Confidant Awards

This section is the most time-consuming yet. A few of the awards in this category are frankly ridiculous to obtain, as they require tons of save scumming or at least two full playthroughs. Once you get past the tough challenges, though, the rest of these are rather easy.

  • For Phantom Thief Grand Union, you must reach max rank with every single Confidant in the game. This doesn’t have to be all in one playthrough; let’s be real, you didn’t max out Shinya’s rank on your first run. That’s okay, because you can do that on a second playthrough and still have it count! Don’t forget to max out Caroline and Justine’s Confidant — they count towards this as well.
  • For Ladies’ Man, you unfortunately have to cheat on everybody. You must achieve a romantic relationship with all ten potential partners. Going “clean” and trying to avoid cheating on your partner will cost you several hours of save scumming, so it might be better to bite the bullet and romance all ten partners in one playthrough. There’s no real penalty for cheating (even though there really should be).
  • We Stand As Equals is sort of the opposite: you have to “friend zone” all ten potential romantic partners. For full 100% completion, you need to do at least two runs anyway; for the first one, you can romance everybody, and for the second, you can friend-zone everybody. Sorry Haru, but no amount of guilt-tripping will prevent us from friend-zoning you for 100% completion.
  • Benefactor shouldn’t be too tough. You’ll have to give your Confidants a total of 10 gifts while spending time with them. It doesn’t matter if they like, love, or hate the gift — as long as you give it, it counts.
  • Devotion to the Arts is handy because it doesn’t eat up any in-game time whatsoever! Simply ask Yusuke to duplicate cards at least 10 times. This action doesn’t eat up your daytime slot, so feel free to work it into your schedule anytime.
  • Spirited Dartsman, on the other hand, will waste time. You need to spend time playing darts in Kichijoji a total of 10 times. For this, you can either reload your save file or dedicate a few in-game nights to darts. If played well, darts will raise your party members’ Baton Pass rank, so there’s some merit to including darts in your schedule — especially for upcoming battles.
  • For Jazz Cat, you need to spend time at the jazz club in Kichijoji at least 7 times. On certain days, you can learn special skills for your party members; on others, their stats or health will increase instead. There are some decent benefits to be gained from this, but you can just save scum if your schedule is tight.
  • Pool Shark Pup requires spending time playing billiards in Kichijoji at least 5 times. Again, you can either reload or make some time in your schedule, as billiards increase your party members’ Technical rank. As you might expect, that’s useful for future battles as well.
  • There’s no way you won’t obtain the Sick With Spending award, because you have to spend 500,000 yen at Takemi’s clinic in Yongen-Jaya. Medicine is rather expensive, so you should have no problem spending lots of money on it.
  • Military Millionaire is similarly straightforward, because it involves spending 1,000,000 yen at Iwai’s gun shop in Shibuya.
  • While you’re at Iwai’s gun shop, you can obtain the Custom Gunman award by customizing 20 different guns. You can even customize guns you aren’t using, so do keep that in mind.
  • Catcher in the Roof Garden requires harvesting a total of 5 vegetables from the rooftop garden at school. You don’t unlock this ability until Haru’s Confidant becomes available in October, though.

Battle Awards

Up until now, most of the awards have been time-consuming, but not difficult. For a few of these achievements, that’s about to change! Unfortunately, some of these cannot be completed unless you’re playing a New Game+ run. This means you have to do at least one additional playthrough to obtain full 100% completion.

  • Exemplary Teamwork is easy — just perform a total of 50 All-Out Attacks. You’ll probably obtain this one along the way.
  • For Negotiator, you must obtain a total of 30 Personas via negotiation. Knock them down and choose the right responses based on their mood.
  • Lethal Gunman requires the use of 30 Down Shots. Once you’ve obtained this ability from Shinya, it’s very easy to forget to use it during Mementos trips. As you advance Shinya’s Confidant, you’ll eventually unlock the ability to use three Down Shots per Metaverse visit. Remember to use them all!
  • The Shadow Diplomat requires that you initiate negotiations with Shadows a total of 100 times. From there, it doesn’t matter what happens — as long as you initiate negotiations, it counts!
  • Crack Shot is incredibly easy to achieve in New Game+. For this one, you have to defeat a total of 100 enemies using a gun. Start New Game+ and equip a powerful gun from your previous playthrough, and you’ll be shredding foes in no time.
  • The Phantom Bombers is tricky, and may require a New Game+ playthrough to fully complete. You’ll need to defeat a total of 100 enemies using the explosion from a glowing Disaster Shadow. Generally, only two or three other enemies will spawn alongside a Disaster Shadow, so this will take quite some time.
  • Master Technician is doable — you need to trigger a Technical hit a total of 100 times. Inflict an enemy with a status ailment and then attack it with a corresponding element to trigger Technical damage.
  • Ultimate Attack is easiest to perform in the end-game when your party is Level 99. Summon the DLC Persona Izanagi-no-Okami Picaro. After it levels up, it’ll eventually learn Concentrate. Put Haru and another party member who can lower an enemy’s defense in your party, and have Haru cast Heat Riser on Joker. Then, have Joker use Concentrate and make a party member lower the enemy’s defense. Let it rip with Myriad Truths, and if done correctly, you should deal the 9,999 damage you need to obtain this award.
  • Lucky Star requires that you encounter a Treasure Demon 30 times. For a future achievement, you’ll need to obtain every Persona, and this includes Treasure Demons. They can be tricky to find in Mementos after the fact, so if you see one in a Palace, remember to recruit it after knocking it down! You can also craft Treasure Traps to increase the chance of finding a Treasure Demon for the duration of your Metaverse visit.
  • The True Reaper is easy end-game, especially if you have the Izanagi-no-Okami Picaro Persona. Using a strategy involving Heat Riser and Concentrate on Joker, you should have little trouble defeating the Reaper using a powered-up Myriad Truths. Defeat the Reaper a total of 5 times to obtain this award.
  • For Senpai in Life, you have to defeat Jose. You can only battle him in New Game+, where he’s found in the Cognitive Control Room in Maruki’s segment of Mementos. You’ll also need to have collected all the stamps. When fighting Jose, make sure you always cast Debilitate on him to lower his stats. Using Heat Riser, Concentrate, and Myriad Truths, you should be able to muscle your way through this fight (assuming your party is Level 99 and you have a healer, too). In addition to Heat Riser, Haru also learns a skill called Life Wall that casts Tetrakarn on every party member after her third awakening during the third semester. Use it well!
  • Future Rehabilitation requires that you defeat the Twin Wardens. Their fight is only accessible in New Game+, but it becomes inaccessible after they fuse into Lavenza, so make sure you defeat them prior to taking down the Holy Grail. Ideally, your three party members should have their second Personas (obtained by maxing their Confidant); that way they learn the skill that helps them dodge the element they’re weak to. Use Heat Riser, Concentrate, and Myriad Truths to deal as much damage as possible; if a certain damage quota isn’t met, the twins will knock your party down and immediately end the battle with an All-Out Attack.
  • True Rehabilitation is perhaps the most difficult achievement in the game. You must defeat Lavenza, whose fight unlocks in the third semester of a New Game+ run. For your party setup, try bringing Ryuji (bonus points if you use the jazz club to teach him Debilitate), Haru, and Morgana.
    • In the first phase, Lavenza takes slightly more damage from elemental attacks depending on the move she just used. If she used a fire move, attack with ice; if she used ice, attack with fire; if she used electric, attack with wind; if she used wind, attack with electric. Make sure Joker is fully loaded with strong elemental Personas, as failing to deal enough damage within a few turns will end the battle immediately.
    • In the second phase, you have to deal Technical damage every single turn or else Lavenza downs your party and ends the fight. This battle is only accessible at the end of the game; by then, you probably have a decent amount of sleep vials. Use these to put Lavenza to sleep and follow up with Myriad Truths for high Technical damage.
    • In the third phase, you have to pull off a critical hit every single turn. That’s why we brought Haru and Morgana, who have One-Shot Kill and Miracle Rush, respectively! These two moves have a high chance of critical, which helps out a lot in this battle. Do note that Morgana only learns Miracle Rush after his third awakening.
    • For the fourth phase, you need to deal as much damage as possible. Use Ryuji to buff the party’s attack, Haru to cast Heat Riser on Joker, and Morgana to keep the team healthy. Have Joker cast Concentrate (or give a party member the Ring of Greed so they can cast Concentrate on Joker), and then attack with Myriad Truths to deal as much damage as possible.
    • Make sure you save before battling Lavenza. If you lose, reload. That way you don’t run out of the sleep vials you need to inflict her with a status ailment in phase 2.

Phantom Awards

Bad news: one of the achievements in this section requires filling out the entire Persona compendium in the Velvet Room. Other than that, though, there aren’t many truly difficult awards to obtain. Be smart with fusion, negotiation, and fusion alarms and you should be good to go!

  • Mission Complete requires the completion of all 33 Mementos requests. If you’re using the perfect schedule, time is set aside for each and every request.
  • Mask Collector is this category’s tough award. You’ll need to obtain every Persona at least once so that you complete the Inmate Registry. Tackle this challenge at the end of your New Game+ run (but as mentioned before, be sure to pick up as many Treasure Demons along the way as you can). It’d also be smart to recruit as many Personas in Palaces as possible.
    • You can only obtain every Persona in the game if you’ve maxed out every Confidant. Ideally, you’d use the perfect schedule to max your Confidants and then try completing this achievement.
    • After going through two full runs and obtaining as many Personas as possible, you’ll still be missing quite a few. Check this Persona 5 Royal fusion calculator, sort alphabetically, and compare it to the Velvet Room’s alphabetical list of registered Personas. Find out which Personas you don’t have, and this calculator will tell you which Personas will fuse into it.
  • A Sublime Mask requires that you raise one of the protagonists’ Personas to Level 99. Not too bad, especially considering many of the DLC Personas come at a high level as-is.
  • All Powerful seems like a pain, but in reality it’s just kind of time-consuming. For this one, you’ll need to level up each of the stats of one of Joker’s Personas to level 99. Fortunately, this is rather straightforward using fusion alarms.
    • Trigger a fusion alarm (either via a Chihaya reading or defeating enough enemies in Mementos) and save inside the Velvet Room. It’s probably best to increase Izanagi-no-Okami Picaro’s stats to 99, as it is already one of the strongest Personas in the game. Perform a Persona sacrifice to enhance Izanagi-no-Okami Picaro, and continue doing so until there is an execution accident. Instead of gaining experience, the Persona will gain stat points instead. It doesn’t matter which Personas you sacrifice because Izanagi-no-Okami Picaro will gain stat points each time an accident occurs anyway.
    • To trigger another fusion alarm, use the Morgana car to run over weak enemies (which defeats them instantly). It’s best to do this late-game, as Ryuji’s Confidant must be advanced in order to unlock this ability.
  • For Professional Killer, you’ll first have to raise Kasumi’s Confidant to Level 4. You’ll unlock the ability Chaînés Hook, which lets Joker ambush enemies from afar via his grappling hook. Do this 30 times to obtain the award.
  • In Shadows Unseen is super easy: simply perform a total of 50 ambushes in Palaces. You’ll almost certainly obtain this award in your first playthrough without going out of your way for it.
  • The Bold Executioner requires performing a total of 20 executions during a fusion alarm. You need to do this for the All Powerful achievement anyway, so you’ll be working towards this one as well.
  • To obtain the Electric Chair Fanatic award, you have to obtain at least 10 items via electric chair executions in the Velvet Room. This should be simple enough!
  • Gather a total of 1,000 flowers in Mementos to obtain the Flowers for a Certain Boy award.
  • Stamp By Me is another time-consuming one; it requires the collection of 150 stamps in Mementos. You will have to go back and forth between floors until a stamp spawns, sometimes behind a destructible wall. To make this faster, max out Futaba’s Confidant and there’s a chance she’ll scan the floor and reveal the location of a hidden stamp.
  • For Lockpicking Expert, you have to open a total of 40 locked treasure chests. Make sure you have plenty of lockpicks on you, or make the Perma-Pick later on in the game.
  • A Thief at Heart requires the destruction of at least 150 search objects in Palaces. These are the objects that are highlighted in yellow when Joker uses Third Eye.
  • And finally, for Disappearing Act, you need to get spotted by an enemy and then use a Smokescreen or Hypno Mist to escape its sight. Do this 5 times to obtain the award.

If you successfully manage to complete all of these tasks, treat yourself to some sweets or something — this game’s 100% completion requirements take ages, so you’ve done a great job! Even after purchasing all of the Thieves Den’s unlockables, you should have several coins left over. You’re supposed to use these for Tycoon, which is not required for 100% completion in any way.

Miscellaneous Thieves Den Items

When you go to purchase the Thieves Den’s movies, concept art, and music tracks, you might notice some of them are missing. That’s right — you aren’t done quite yet, because you technically have to purchase everything in the Thieves Den too. Luckily, we’ve got a list of easy-to-miss rewards and how to unlock them below.

  • You’ll unlock most of the movies if you play through the third semester, but you won’t unlock all of them if you never see the original ending. To get this ending, you have to ignore Maruki’s Confidant and make sure it never passes Rank 7. If you’re following the perfect schedule on New Game+, you can save over an unused file right before you do Maruki’s seventh Confidant level. Come back later and ignore him, and the game will end after the Holy Grail fight instead of advancing into the third semester.
    • You will also obtain the music track Hoshi To Bokura To by seeing the original ending. There’s another music track called “He’s a Trickster” in the Daily section. To get this track, complete the Mementos request “An Idol and a Unicorn” and then talk to the idol NPC in Akihabara on the day the protagonist goes around town to say goodbye to his Confidants. You will receive a music disc and the corresponding track in the Thieves Den.
  • It’s also possible to miss Joker and Violet’s Showtime video. To obtain Violet’s Showtime, you have to visit the hideout after maxing out her Confidant but before the final encounter with Maruki. Then, you have to actually see the Showtime cutscene in-battle in order to unlock it in the Thieves Den.
  • Each of your party members must have their second and third awakenings in order to obtain all of the concept art in the gallery. It’s very easy to miss Akechi’s third awakening, as you have to select very specific dialogue choices in several spots across the game.
    • In Akechi’s Rank 7 Confidant, you must pick the “You’re my rival” dialogue option.
    • In his Rank 8 Confidant, you must defeat Akechi in Mementos and then choose the “I accept” dialogue option.
    • After Akechi is seemingly killed in Shido’s Palace, the protagonist will think about him before going to sleep. You must select “I want to keep our promise”.
    • Akechi will meet with the protagonist at Leblanc on February 2nd. You must select “We’re stopping Maruki”. This is the final requirement; Akechi will have his third awakening afterward.

When you’ve unlocked all the gallery pictures, music tracks, and movies — you can fully congratulate yourself. You’ve obtained every achievement! Remember to purchase every Thieves Den decoration via the Palace Maker. While you’re at it, decorate the Thieves Den however you like to mark the end of your 100% completion run!

Thanks so much for reading! If you’ve followed this guide and are still somehow missing something, feel free to join our Discord server and ask as a last resort of sorts. We can try to help you out! If you’d like to read up on more games and their 100% completion requirements, you can do so via the link below. Enjoy, and good luck!

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